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r0kk3rz ruh roh03:40
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maldeathmist: I forgot to mention yesterday that is obsolete mostly, for example and are the correct addresses for mer-core and community OBS14:10
deathmistmal: alright, I'll have to update a lot of the packages on the repo first before I start working with it again, a lot of stuff is stuck on 15.1 versions and old SFOS version branches (which I created to make stuff easier for myself, oh well) :D14:27
maldeathmist: both urls work14:54
deathmistI see, I'll try again once I get everything ready. about libhybris package on OBS, what should I do? I need to get audio OR use the hacky symlink in droid-configs (
maldeathmist: so that PR worked for you?15:10
deathmistfor now I've cherry-picked the commit each time when building locally
maldeathmist: would be nice if you go to the PR and comment about your testing15:21
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T42<Miklos %lastname%> Hi guys, <pbteja> told me I could find <birdzhang> here. He made the anbox working for a device and I am interested in trying to utilize that on my Nexus 5. Can somebody help me with this, please?15:32
deathmistmal: commented :)  also it seems my OBS on has everything up-to-date while the one on is severely out-of-date (only 2 packages), should I start migrating over to OBS too? damn this became a mess for me now :/16:00
maldeathmist: can you link to those16:02
deathmistmal: up-to-date vs outdated
deathmistoh nvm it's filtered (whatever that means)16:04
deathmistI was dumb sorry lol16:04
malthose are the same thing16:04
maljust the address is different16:04
malsame server16:04
deathmistyep... sorry, it had a search query that wasn't entered on the other site16:05
maloops :)16:06
T42<nitin_3> I will also test that change bcoz I also needed that hack..symlinking audioroute lib file16:06
malok, nice16:09
maldeathmist: the PR is now merged16:43
deathmistmal: nice! then just submodule update @ is needed now :)16:45
malyes, we'll see when that is done16:50
deathmistseems building ofono-ril-binder-plugin v1.0.10 for Torronsuo 3.2.0 fails on OBS since libgbinder-radio on :hw:common is on v1.0.6 (instead of required v1.0.8), I assume I should build needed version on my own repos or?17:22
vknechtseems I don't have a ld.config.28.txt but ld.config.txt with this content:
vknechtdo I have to only add a line like17:37 += /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/${LIB}17:37
vknechtinstead of17:37
vknechtnamespace.default.permitted.paths += /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/${LIB}17:37
vknecht(loire, pie base)17:38
deathmistvknecht: the files doesn't have any "permitted" lines and has "namespace.default.isolated = false", so I don't think you'll need it (as a few others haven't either)17:39
deathmistif DHI is up and running you're good to go :)  (something else may be keeping it down too currently if not)17:40
vknechthmm, well, nothing's running yet, I'm building the droid-system-sony-pie-template which has this patch for ld.config.28.txt17:42
vknechtso maybe just have to remove it, and don't have to change ld.config.txt17:42
deathmistmost likely this is the case, some ld.configs have stricter loading policies and it seems to be related to this "namespace.default.isolated" setting being true17:43
vknechtlet's proceed and see, thanks :-)17:46
maldeathmist: updated libgbinder-radio17:51
deathmistnice, build passed now :p17:52
vknechtrinigus, did you get this when packaging droid-hal too ?18:21
vknechtfatal: No url found for submodule path 'kernel/sony/msm-4.9/kernel/drivers/staging/wlan-qc/fw-api' in .gitmodules18:21
vknechtfatal: run_command returned non-zero status while recursing in the nested submodules of kernel/sony/msm-4.9/kernel18:21
rinigusvknecht: nope, don't remember that... let me see18:21
rinigusvknecht: I don't think that I have kernel/sony/msm-4.9/kernel/drivers/staging/wlan-qc/fw-api as submodule. when do you get it?18:23
vknechtat the beginning of "rpm/dhd/helpers/ --droid-hal"18:24
deathmistmal: is there a way to rename OBS packages? in particular I'm looking at as rename to "sensorfw-qt5-binder" is needed for 16.0 (I know I can just re-add the pkg too if needed)18:24
malrinigus: vknecht
maldeathmist: you should use -binder if you device has binderized sensors18:25
vknechtfw-api, qca-wifi-host-cmn, and qcacld-3.0 are symlinks to ../../../../../../../18:25
maldeathmist: no way to rename, osc copypac to the new name and remove the old18:26
rinigusvknecht: yes, I am using the same symlinks and was used when I initialized the tree18:26
vknechtthink I ran it like instructed in your doc18:27
rinigusvknech: that makes two of us :) . I think that I wrote it all down as well18:28
deathmistmal: any way to check if they're binderized? haptics mostly work except parts like pulley menus on some boots RANDOMLY, will have to test non-binderized pkg too now on 16.018:28
maldeathmist: check what gnss related processes are running on the device18:28
rinigusvknecht: but do you have those symlinks (kernel/sony/msm-4.9/kernel/drivers/staging/wlan-qc/fw-api -> ../../../../../../../fw-api)?18:30
rinigusand whether that folder where it points, does it have .git and fw in it?18:31
vknechtyes and yes18:31
deathmistmal: I'm booted to LineageOS currently, looks like they're binderized as per :/  wondering why haptics for pulley menus and other components in Qt5 component gallery don't work on random boots18:32
deathmistapparently memoryless haptics are better anyway so I might as well try to implement those too to the 16.0 base kernel now18:34
vknechtI have newer dhd, maybe something changed18:35
rinigusvknecht: maybe. you probably should look into which script line does it break and go from there. on my system all is fine (was using it just few minutes ago). and not going to update dhd now :)18:36
maldeathmist: oops I meant sensor related processes18:48
rinigushas someone changed api.merproject.org_443.pem certificate? can't get in with osc anymore18:48
maldeathmist: gnss is for gps, I got mixed up because I was doing some gps related things at the same time18:49
deathmistmal: ik, it's the same story either way
deathmistI wonder what I'm also doing wrong regarding droid-* OBS packages, builds aren't triggering on new GitHub tags. droid-config service file
deathmistI did my very first successfull copypac sensorfw-qt5-hybris => sensorfw-qt5-binder in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:cheeseburger \o/ I may be starting to get the hang of this :D19:16
maldeathmist: did you enable webhooks in the github project19:39
deathmistdamn seems I forgot it for some, but not droid-configs. this is what the settings for the webhook look like
malseems correct19:45
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T42<Akatsu %lastname%> Just wonder, what is better base to work on sailfish port cm14 or los15.1?20:04
deathmist@Akatsu my port used to be on 15.1 (now moved to 16.0), it was a nice stable base imho20:05
deathmistI'll probably settle on 17.0 permanently as that'll likely be last supported release by OnePlus on the 5 so no more messing with firmware version downgrades etc and Android Q lets you update system security patches without having to re-install a ROM, nice for dual-boot setup ^^20:07
deathmistwithout even having to mess with the ROM / treble boot slots*20:08
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> From pure porting perspective los15 should be easier to get stuff working due to binders right?20:18
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> I have device with pretty messed cm14.1 sources.20:19
deathmist15.1 should be alright (depending on the sources your mileage may vary ofc)20:19
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> Thanks.20:20

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