Saturday, 2019-12-28

T42<edp_17> @Elros: Thank you for explaining that but I still don't know how to workaround this issue.03:32
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T42<jash_gro> Hii Sailfish OS devs12:07
T42<jash_gro> Thanks for porting such a great os12:07
T42<jash_gro> I have one problem that I can't use volte12:07
T42<jash_gro> Is there any patch or anything to make volte working12:07
T42<jash_gro> Or can I run APK files in port as I have seen people on YouTube installing apks12:07
T42<jash_gro> Thanks12:07
T42<gods_perfectidiot> @jash_gro [Hii Sailfish OS devs12:08
T42<gods_perfectidiot> Thanks for porting such …], 1.no12:08
T42<gods_perfectidiot> 2.yes (people won't tell u how)12:08
T42<Lukapanio> @jash_gro [Hii Sailfish OS devs12:09
T42<Lukapanio> Thanks for porting such …], no way yet12:09
T42<jash_gro> And how can I run android APK ?12:10
T42<Lukapanio> 2 you can try to get anbox, need to add binder12:10
T42<Lukapanio> in kernel12:10
T42<Lukapanio> for offichial port there is alien12:10
T42<gods_perfectidiot> @Lukapanio [for offichial port there is alien], Since he's a Mido user, I don't think AnBox will work. It was broken when i had a Mido.12:10
T42<gods_perfectidiot> So, he prolly need a *pirated* alien.12:11
T42<jash_gro> @gods_perfectidiot [So, he prolly need a *pirated* alien.], What's that ?12:11
T42<Lukapanio> @gods_perfectidiot [So, he prolly need a *pirated* alien.], ouch i tryed to get it on cedric12:11
T42<Lukapanio> it was hell12:12
T42<gods_perfectidiot> @jash_gro [What's that ?], Aliendalvik. But for unofficial devices.12:12
T42<gods_perfectidiot> It's usually widely despised12:12
T42<gods_perfectidiot> @Lukapanio [it was hell], I had it working on Mido though. But no idea how.12:12
T42<Lukapanio> lol did you done something spechial?12:13
T42<Lukapanio> except adding binder in  kernel12:13
T42<gods_perfectidiot> I don't remember anything at all tbh12:14
T42<jash_gro> @gods_perfectidiot [Aliendalvik. But for unofficial devices.], So I am having modo12:16
T42<jash_gro> Can I use that method12:16
T42<jash_gro> I just want to install 1 app12:16
T42<jash_gro> that is "Jio voice"12:16
T42<jash_gro> Through which I can use internet calling instead of that volte12:16
T42<elros34> @edp_17 build instead
T42<elros34> Maybe also upgrade target12:27
T42<edp_17> @Elros: Thanks. Last night I tried to upgrade target as described in hadk but seemingly I didn't do it properly. I'll try again.12:31
T42<elros34> I usually create new target because it's faster but then you need to rebuild at least droid-hal and libhybris so it will be installed in fresh target.12:41
T42<edp_17> Ok, thanks for the advice. Can I safely delete the previous target(s)?12:44
T42<elros34> sure12:45
T42<edp_17> Thanks.12:45
T42<gods_perfectidiot> @jash_gro [So I am having mido13:27
T42<gods_perfectidiot> Can I use that method13:27
T42<gods_perfectidiot> I j …], Jio4gvoice won't work. Neither in alien nor in AnBox. Both won't detect hardware simcards.13:27
T42<gods_perfectidiot> Sorry. This is just one of those things you're gonna have to sacrifice if you wanna use SFOS13:27
T42<ItsMeShouko> @jash_gro just switch away from jio to some other operator sar13:28
T42<edp_17> You won't believe this. My hdd has died again. 😭 Now I need to buy a new one before I can continue my S7 work.14:09
KALUBEThis might be a silly question but does anyone know how I can explicitly build the bootctl binary? I'm trying to fix a bug that prevents it from working on some devices14:34
malKALUBE: make hybris-hal already builds the bootctl binary14:38
KALUBEhmmm, think I was modifying the wrong source code and it just didn't bother recompiling. There's 2 copies of boot_control.cpp, one in hardware/qcom/bootctrl and one in bootable/recovery/boot_control. I think it uses the one in bootable/recovery14:41
malyou should see the names of those in the or .bp files14:43
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T42<Lukapanio> @gods_perfectidiot [Jio4gvoice won't work. Neither in alien nor in …], Relly?17:36
T42<Lukapanio> I thought alien will work17:36
T42<kisekinopureya> am i the only one who gets into trouble with clang on ubuntu chroot ?19:00
malwhat kind of trouble?19:01
T42<kisekinopureya> at first it says clang missing in path19:02
malshow the exact error message?19:03
T42<kisekinopureya> after manual clang installation "clang: error: unknown argument: '-mlittle-endian'"19:03
malwhich android base?19:03
T42<kisekinopureya> pie19:03
malwhich one was that again lineage 16.0?19:03
T42<kisekinopureya> yes hybris-16.019:03
T42<kisekinopureya> "ccache: FATAL: Could not find compiler "clang" in PATH"  this is the exact error message19:03
malI never use the android code names, numbers are easier19:04

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