Sunday, 2019-12-29

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riniguspketo: please add XZ3 single sim access to the store. Device is "Xperia XZ3 (h8416 / h8416)". ssu s returns the imei as device id, same as in about and in android09:39
pketorinigus: remind me tomorrow if i forget, afk atm :)10:50
riniguspketo: sure, thank you!15:09
KALUBEmal: can you add this commit to the upgrade-3.2.1 branch? libncicore is needed on Android 9 too
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piggz_rinigus: hows flatpak coming on?17:36
riniguspiggz_: currently stuck at composer. I am waiting for Jolla devs to come back from vacation and participate in discussion17:45
riniguspiggz_: I'll try to make example libhybris-flatpak SPEC that can be used to make port-specific bits for devices17:46
piggz_damn vacations!17:48
malpiggz_: maybe it's good that we have some vacation occasionally17:49
piggz_ha, they works you hard?17:51
riniguspiggz_: I think we are close. just have to figure few things up... and vacations are needed :)17:51
malpiggz_: I think be issue is that I do other development after work so I might be doing it too much17:54
pketorinigus: h8416 added17:54
riniguspketo: thank you!17:54
KALUBEHey, pketo: Could you do OnePlus 6? model is "OnePlus 6 (enchilada / enchilada)" and UID is IMEI too, if you have a minute17:56
pketoKALUBE: added :)18:06
KALUBESweet! Thannk you18:07
riniguspiggz_: when looking into libhybris build, I think I'll better wait for a feedback first. while I do need to compile it with a special config option, as described in my email to the list, I am not sure what's the best way of packaging it. and there is no point in doing so if we cannot resolve composer issue18:35
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piggz_mal: is there a way for ports to show updates via the settings/updates page?21:23
malpiggz_: not quite sure, there might be using some undocumented dbus magic, but this is just a theory21:25
T42<eugenio_g7> Populating .cache/sailfish-osupdateservice/os-info is enough21:29
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T42<signalaficionado> what does populating mean?how can updates be displayed via settings/updates page?21:31
T42<eugenio_g7> Yes as long as the version key is set it gets picked up from the gui21:32
T42<signalaficionado> my sitiation is the following.i am on an outdated version of sfos.there is definitely updates available,if i update manually via terminal.if i check for updates via gui,i get shown no updates available.but there definitely are updates available!that is for sure!!what would i need to do,in order to have them show up via the gu21:35
mal@signalaficionado which device?21:36
malthe update UI only works on officially supported devices21:36
malI mean normally21:37
T42<signalaficionado> nido.most recent available is 3.2.0.i am on atm21:37
malwhy are you not updating manually?21:38
T42<signalaficionado> i'd prefer an gui-update,since i had bad xperience with bacon,updating via terminal,,i basically wanted to know,if there is a way to do it via gui,to avoid termimal.21:40
T42<signalaficionado> also,since i know that 3.1.20 is already available for my device for sure21:41
KALUBEHey, I've been trying to solve an issue where bootctl doesn't work properly in SFOS. I've traced the issue down to how /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/ devices are relative symlinks (../../sdx) instead of absolute symlinks which is what gpt-utils expects. Logcat:
T42<eugenio_g7> Open /home/nemo/.cache/sailfish-osupdateservice/os-info21:42
KALUBE is the culprit21:42
T42<eugenio_g7> Set version= to the desired version, then killall sailfish-osupdateservice and open the update ui21:43
KALUBEIn android they are absolute symlinks with ueventd, is it possible to make udev generate the same layout?21:43
malKALUBE: there was talk about that issue earlier here but nobody bothered to fix the sfos udev rules21:46
T42<signalaficionado> @eugenio_g7 [Set version= to the desired version, then kill …], what is the command for opening?typeing nano /home/nemo/... says command nano not found21:48
maluse vi instead of nano21:49
KALUBEmal: I'm not sure where to look in udev rules to be honest. I've tried patching gpt-utils.cpp but can't seem to figure out how to get that patched code on the device - there's multiple different versions of bootctl and related libs afaik21:56
malKALUBE: ^21:59
KALUBEmal: I see the symlinks declared there, do you know how you make it create absolute symlinks instead of relative ones?22:05
malsome magic22:06
malat least it's possible using some external script but maybe there is a better way22:06
KALUBEI tried manually creating symlinks for the boot partition but it still seemed to fail with the same error, does bootctl access any other partitions?22:07
rinigusKALUBE: gpt-utils that are used by bootctl are coming from android's system image, at least on sony aosp9. if you don't have ability to change android's system image, you will have to make absolute links somehow. how, no idea22:19
malrinigus: the ugly way would be to call some external script that would make correct symlinks based on parameters given in the udev rule but that is quite ugly22:23
KALUBEmal: I can't seem to find the exact .so file it reads -> strace doesn't provide anything useful in SFOS and ldd doesn't work on the binary. I think it might be
KALUBEI'm currently manually replacing the symlinks in by-name with absolute ones for the partition bootctl wants to read which seems to be working, if there's only a few then a device-specific script or one generated from fixup-mountpoints is an ugly but workable solution...22:25
rinigusmal: its just would have to be called before bootctl. in some respect, this fix will fit the ugliness of the gpt-utils imposing it22:25
T42<adampigg> Rinigus: browser screenshot from flatpak?22:29
malrinigus: udev rules are handled early in the boot so anything android side does should work just fine22:32
T42<signalaficionado> how do i save the edited file,after edited?22:33
T42<signalaficionado> or confirm the edited changes?22:33
KALUBEmal: manually fixing the symlinks resulted in this:
malnot sure what that means22:34
mal@signalaficionado :wq22:34
malyou can find intructions how to use vi quite easily online22:35
T42<signalaficionado> ok,will check22:37
T42<signalaficionado> @eugenio_g7 [Set version= to the desired version, then kill …], @eugenio_g7 everything worked,as described by you!!thank you!!22:52
T42<signalaficionado> thanx to you also,mal!22:53
T42<signalaficionado> both you,mal and eugenio were of big help to me!22:53
T42<eugenio_g7> great! :) you're welcome22:54
T42<signalaficionado> i never thought,i will manage to do it,but now updating via gui worx!22:54
T42<signalaficionado> very helpful!i am grateful for both you and mal.mal i can not mention,since there is no username to mention,but thanx to you also,mal.22:56
malI see if someone mentions my nick, no need to do anything else22:56
malirc has highlighting system included22:57
r0kk3rzrinigus: its looking like qt will be the bottleneck for flatpak stuffs22:57
r0kk3rzother wayland protocols were only stabilised in like qt5.10+ i think22:59
r0kk3rzthere might be enough support in qt5.9, whenever we get that23:08

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