Sunday, 2020-01-12

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deathmistmal: what exactly is needed for? and what is "jack-device", the "Headset Jack" event or one matching "Button Jack"? I have working general media audio from jack but absolutely no mic input if it's plugged in (even from on-headset mic), confirmed mic works after unplugging headset; here's evdev_trace16:32
maldeathmist: that is needed for headphone detection, if it works without that then it should be fine16:35
maldeathmist: how does it show it, check evdev_trace -t event616:35
deathmistmal: after plugging jack in and unplugging16:37
malcould be some audio routing issue16:51
malwhich versions of pulse droid module you have, also check ohm version16:51
deathmistmal: pulseaudio-modules-droid 12.2.84-1 & ohm 1.2.1-1.5.1.jolla (SFOS
deathmistI assume putting camera in recording mode (without starting recording) is supposed to cut other media audio output streams?16:56
deathmistalso holy crap my logcat gets spammed anytime the camera or flashlight is active, I'll get logcat snippets after restarting the device & starting camera for 5 seconds in just a moment16:59
deathmistwelp I got carried out a lil' bit lol, here's the spammy camera logcat
maldeathmist: android camera stuff is quite spammy often19:48
maldeathmist: about the headset issue, so you mean that the microphone included in the headset is not working?19:52
deathmistmal: just tested an actual wired pair of earbuds and the microphone works fine, the problem seems to be my headset and I'll do more testing on android in just a bit20:14
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