Wednesday, 2020-02-05

T42<edp_17> It seems I need to install the broadcom-bluetooth somehow:
T42<alexisrev> I started earning the day I took the courage to invest in Bitcoin with Amos Bauer , now I'm glad I took that courage. I just got $5500 profits sent directly to my PayPal account.02:40
T42<adampigg> mal: the groups are created right at the end of the build06:36
OksanaSuperTooth II and Fxtec Pro1 paired and connected. But, the speaker phone still doesn't get the audio from the phone, during either incoming or outcoming calls. And I know speaker phone's speaker can make sounds, it surprised me with them when I was charging it.06:56
T42<edp_17> If the video playback works in kodi but gallery gives me a video cannot load error, where should I look for the root cause?08:44
piggzmal: how does the resourse system work, os there a daemon in charge?08:53
piggzspiiroin: ping08:53
spiiroinpiggz: pong08:53
piggzspiiroin:, odd probelm i have...08:54
piggzevdev_trace shows vol keys giving events as normal08:54
piggzhowever, lipstick and csd do not respond to them08:54
piggzi modified the page in csd, and it shows that the resource was not acquired for the scale keys08:55
piggzany thoughts?08:55
spiiroinyou have that (csd) hw feature settings stuff in sync?08:55
spiirointhese: /usr/share/csd/settings.d/*.ini08:55
piggzhow are resources handled in libresource?08:56
spiiroinlooks like hw keys are not listed. what does "ssu-sysinfo --hw-keys" say?08:57
piggzspiiroin: nothing08:58
spiiroinhmmph. apparently defaults are that volkeys do exist - or something -> stuff is not 100% in sync (but should not matter I guess)09:00
piggzdo i need a keys section?09:00
piggzi remember adding that but just for the back/menu android keys on mido09:01
spiiroinin theory, yes. in practice l500d / xpreria 10 for ex does not -> in practice only if there are those menu keys / something extra09:01
spiiroinpiggz: does snapshot work? i.e. both volkeys down. (volume control might be ohm / something, while snapshot is only lipstick, maybe)09:02
piggzno ....09:02
piggzso, i added they keys, and sysinfo shows them now09:03
piggzbut they still dont work09:03
spiiroindo you have any custom mce config files?09:03
malspiiroin: note that the port is different from other devices, a native port which could cause things09:04
spiiroinpiggz: there is layers of legacy with that setting. my 1st instinct is to say "it is not needed", but I'll check around a bit09:05
piggzspiiroin: should i also disbable the hybris-features ini in mce, as i guess we dont use that09:06
piggzcan anyone explain the resource acquiring system?09:06
spiiroinpiggz: hybris features should not matter if you have not installed mce-plugin-libhybris09:09
spiiroinpiggz: i.e. the config masks stuff that the plugin provides -> no plugin = config is dontcare09:10
piggzmal: spiiroin: i added some more debug to csd, and the acquired resource turns true, so i guess thats not it09:12
piggzseems like the event just isnt getting passed through09:13
spiiroinpiggz: take that input_grab_allowed=2 away. it should not be needed in any device anymore09:15
piggzspiiroin: i already have :)09:15
piggzno change09:15
spiiroinstill no events?09:15
spiiroinevdev_trace sees them though?09:16
piggz/dev/input/event3: 1580894171.604 - 0x01/EV_KEY - 0x073/KEY_VOLUMEUP - 009:16
piggz/dev/input/event3: 1580894171.604 - 0x00/EV_SYN - 0x000/SYN_REPORT - 009:16
spiiroinwhich would mean that grab is not set even if it were allowed09:16
piggzi added a generic Key {} to the csd test page, and it didnt log anything09:17
spiiroinif you can build lipstick, you could add logging to event handler in there09:17
spiiroinhow about "evdev_trace -I"... does it list lipstick as having the relevant input device opened?09:18
piggzspiiroin: in evdev trace, keys are 0x073 and hw-settings those are: Keys=0x01000072, 0x01000070 isthat right?09:19
spiiroin;     Key_VolumeDown = 0x01000070,09:20
spiiroin;     Key_VolumeUp   = 0x01000072,09:20
spiiroinso, yeah09:20
piggzspiiroin: no09:20
piggz        mce(pid=3428,fd=14)09:20
piggzlipstick has TS and vibrator09:20
spiiroinok, now we know why it does not react to volkey events ;-)09:20
piggzpower key is mce and dsme09:20
piggzvol is just mce09:21
spiiroinis there something exotic in the same input device?09:21
spiiroinwhich might make lipstick ignore it after probing09:21
piggz----====( /dev/input/event3 )====----09:21
piggzName: "1c21800.lradc"09:21
piggzID: bus 0x19, vendor, 0x1, product 0x1, version 0x10009:21
piggzType 0x00 (EV_SYN)09:21
piggzType 0x01 (EV_KEY)09:21
piggzi dont think so, just the 2 keys ... i know mce is programmed to look for just them, or hammerhead device to open as a volume key source09:22
spiiroinIt might be that it is not exotic enough. IIRC lipstick/qt in general (?) might need to think it is keyboard09:23
spiiroinbut surely there are other phones with just volkeys in one node09:23
piggzspiiroin: on mido, power and vol_down are on one node, and vol_up is on another by itself, and lipstick has them open09:32
spiiroinfound some probing code in qt-base, seems to have "has KEY_Q -> is keyboard", but ...09:32
spiiroinI'm not sure if that is relevant, maybe there needs to be some udev rules / whatnot to assign input device type09:33
piggzfixed it :)09:33
piggznote to self...when debugging, do not set QT_QPA_EGLFS_DISABLE_INPUT=109:34
piggzthat was from a _loooooong_ time ago, when trying to fix the lockscreen09:34
DylanVanAsschepiggz: It works now 😲 ?09:35
piggzyup, ill push that config09:35
piggzstill, a little embarassing :D09:36
piggz"why does input not work?"  .... "did you disable input?"09:36
piggzwell, yeah but09:36
spiiroinall's well that does not end in udev rule debugging ... ;-)09:37
piggzmal: spiiroin: next issue, when playing music, vol key handles "Rington VOlume" not media volume09:57
piggzmaybe missing some of those meego pa plugins though....09:58
piggzmal: nooo, the touchscreen is misbehaving again!10:00
piggzlike cant swipe up to brink up launcher10:00
piggzand taps arnt working properly10:01
dr_gogeta86hi guys10:04
piggzok, that helped10:06
piggzmal: spiiroin: ok, this is an odd situation,10:16
piggzQT_QPA_EGLFS_DISABLE_INPUT=1 fixes the swipe and usability issues with the TS10:16
piggzwithout that, the device becomes unusable10:16
piggzDylanVanAssche: ^^10:16
spiiroinpiggz: failing "ongoing audio playback" detect could cause it -> somewhere in lipstick, relies on ohm policy decision broadcasts10:18
spiirointhere is a setting to force only audio playback volume adjustment - could use that to divide and conquer?10:19
piggzspiiroin: i found the volume problem, we are missing some plugins10:19
spiiroinpiggz: ok10:19
piggzmain issue now is the touchscreen10:19
piggzsetting QT_QPA_EGLFS_DISABLE_INPUT=1 fixes the TS, but breaks vol keys10:19
spiiroinwhat does it do?10:20
malpiggz: heh, oops10:21
piggzspiiroin: its weird, like swipes dont work properly10:21
piggzi can swip away the lockscreen10:22
piggzbut cant swipe up for the launcher10:22
piggzand cant click icons10:22
piggzi can swipe up/down but only from the edges10:22
piggzmal: spiiroin: ok, i can fix it10:25
piggzi can leave the variable set10:25
spiiroin... in case it is useful in the future: volume keys = media volume only ->
piggzand specify the devices for TS and VOL in the options10:25
piggzLIPSTICK_OPTIONS="-plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event2 -plugin evdevkeyboard:/dev/input/event3"10:26
malquite strange how that device is so different10:26
spiiroinpiggz: can you pastebin evdev_trace -i somewhere?10:27
* spiiroin wonders if it can be mistaken for mouse device? or mouse and touch?10:29
piggzspiiroin: i thought something like that10:38
DylanVanAsschepiggz: Setting the Lipstick options again works around our TS and vol key issue?10:39
piggzDylanVanAssche: yes10:39
DylanVanAsschepiggz (IRC): Great!10:39
piggzi iwill commit a new version10:39
piggzonly problme i have atm is no music...10:40
DylanVanAsschepiggz (IRC): I can check later this evening with the new image what works and wat doesn't on my device10:40
malpiggz: do you see any errors in logs when you try to play music?10:41
piggzmal: it claims to be playing........volume keys respond with correct message....10:41
piggzthis is my pa config
T42<alexisrev> I started earning the day I took the courage to invest in Bitcoin with Amos Bauer , now I'm glad I took that courage. I just got $5500 profits sent directly to my PayPal account.10:44
piggzmal: yes, pa crashes when i press play10:45
piggzwell, sometimes crashes10:47
piggzno, it crashes every time i think10:48
piggzwhen it looked like it was playing, it was actually stopped10:48
malpiggz: again that paste doesn't work, looks like has issues10:57
piggzmal: yeah, it seems to eb garbage11:04
piggzim playing with hard coding or auto probing the sound cards11:04
malpiggz: or maybe it's just me that is having issues with that service12:11
piggzmal: no, the pages dssapear for me too13:16
piggzseems like its anough to specify the TS dev only, no need for the kayboard, let that be probed13:32
piggznow, audio!13:34
malpiggz: what did you do?13:35
piggzi mean, now back to audio, i havnt fixed it! :D13:35
malah, ok13:37
piggzmal: can you see anything?16:18
piggzpa is killed when playing music16:18
malpiggz: use some other paste service16:21
piggzhas it gone again???16:21
piggzi double checked!16:21
piggzit was too big for bpaste16:21
piggzmal: : line 665 looks like a problem16:24
malpiggz: that doesn't looke very good16:25
piggznope, it doesnt!16:26
malpiggz: check also line 129016:30
malwondering if that is normal16:30
piggzmal: i have those files, didnt seem to make a difference, but lets double check16:31
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> if i had missing minisf and i build it with `libdroidmedia minimediaservice minisfservice`under HABUILD_SDK do i have to add it somewhere inside of device packages or it will be bundled in next
malit will be automatically packaged when you run if you have added gstreamer1.0-droid to patterns16:39
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> i havent probably16:40
malalso you can use "droidmedia" instead of "libdroidmedia minimediaservice minisfservice" as parameter for for make to build those16:40
maland similarly for audioflingerglue16:40
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> i have just copied it from hadk-faq16:40
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> from what i see jolla-hw-adaptation.s2.yaml contains -` gstreamer1.0` line16:42
malwhy are you checking faq for those when hadk pdf has everything you need16:43
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> Do it really have all? I cannot see anything about manual need to build minisf, i had to manually comment nfc related package build instructions to pass build, had to do system.mount in sparse(have no idea why its not generated during build from mountpoints(dts /system premount maybe?)16:48
malchapters 13.2 and 13.316:56
T42<elros34> have you checked that fstab is found in droid-hal-device.log? Also please set your username in telegram16:56
malfor gst-droid and other such things16:56
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> @elros34 [have you checked that fstab is found in droid- …], I don't really get what do you mean.16:59
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> I mean about nick, not fstab16:59
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> no fstab inside s2/root/17:01
T42<elros34> so that the reason why you have no systme.mount. Run make modules | grep fstab. If it found fstab* then build it otherwise you need to manually copy it from your device/ to out17:03
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> do " init-debug in real rootfs" means we are getting into sailfishOS rootfs and getting out of sailfishOS initramfs? I do get kicked to bootloader from that17:56
T42<elros34> that is message from /init-debug script from saiflish rootfs, next /sbin/preinit is started and systemd18:01
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> Masked init and ran `/sbin/droid-hal-init ; dmesg -Hw `
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> I get stuck on second stage init.18:06
T42<elros34> What did you add to straggler files? Enable persistent logging (faq) and grab full journal18:22
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> i have added pretty much all missing *context files from out/root directory18:25
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> (Photo, 1280x552)
enigma9o7Is this channel for discussion about porting sailfishos to a new device, or porting applications to sailfishos, or both?18:58
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> about porting sailfish to new devices18:58
piggzmal: this is odd..... the following does NOT work19:06
piggzLIPSTICK_OPTIONS="-plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event2"19:07
T42<Akatsu %lastname%> Any idea why droid-hal-init cry for minimediaservice not being there, while its indeed there?19:07
piggzthe followinf DOES19:07
piggzLIPSTICK_OPTIONS="-plugin evdevtablet:/dev/input/event2"19:07
malpiggz: strange19:19
DylanVanAsschemal: pulseaudio is crashing when this module is enabled: `module-match table=/etc/pulse/x-maemo-match.table` and using the volume keys (native device). However I and Adam don't see anything spooky in the logs ...19:23
DylanVanAsschemal (IRC): logs: the only weird thing is the UCM thing.19:27
piggzDylanVanAssche: so, if you reboot it still works?19:46
DylanVanAsschepiggz for me it does (without that module)19:57
piggzDylanVanAssche: ok .... rem -rf /home/nemo/.config/pulse and reboot again19:57
piggzor, maybe renane the folder ;)19:58
malpiggz: hmm, the config file is here
malDylanVanAssche: ^20:12
piggzmal: we use a custom one20:13
malwhat does it contain?20:13
malpiggz: I meant that /etc/pulse/x-maemo-match.table mentioned in the problematic mobile line20:14
piggzwe've tried various options, auto-rpobing, manual probing,20:14
piggzah, thats the same for us20:15
piggzmal: im to be convinced thats the problem, still crashes for me witht he same config as DylanVanAssche20:17
malpiggz: ok, could be anything20:54
piggzmal: im giving up on PP tonight to work on amazfish20:55
tortoisedocwould there be any info on how the hw kb events are propagated to silica?21:21
r0kk3rzusual kb events i would imagine21:51
tortoisedoc@r0kk3rz : so basic qt keys i guesa22:30
T42<adampigg> qt evdevkeyboard plugin22:34

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