Thursday, 2020-02-06

T42<alexisrev> I started earning the day I took the courage to invest in Bitcoin with Amos Bauer , now I'm glad I took that courage. I just got $5500 profits sent directly to my PayPal account.06:26
usvicool story, bro06:48
T42<polanobi> @alexisrev [I started earning the day I took the courage t …], Report06:55
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piggzrinigus: perhaps you could add wayland properties to the window to make lipstick think flatpaks are andrid apps??09:49
riniguspiggz: perhaps. just don't know how to do that. PR is welcome09:59
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DylanVanAsscheadampigg: mal: As long as pulse thinks that it has to control the ringtone volume, changing the volume using the vol keys is fine. Pulse doesn't crash this way. However, when playing a ringtone in Settings, pulse switches to media volume (which is set to muted at first, but the ringtone plays at full volume though). Pulse starts the crash when changing the media volume using the vol keys.17:51
DylanVanAsscheAfterwards, pulse won't play anything anymore until a reboot. I will try to get some logs...17:51
malDylanVanAssche: gdb or strace of pulse? or install crash logger17:52
malto see where it crashes17:53
DylanVanAsschemal (IRC): piggz (IRC) : logs ^^^17:53
malsome ucm errors at the end17:55
DylanVanAsscheSeems that the `module-match` tries to set the volume of a non existing channel:
merbotLaunchpad bug 1574324 in pulseaudio "pulseaudio crashes when connecting to bluetooth headphones (due to ubuntu changes?)" [High,Fix released]18:35
malDylanVanAssche: so maybe some configuration issue then18:38
T42<adampigg> Are we sure pulse isnt trying to direct to the modem? What if we inhibit the modem driver so pulse ignores it?19:29
piggzmal: so, crash occurs when raising volume:21:49
piggzFeb 06 21:46:46 PinePhone pulseaudio[3598]: D-Bus: Set step (1)21:49
piggzFeb 06 21:46:46 PinePhone pulseaudio[3598]: set current step to 121:49
piggzFeb 06 21:46:46 PinePhone pulseaudio[3598]: Assertion 'pa_channels_valid(channels)' failed at pulse/volume.c:74, function pa_cvolume_set(). Aborting.21:49
piggzwhen i use alsamixer, to get sound, i have to unmute the "line out" channel, but also unmute the DAC AIF1, which is either on or off, no levels21:50
piggzcould PA be trying to apply levels to that AIF1 output?21:50
piggzmal: found soemthing....22:21
piggzthe ucm files we have ae v2 format....22:21
piggzThis ucm is maintained by intel audio team, and it is not upstreamed22:22
piggzand will not be upstreamed, since the community is developing the ucm222:22
piggzwhich is based on at least alsa-lib-1.2.1 and pulseaudio-v14.0 (still22:22
piggzunder developing), for bionic and eoan, we have to integrate this ucm22:22
piggzsince the alsa-lib version is too low. For focal and future version, we22:22
piggzare going to integrate the ucm2 after the ucm2 is ready.22:22
merbotLaunchpad bug 1859754 in alsa-lib "add ucm to make alsa/sof driver work under PA (variants of Lenovo X1 Carbon 7th, Dell cnl and cml machines)" [High,Fix committed]22:22

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