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T42<meierrom> @abhishek_0 [Promoted], ;)00:56
T42Anna %lastname% was added by: Anna %lastname%03:18
T42<abhishek_0> Is bridge working fine??18:35
T42<abhishek_0> Ping mal18:35
mal@abhishek_0 seems to be working18:39
T42<abhishek_0> :D18:50
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T42<Szancso %lastname%> Hi! I port Sailfish 3 (mido) to Redmi Note 5A (ugglite), (
T42<Szancso %lastname%> Notification lights not working, but the test_light command working good led blinking, and echo brightness and echo blinking is working fine. Any tips?19:31
T42<Szancso %lastname%> And no working DT2W too, but every looks good:19:31
T42<Szancso %lastname%> [ 2111.577826] <<-GTP-INFO->> System suspend.19:31
T42<Szancso %lastname%> [ 2111.578780] <<-GTP-INFO->> Gesture mode enabled.19:31
T42<Szancso %lastname%> and touch screen:19:31
T42<Szancso %lastname%> [ 2272.069377] <<-GTP-INFO->> buf[3]:0x00, buf[4]:0xE1, buf[5]:0x00, buf[6]:0x8A19:31
T42<Szancso %lastname%> [ 2272.069389] <<-GTP-INFO->> Double click to light up the screen!19:31
T42<Szancso %lastname%> [ 2272.072426] <<-GTP-INFO->> Gesture mode enabled.19:31
T42<Szancso %lastname%> And nothing happened. Aby tips?19:31
T42<Szancso %lastname%> Thnx.19:31
T42<Szancso %lastname%> Next question: Can I install mpv player?19:41
malhow did you test notification led?20:24
malplease pastebin output of "ls -lR /sys/class/leds"20:26
T42<Szancso %lastname%> Thnx!21:31
T42<Szancso %lastname%> I test SMS, missed call, and charge. Nothing happened.21:31
T42<Szancso %lastname%>
maluse csd tests, go to settings->about product and touch build number several times and it should open the csd test app21:33
malah, the output of that leds path tells why it doesn't work21:33
malthe device seems to have some strange led with only white and red channels, are those the same led?21:37
T42<Szancso %lastname%> only white led in device, no red led, but the red led settings is white colour. :)21:39
T42<Szancso %lastname%> csd test fail. :(21:40
malso only white led? the red led is not real?=21:42
maldoes the white led work manually?21:42
T42<Szancso %lastname%> but the OS command: test_lights is working, and the "echo 255 > /sys/class/leds/red/brightness too.21:42
maldoes echo 255 > /sys/class/leds/white/brightness work?21:43
T42<Szancso %lastname%> No, not real, white21:43
malso red is really white and that "white" path doesn't work?21:43
T42<Szancso %lastname%> Yep, And echo 1 >  /sys/class/leds/red/blinking working god.21:44
malok, then we should be able to fix led with a configuration file21:44
T42<Szancso %lastname%> the white and red is same.21:45
malcopy this file to /etc/mce/ on your device and then change the LedDirectory to have something that works21:46
malthen reboot and see if it helps21:46
T42<Szancso %lastname%> wow, thnx, i will tried21:50
T42<Szancso %lastname%> i make this earlier:
T42<Szancso %lastname%> restore?21:50
maldid you add that or just edit?21:51
T42<Szancso %lastname%> add21:51
malif you added that then move it out to /home/nemo for example to keep a backup21:51
T42<Szancso %lastname%> backup file alredy .bak21:52
malok, hopefully it doesn't try to load that, move it to some other folder just in case21:52
T42<Szancso %lastname%> Notheing happened. :(22:13
T42<Szancso %lastname%> I'm going to give it another try because I also varied with mcetool. I may be reset.22:17
malanything in journal log? which LedDirectory did you use?22:17
T42<Szancso %lastname%> Wow! thnx, working, but i modified every "white" words to "red" in file, and charging led now good! Thank you! :)22:32
malin which file?22:43
T42<Szancso %lastname%> 60-white.ini22:45
T42<Szancso %lastname%> Can I write this?22:47
T42<Szancso %lastname%> #BlinkFile=blink22:47
T42<Szancso %lastname%> #LedBlinkFile=/sys/class/leds/white/blink22:48
maldepends on if the device has working blink, so what do you have in that file now23:02
T42<Szancso %lastname%> Your linked file.23:07
T42<Szancso %lastname%> But i think, need the red and white led settings in file, but i dont know how?23:08
T42<Szancso %lastname%> Led colour is always white but the two colors are in sys / class / leds23:10
T42<Szancso %lastname%> dont blink led in csd test23:11
T42<Szancso %lastname%> always lit during test but not flashing23:14
malI'm a bit confused now, you said you replaced something in that file but then you said you have the file I linked23:16
malso was the file I linked modified by you or not23:17
T42<Szancso %lastname%> I used the 60-white.ini file but it was not lit, then I changed the white words in the file to red so the LED is on but not blinking.23:26
T42<Szancso %lastname%> I think the device uses both colors from the class, but it can only light white.23:29
T42<Szancso %lastname%> It should be set as if both colors were actually.23:29
T42<Szancso %lastname%> (I'm just guessing.)23:31
malso you are saying you also set BackEnd to red? that is not right23:36
T42<Szancso %lastname%> Yep! I've written BackEnd to white (the rest are red) and it's blinking now!23:43
T42<Szancso %lastname%> Thank you very much! :)23:43

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