Tuesday, 2020-03-17

T42<LysergicAcid> Hey xD09:44
T42<Maria %lastname%> fynbctgnbr10:37
piggzmal: hows your geoclue binder knowledge ?18:22
piggz03-17 17:54:37.494  3769  3769 E LocSvc_GnssAPIClient: onCapabilitiesCb] Error from gnssSetCapabilitesCb description=Status(EX_TRANSACTION_FAILED): 'UNKNOWN_TRANSACTION: '18:22
malpiggz: known issue, no fix yet18:23
piggzmal: thats good at least18:23
piggzis there a bug to subscribe to?18:23
malpiggz: the issue is that something happens when geoclue-hybris stops and then you see some android side gnss things die in logcat which then causes those messages on next start of geoclue-hybris18:24
malpiggz: no18:24
malpiggz: that doesn't really cause any known issues in current code18:27
piggzmal: oh, my location isnt working at all18:27
piggzi dont get the location icon on the status bar18:27
malanything else in logs18:28
piggzmllet me reboot and get full logs18:28
malpiggz: also I made the binder backend for geoclue so I might know a thing or two about it :D18:30
piggzmal: when opening puremaps https://paste.gnome.org/pkpq7imlb18:34
malwhat do you see in journal?18:35
piggzmal: earlisler in log https://paste.gnome.org/pguyh1ny118:35
piggzmal: https://paste.gnome.org/pfvp06snp18:35
malso gpsinfo shows no satellites?18:38
malpiggz: those logs don't show anything bad18:41
malnot sure though18:41
piggzmal: will messwerk do?18:47
malI think so18:48
malpiggz: btw, harbour-gpsinfo is in common repo18:48
piggzmal: running gpsinfo now....18:49
piggzmal: it shows satelites, but says in use/view 0/2218:51
piggzand no location icon on the top bar18:51
piggzim in device-only mode18:51
malpiggz: not even flashing icon?18:51
piggzmal: no, no icon at all18:52
mal0/22 means it doesn't have a lock yet18:52
malso gps does work but icon is missing18:53
malI assume 3.2.1?18:53
piggznow says 0.2318:54
piggzmal: hang on, ignore me, i see the icon now18:54
piggzit flashing.....18:55
piggzdid it change side, i could have sworn it was on the right18:55
malon my 3.2.1 fp2 it's right but 3.3.0 it's left18:56
piggzwell, that explains it ... i was looking on the wrong side!18:56
malpiggz: so you didn't notice something flashing :DD18:56
maleven in the wrong side18:56
piggzno, it was kinda feint with the wallpaper18:57
malI never even remembered which side it was on18:57
malgood that it works18:59
piggzmal: so this means gps symlink isnt needed? https://github.com/mer-hybris/geoclue-providers-hybris/pull/30/commits/e1c708b21fda7c00b4fdacbc5221f0028505421a19:00
piggzwhy do i still not have a lock with 23 satellites in view?19:00
malpiggz: gps symlink hasn't been needed in long time afaik19:01
malpiggz: it's probably trying to get the satellite data still, it needs to download the info slowly from the satellites19:02
piggzill leave it in the window19:02
malalso if you are indoors there signal strengths might be low19:02
piggzmal: BT is next issue  .... i was able to pair with my car but then it wouldnt connecy19:12
piggzlets try my headphones19:12
piggzmal: hmmm, trouble pairing my headphones, and they are the easiest thing in the world to pair!19:21
piggzmal: finally it paired but certianly didnt feel right19:23
piggzthey are working though19:27

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