Wednesday, 2020-03-18

vknechtrinigus, hello... replicating tama OBS repo layout for loire: I really need to  1) Fork community-adaptation and 2) Add SSU feature like in ?12:20
rinigusvknecht: tbh, I don't remember. I guess you will need it if you have several devices (like we have xz2, xz2c, xz3) using the same port and if you wish to host aosp images as well. aosp is handy when you generate images for flashing using ci.12:43
rinigusI can look later tonight, if needed, on what were those repos doing12:43
vknechtrinigus, yes there are several (suzu, kugo)... I'm just not sure if both mods are really needed, guess I can remove later12:47
rinigusvknecht: you could try without and see where it falls apart :)12:52
vknechtindeed :-)12:54
vknechtseems ok to just modify the kickstart file for locally building from OBS (will have to look into CI later)16:17
rinigusvknecht: CI is setup for tama is somewhat different from the classical one. it downloads KS from OBS and builds all targets (xz2single, xz2dual, ...) in parallel. as a result, its easy to support all variants with the same script17:54
T42<adampigg> rinigus: do you build devel: and testing: images?18:21
rinigusadampigg: not anymore, its testing only. devel was when we were adding new devices and making original port18:22
vknechtrinigus, what about droid-system[-vendor] ? do you just build them locally then upload to nemo:testing:hw:sony:tama:extra-images, or are those produced by some CI ?18:33
rinigusvknecht: locally, unfortunately. but now its done - until we move to aosp10 (or maybe just update the kernel), but that will come later with an eye of improving camera support18:34
vknechtwell, I think kernel update only require droid-hal-$HABUILD_DEVICE updates ; droid-system[-vendor] updates would only be needed if Sony's AOSP got security-patch update which unfortunately is still at 2019-08-0118:39
vknechtor further patch from hybris side (eg. I still need to update syspart for selinux patch)18:40
vknechtrecently updated from mer-hybris kernel 4.9.213 with no problem just by update droid-hal-loire18:41
vknechtmaybe you should check latest kernel, iirc there was some cam improvements18:43
rinigusvknecht: will check when working on the next release. until then prefer to work on other projects19:08
vknechtsure, you seem quite busy with flatpack and also map apps :-)19:09
vknechthad to use gps some time ago and pure maps helped quite a lot19:11
vknechtif anyone has an idea... in loire + 4.9 kernel there's a timing issue between hwcomposer and surfaceflinger services' start, and since surfaceflinger is not used in SFOS then hwcomposer service won't start19:13
vknechtat one point I naively tried to make minifs emit "init.svc.surfaceflinger=running" property but that didn't seem to help (maybe did it wrong)19:15
vknechtany suggestion welcome19:15
vknechtcurrently I use but it only works about once in five to ten boots19:17
piggzmal: my kernel already has that patch for fuse19:19
piggzsh-3.2# mcetool --get-suspend-stats19:19
piggzuptime:       41912.89819:19
piggzsuspend_time: 0.00019:19
malpiggz: you mean you reverted it already?19:21
malpiggz: the point was to revert a commit from fuse, do you have the sources somewhere for the device?19:22
piggzmal: i mean it didnt need reverted as our kernel already has it as per your patch19:23
malhmm, that sounds odd19:23
piggzmal: ignoring suspend for now ..... by default I cant SHS in becuase teh SSH daemon isnt started when using developer that known?20:00
piggzthen, if i start SSHD manually, the iptables rules dont let me have access20:02
piggzso, I have to flush them etc20:02

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