Thursday, 2020-03-19

r0kk3rzwhats required to enable the whole luks encrypted home thing06:18
T42<RealDanct12> does anyone know how to repo sync after a repo failed to sync because of "network is unreachable"?06:54
T42<RealDanct12> there's some weird issue with the dns or something06:54
T42<RealDanct12> i cannot repo sync again, because it just said that the failed repo doesnt exist06:54
T42<birdzhang> repo command not exit?06:56
T42<RealDanct12> no, something like this when you do repo sync06:57
T42<RealDanct12> fatal: unable to access '': Failed to connect to port 443: Network is unreachable06:57
T42<RealDanct12> and then after this message shows up, that repository cannot be repo sync anymore06:57
T42<birdzhang> use repo sync —force-sync platform/external/libunwind06:58
T42<birdzhang> maybe external/libunwind, not platform/external/libunwind06:59
T42<RealDanct12> anything to take note of when develop a android 9 port?11:03
malchecking the faq is a good idea
T42<RealDanct12> my device is a system as root type19:08
T42<RealDanct12> does anyone know how to make it to work?19:10
malmost newer devices are like that19:15
piggzmal: is it possible to get the compositr to release /dev/input when not in use?19:16
malpiggz: what are you trying to do?20:07
T42<RealDanct12> how can i create a mount unit for system as root?20:08
piggzmal: there is a problem where, when the pwoer button is pressed, or the system goes to suspend, then the screen doesnt turn off and displays the last frame .... DylanVanAssche thinks it is to do with the TS input device being kept held20:09
T42<RealDanct12> i've looked at older chat and there is one for that, but it doesnt generate for me20:09
malpiggz: if that is the case then there is some very crappy driver in the system20:14
piggzmal: sure :)20:14
piggzim trying to find out real answer20:14
malpiggz: do logs tell anything, dmesg mostly20:14
DylanVanAsscheYeah it's weird, the TS stays active too.20:14
piggzDylanVanAssche: does it happen on other distros?20:15
piggzim sure it only starteed in kernel 5.520:15
DylanVanAsscheNot that I know of, I haven't checked them out yet. Maybe something for the weekend20:15
DylanVanAsscheor tomorrow20:15
piggzi dont really want to push the kernel update with this issue20:16
piggzeven though it is better for voltage20:16
malwhich device is that20:16
DylanVanAsscheYeah I get that...20:16
piggzmal: which jolla devs got pinephones ... (even though according to the meeting minutes you dont comment, we know u got them ;)20:17
T42<elros34> I had somehow similar issue, after pressing power button touchscreens was still active, screen freeze (IIRC). I fixed it by adding udev rules so mce was started after backlight and probably screen driver was loaded.20:20
T42<elros34> @RealDanct12 droid-hal should generate such a unit for you provided fstab is found in out/*/root20:22
piggz@elros34 can you point me to your config?20:23
T42<elros34> @adampigg
malpiggz: ""20:31
piggzi know :)20:31
piggzi had to go find my uat cable20:31
T42<elros34> uart? you didn't use hybris-boot init script with telnet?20:33
piggznot on pinephone yet....20:35
piggz@elros34 mal DylanVanAssche well, what do you know, it worked!20:35
piggz@elros34 what was your device?20:37
T42<elros34> some old sunxi tablet20:38
piggzmaybe thats the link, this uses sun4i20:40
piggzthis is quite nice now :)20:42
piggzmight update mesa to 20.0.2 while im at it20:42
malpiggz: what helped?20:50
piggzmal: those udev and systemd additions20:58
T42<RealDanct12> finally it works!21:01
T42<RealDanct12> except touch screen doesnt work at all21:01
malpiggz: which ones, the one in that pastebin?21:21
piggzmal: yes21:21
piggzit working well now21:21
malso some backlight device timing issue21:22
T42<adampigg> yes, i guess MCE has to be started after the backlight becomes available21:23
T42<adampigg> im not sure the udev rule is needed, i think the device had the correct name anyway....21:23
T42<adampigg> i will try it without21:23
malstrange why backlight device appears so late21:24
T42<adampigg> yeah, it works without the udev rule21:25
DylanVanAsschepiggz (IRC): That udev rule fixed everything? :D21:27
piggzDylanVanAssche: the systemd addition21:28
piggzDylanVanAssche: there is a PR for it21:28
piggzi am PRing the  kernel now too21:28
DylanVanAsscheAwesome! Merged your PR :)21:29
DylanVanAsscheI will build everything tomorrow or in the weekend on OBS :)21:30
T42<edp_17> By the way guys, can somedy create an OBS account for me, please?21:34
T42<elros34> @edp_17 ask lbt about it and provide him your tjc account name21:46
piggzDylanVanAssche: kernel PR is uploading, are you in a position to try?21:51
T42<RealDanct12> i got this error while compiling droidmedia: frameworks/av/services/camera/libcameraservice/CameraService.cpp:2050:48: error: unused parameter 'kind'22:06

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