Friday, 2020-04-10

T42<Rodrigosolari> this error01:14
T42<Rodrigosolari> Problem: droid-config-ginkgo-1-1.armv7hl obsoletes ofono-configs-mer provided by ofono-configs-mer-1.23+git3.1-1.27.2.jolla.armv7hl01:14
T42<Rodrigosolari>  Solution 1: Following actions will be done:01:14
T42<Rodrigosolari>   do not ask to install a solvable providing droid-config01:14
T42<Rodrigosolari>   do not ask to install a solvable providing droid-config-sailfish01:14
T42<Rodrigosolari>  Solution 2: install droid-config-ginkgo-1-1.armv7hl (with vendor change)01:14
T42<Rodrigosolari>   meego  -->  xiaomi01:14
T42<Rodrigosolari> * Building rpm/droid-hal-version-ginkgo.spec01:55
T42<Rodrigosolari>   meego  -->  xiaomi01:55
T42<birdzhang> do you have in your droid-config-$DEVICE.spec ?02:02
T42<Rodrigosolari> yes! i have a02:08
T42<Rodrigosolari> # Device-specific ofono configuration02:08
T42<Rodrigosolari> Provides: ofono-configs02:08
T42<Rodrigosolari> Obsoletes: ofono-configs-mer02:08
T42<birdzhang> sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -msdk-install zypper rm ofono-configs-mer02:16
T42<birdzhang> manual remove it02:17
T42<Rodrigosolari> oks :)02:27
T42<Rodrigosolari> @birdzhang [sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -msdk-ins …], my system is broken, i try install platformSDK again02:55
T42<birdzhang> sorry my bad, it remove all dependencies02:57
T42<Rodrigosolari> is there a way to remove only the ofono-config-mer02:59
T42<birdzhang> why your packages vendor changed?03:04
T42<Rodrigosolari> @birdzhang [why your packages vendor changed?], not, i don't change03:05
T42<birdzhang> meego  -->  xiaomi03:05
T42<Rodrigosolari> as? I do not understand, I just followed the guide, and I made everything clear vendor is xiaomi and my device is ginkgo03:08
T42<Ern_st> Hello, I wanted to thanks the person/group who put in place Pretty cool to give back to life the OP3 port. I've tested it works very well (except bluetooth)03:48
T42<Rodrigosolari> Thanks, and one last question, what do you mean that I change vendor?03:50
T42<birdzhang> maybe you once installed from obs?03:51
r0kk3rz@Ern_st did bt work before?03:52
T42<Ern_st> @r0kk3rz [@Ern_st did bt work before?], From what i've read yes, on xda and jolla together. Seems that rfkill script of op3 did land on this version.04:03
r0kk3rzwe did do something in that area04:03
T42<Ern_st> It's my first week on Jolla, discovering this OS.04:04
r0kk3rzit had a custom bluez which we deliberately didnt update04:04
r0kk3rzso maybe we need to fix that04:04
T42<Ern_st> Let me check what it say...04:04
r0kk3rzi fixed the build, but i dont have an op304:05
T42<Ern_st> I'm trying to help the port of OP3 for ubuntu touch, so i'm a bit famillar. I can take a look to help in my small spare time.04:07
r0kk3rzah i see, its got patches for rome support04:07
T42<Ern_st> On bluez side, yes seems to be04:09
T42<Ern_st> Also I think the bluetooth_rfkill_event needs to be updated to recognize the bt_power04:10
r0kk3rzwe only held that back because of bluez04:10
r0kk3rzbecause they changed the packaging04:10
T42<Ern_st> they is ? (sorry not familliar with this ecosystem)04:11
T42<Ern_st> For the rfkill script specific to op3, it doesn't work anymore : somehow it doesn'tdetect the correct switch name04:14
T42<Ern_st> i've this as ref :
r0kk3rzthats not the one in use04:15
r0kk3rzif thats been modified at all04:15
T42<Ern_st> To clarify, my understanding : the one currently in the op3 is not the one from github ?04:16
r0kk3rzmy bad, so it is04:16
T42<Ern_st> Also the hciattach tool as you mention isn't the correct one : `[root@OnePlus3 nemo]# hciattach /dev/ttyHS0 qca04:18
T42<Ern_st> Unknown device type or id`04:18
r0kk3rzbut tbh i suggest step 1 is fix bluez04:18
T42<Ern_st> It should recognize qca type04:19
T42<Ern_st> I couldn't find any specific patch for OP3, i've found that :
T42<Ern_st> the OP3 has a ar6174 chipset.04:21
T42<Ern_st> Ho cool, didn't think to look for him in gitlab.04:22
r0kk3rzheres a cheat:04:22
r0kk3rzthats the adaptation repo04:23
r0kk3rzinside the _service file in each package will be a repo url04:23
r0kk3rzwhich controls which source and version for all the things04:23
T42<Ern_st> Thanks for the info04:23
r0kk3rzif you want to help with this adaptation, then we can sort you out an account04:25
T42<Ern_st> I've never done it before to be honest, do you have some document to goes through before to put hands... ?04:28
r0kk3rzwe have a document for creating new adaptations04:29
r0kk3rzbut this one just needs someone to maintain it properly04:30
r0kk3rzwhich is mostly just checking updates for breakages04:30
T42<Ern_st> I've an extra device likely for couple of months, so at least for this period of time I could try.04:33
r0kk3rzok hopefully that builds04:51
r0kk3rz@Ern_st ok if you grab the latest bluez and rfkill-event05:00
r0kk3rzmaybe that will be an improvement05:01
T42<Ern_st> from ?05:01
r0kk3rzyeah, that should already be configured on the device05:01
r0kk3rzso you can just pkcon / zypper in the new packages05:01
T42<Ern_st> ok, i'll check if it's compatible. I've tried that last week-end but I got a glibc error... I was on
r0kk3rzoh, you should get on 3.105:03
r0kk3rzsorry, 3.2.105:04
T42<Ern_st> Yes from yesterday i'm on 3.2.1,05:06
r0kk3rzshould be fine then05:07
T42<Rodrigosolari> how to solve this?05:57
T42<Rodrigosolari> Problem: droid-config-ginkgo-1-1.armv7hl obsoletes ofono-configs-mer provided by ofono-configs-mer-1.23+git3.1-1.27.2.jolla.armv7hl05:57
T42<kkk_sw> @mal [you need all files that end with _contexts], okay, droid-hal-init start now, but still stuck on boot logo06:02
T42<birdzhang> Dec 13 16:12:46 Redmi3 DEBUG: pid: 2293, tid: 2293, name: vndservicemanag  >>> /vendor/bin/vndservicemanager <<<06:08
T42<kkk_sw> Yes, I understand06:08
T42<kkk_sw> But how I can fix this06:08
T42<birdzhang> seems you did not disable it06:08
T42<kkk_sw> but, should?06:08
T42<birdzhang> which hybris?06:08
T42<kkk_sw> 1606:09
T42<birdzhang> you can create files on your device and reboot to test06:10
T42<kkk_sw> okay, understand. Will check now, thx06:11
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T42<Sid_48> sudo zypper ref is giving some error statements08:08
T42<Rodrigosolari> how to solve this?08:09
T42<Rodrigosolari> Problem: droid-config-ginkgo-1-1.armv7hl obsoletes ofono-configs-mer provided by ofono-configs-mer-1.23+git3.1-1.27.2.jolla.armv7hl08:09
T42<kkk_sw> @birdzhang [you can create files on your device and reboot …], bootable, thx08:26
T42<birdzhang> good news08:26
T42<kkk_sw> work only touch😂08:27
r0kk3rzthats a start08:43
T42<kkk_sw> yeah08:45
T42<kkk_sw> And telnet works fine no08:45
T42<kkk_sw> Will debug next08:45
pseudodevYo Yo guys!09:00
deathmistr0kk3rz: have you tested 3.3 yet? droid-hal-kernel fails to install with latest dhd etc:
r0kk3rzdeathmist: nope09:44
deathmist"unpacking of archive failed on file /boot/boot-initramfs.gz;5e8f6bd2: cpio: open failed - File exists" is a strange error when there is nothing in sb2 target or tooling /boot09:48
r0kk3rzdeathmist: where are you building it?11:17
deathmistr0kk3rz: in platform SDK using targets available from, and the command that triggered the error was build_packages -v11:18
deathmistas it tried to install droid-hal-kernel package to satisfy the dependencies11:18
r0kk3rzjust locally?11:19
r0kk3rzreminds me of an error i saw in gitlab is all11:20
deathmistyep locally11:21
r0kk3rzupdated the sdk?11:23
deathmistr0kk3rz: SDK as in tooling? yes. there isn't a new platform SDK chroot to use in since 3.1 that relased in last July11:28
rinigushi! I wonder if there have been tests to get libhybris working as aarch64. looks like flatpak can run aarch64 apps on current sfos devices (aarch64 kernel, arm 32bit flatpak compiled) if I ignore one error in it
rinigushowever, to get hardware accelerated gl, I will need libhybris to provide 64 bit drivers.11:29
r0kk3rzdeathmist: wait for the new sdk then11:30
r0kk3rzrinigus: maybe ubports did11:32
T42<birdzhang> or you can use coderus’s docker images11:32
rinigusr0kk3rz: maybe. I'll ask them11:33
TheKitcan I ask for nemo:devel:hw:volla:yggdrasil?12:45
T42<adampigg> Thekit: you can always ask! ;)15:06
T42<Ern_st> So the first package i need to upgrade if the bluez-lib, however I got the following error : how to get more verbose ?15:54
deathmist@Ern_st install it using zypper perhaps?16:05
T42<Ern_st> Ok, conflicting version due the the one already installed is newer than the OP3 specific17:17
r0kk3rz ah, needs a tag22:05
T42<Ern_st> What does it mean ?22:07
r0kk3rzit means i need to tag the repo22:17
r0kk3rzok, once that finishes building22:43
r0kk3rz@Ern_st: try now22:49
T42<Ern_st> There is still a conflit on usr/lib/
r0kk3rzuse zypper you fool22:59
r0kk3rzyou already have bluez installed, so naturally there will be a conflict23:01
T42<Ern_st> still not perfect
T42<Ern_st> Ok after unblocking rfkill I can load the firmware, but I've not mac, i'll keep you post.23:19
T42<Ern_st> thanks23:19
r0kk3rzyou have a vollaphone?23:32
TheKitnon-keyboard exception, but yes23:33
r0kk3rzjust a prototype device?23:33
TheKitI'm working on UBPorts support for it, but there was proof-of-concept Sailfish port for it before and it would be a waste to just let it go23:38

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