Saturday, 2020-04-11

T42<Ern_st> @r0kk3rz [reboot], Already done, i'll mimic the rfkill bluetooth script and see00:18
r0kk3rzit should at least have the patched bluez now00:18
r0kk3rzdid you update rfkill-event?00:19
T42<Ern_st> No I'm launching manually the hciattach01:31
r0kk3rzlet rfkill-event do its thing01:32
r0kk3rzafter making sure you have the latest01:32
rinigusr0kk3rz: sounds like ubports have 64 bit port for 1+3. haven't looked into the details yet, but I do wonder why we don't switch to aarch64. would make that part simpler...07:10
r0kk3rzrinigus: used to be old gcc blocking08:13
r0kk3rznow its probably just apps08:13
r0kk3rzplus general overhead of supporting another arch08:14
rinigusproblem is that we should make that switch at some point anyway. I don't see how we can stay on 32 bit while devices and other OSes move to 64. I would expect bugs to creep in on 32 bit, as it is already with QEMU (arm32 has few issues that aarch64 emulation doesn't)08:20
r0kk3rzthey probably will for an aurora device08:39
r0kk3rzneochapay was trying to do it for nemo for ages08:44
rinigusr0kk3rz: did he managed to get aarch64 working? have seen his repos, but don't remember if he has any device working with it08:45
r0kk3rzi dont think so08:49
r0kk3rzbut that was with gcc408:49
r0kk3rzgcc8 should work though08:51
riniguslet's hope so. I guess we will see when it all lands at OBS09:02
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T42<Ern_st> @rinigus [r0kk3rz: sounds like ubports have 64 bit port …], yes correct for the 64bits :
T42<Ern_st> Still issue with the rfkill parsing function :
T42<Ern_st> Manually i'm not able to get the mac address, with the same command on ubport it gets the mac... i'll look into it.14:59
rinigus@Ern_st: but libhybris itself is compiled as aarch64, right?15:00
T42<Ern_st> I guess... for instance i cannot use a bin(hciattach) from SFOS onto ubports ...  the diff found was 32/64 bits15:01
T42<Ern_st> but i'm not the good one to trust ^^15:01
UmeaboyThaodan: Are you around?22:10
UmeaboyI was wondering...... your hybris-patches for Android 10 or Lineage 17.1, where do I clone them to? To $USER/android/lineage?22:11
ThaodanUmeaboy: you clone them in the same location as for the Xperia 10 build22:20
Thaodanlook at my build scripts in my github22:20
Thaodanhadk-tools, branch kumano22:20
Umeaboyhadk-tools ? There's no repo by that name.22:22
UmeaboyWhere is that repo? It's not one of your repos. I did search.23:21
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