Friday, 2020-07-03

deathmistit seems the bot running (as well as local IRC log copies) has been down for over a week09:52
T42<vtsoft> Hello everyone! I got an error on make hybris-hal:10:06
T42<vtsoft> `source build/envsetup.sh10:06
T42<vtsoft> export USE_CCACHE=110:06
T42<vtsoft> breakfast $DEVICE10:06
T42<vtsoft> make -j$(nproc --all) hybris-hal droidmedia10:06
T42<vtsoft> `...10:06
T42<vtsoft> `[194/443] including frameworks/base/ ...10:06
T42<vtsoft> build/make/core/ error: FindEmulator: find: `tools/metalava/manual': No such file or directory10:06
T42<vtsoft> 09:54:00 ckati failed with: exit status 110:06
T42<vtsoft> `[My manifest]( How to fix?10:06
deathmistmore specifically read the hybris-16.0 section (3.3)10:10
deathmistalso please use something like before asking to search the IRC logs for such common errors, they likely have the answer10:13
rinigusDeathmist: they moved the logs of sfos channels. don't remember where, something with sailfish in the name10:18
T42<adampigg> rinigus: yeah, i need to update my scripts!10:19
T42<birdzhang> here you are10:20
T42<adampigg> scripts updated
*** Herrie|2 is now known as Herrie12:03
piggzmal: any idea why sometime nfcd doesnt build correctly?13:08
malpiggz: ?13:20
malwas it the issue with version? there was some fix to tests at some point if I remember correctly13:20
piggzmal: i dont have the log anymore ... but this morning, building nfcd failed at the end when running tests ... i re-triggered the build twive and it eventually completed13:21
piggzversion was 1.0.2713:21
piggzthat is probably it then13:21
piggzPSA: log grepping fixed for the new log location at
malpiggz: 1.0.31 has the test fix13:42
mallatest is 1.0.3313:43
piggzmal: ok .... i think i was keeping it to 1.0.27 as thats the version in
piggzif it continues to be an issue, will update13:48
piggzthe test problem seems intermittent13:48
malyes, it's random13:54
piggzi see its a dbus ordering problem from the commit14:18
piggznow ive release 3.3 to testing, i may updated devel14:19
T42<hacker12455> anything special I need to do if I am porting a device using cm11 to the newest release of sfos?19:57
T42<hacker12455> will systemd from the newest release work on a 3.4 kernel?20:13
malyes, I use latest version of sailfish with 3.4 kernel20:13
T42<hacker12455> nice20:14
T42<hacker12455> anything special to do with the vendor repo or just add to manifest?20:14
T42<hacker12455> so far my manifest looks like this20:16
T42<hacker12455> syncing hybris-11.0 sources20:22
malseems reasonable, assuming the branch is correct20:39
T42<hacker12455> waiting...21:04
T42<hacker12455> Fetching projects:  99% (106/107) CyanogenMod/android_external_llvm21:04
T42<Amelia %lastname%> Fwd from Amelia: Earn from this amazing platform below21:22
T42<Amelia %lastname%> @kingcoins21:22
T42<Herrie1982> hacker12455: You might need some patches to your 3.4 kernel for newer systemd (not sure which version SFOS is using). We had issues with systemd 230 and higher on LuneOS.21:27
T42<Herrie1982> Mainly namespace stuff, they are all in:
T42<Herrie1982> Rest is mainly to get things to work with newer GCC (LuneOS compiles kernel with GCC from Yocto instead of Google's ancient 4.8/4.9)21:29

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