Wednesday, 2020-08-12

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T42<PanosMaul86> 865601:04
T42<Max %lastname%> But this version is still very old04:05
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T42<linusdan> Hi all :)19:38
T42<linusdan> I'm trying to compile the middleware, but when I get to the pulseaudio-modules-droid part it gives this error: ‘ENOSYS’ undeclared19:38
T42<linusdan> Thanks to anyone who can help me :)19:39
malkalube: ping19:59
kalubedidn't mean to hit enter... What's up?20:00
malkalube: do you remember what you used BOARD_CHARGER_ENABLE_SUSPEND for?20:00
malkalube: or if you did any other suspend related hacks?20:00
kalubemal: Not sure, which repo is that in?20:01
malnot sure, just saw it in channel logs
kalubemal: these? (disable pm_autosuspend SHOULD say enable pm_autosuspend)20:02
malkalube: what kind of symptoms did you have without those hacks? healthd some other things keeping it awake?20:03
kalubePM_AUTOSUSPEND was mostly to see if it would make a difference, the fuse patch fixed an issue where every time the device tried to sleep it would get woken up causing battery drain as that pinned a CPU, I don't think it's related to the logs you linked20:04
malyeah, the fuse thing is one thing I know of20:04
kalubeThe chat logs above I think I was just trying to solve some dodgy android mk files20:04
kalubeNot sure what else there is tbh, fuse was the only issue for me.20:06
malok, I have a different issue than that fuse I think20:08
malI found something20:08
maltesting now20:08
malafter I build new things first20:08
malsome system/core patch to filter uevent messages20:13
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