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T42<Max %lastname%> Does anyone have an port for Xperia x compact? Thanks06:46
T42<kabouik> There's no need for one, it can run the Xperia X official version after some tweaks:
T42<kabouik> Well unless you wanted to run a free SFOS port08:08
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T42<ippokratis> @birdzhang can i pm?11:15
T42<ippokratis> i send msg on fun club but they say i was spamming them so11:15
T42<birdzhang> @ippokratis what’s the question?11:28
T42<ippokratis> trying to follow this guid to use docker11:29
T42<birdzhang> use check your kernel config11:30
T42<ippokratis> with the arm64 arch static as in the guid i getting errors11:30
T42<ippokratis> trying the armhf  now11:30
T42<ippokratis> @birdzhang [use …], Generally Necessary:11:31
T42<ippokratis>  is ok11:31
T42<Akatsu39> just wonder, how can you build sailfish for mainline kernel?11:31
T42<ippokratis> (Photo, 898x762)
T42<birdzhang> @ippokratis maybe you use a too new version11:33
T42<ippokratis> @birdzhang [@ippokratis maybe you use a too new version], for static should i use the arm64 or the armhl arch?11:34
T42<ippokratis> i will try older ones11:34
T42<birdzhang> try 18.0611:34
T42<ippokratis> ok11:34
T42<ippokratis> the link in guide is aarch6411:35
T42<birdzhang> yup11:36
T42<ippokratis> ok11:36
T42<ippokratis> and thanks replying btw11:36
T42<kabouik> To be honest I don't understand why they said it's spam @ippokratis. To me it's quite on topic for the SFOS Fan Club but hey.12:24
T42<ippokratis> it was a long message with terminal outputs . i should have used pastebin or something12:25
T42<ippokratis> anyway it doesent matter12:25
T42<kabouik> Yeah that maybe, but they seem to criticize the topic and the fact that no one could answer there. I don't really get it.12:26
T42<ippokratis> docker worked fine with 18.0612:58
T42<ippokratis> thanks guys12:58
T42<ippokratis> (Photo, 1035x604)
T42<birdzhang> 🎉13:02
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T42<ClaudiaDrescher> 632714:07
T42<edp_17> What is docker for? Thanks.15:56
T42<joeth> @edp_17 [What is docker for? Thanks.], Mainly for containerising server programs15:57
T42<joeth> but you can use it to run an Ubuntu environment and other things15:57
T42<ippokratis> @edp_17 [What is docker for? Thanks.], well my idea is to run a browser for example15:58
kalubeDoes anyone know what would cause this: "rror: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: error: db4 error(-30971) from dbenv->open: DB_VERSION_MISMATCH: Database environment version mismatch" while building droid-hal-version?18:19
kalubeFeel like it can be fixed by deleting /something/ but I'm not sure what18:20
kalubeFull log:
kalubemal: have you seen this before? happened after adding new commits to rpm/18:34
malkalube: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R rpm --rebuilddb18:59
kalubemal: cheers, after running I'm not hit with Error building the cache: Can't create cache at /home/.zypp-cache/solv/local-enchilada-hal - no writing permissions.19:11
kalube*I'm NOW hit with, oops19:14
piggzdelete the cache, or check its perms?19:18
malmaybe check permissions of /home/.zypp-cache19:20
malkalube: did you update target recently?19:20
maland/or platform sdk19:20
kalubeI only set up my environment yesterday, on a new machine19:20
kalubeWhat should .zypp-cache perms look like?19:21
kalubelrwxrwxrwx  1 root  root    15 Mar 18 22:42 .zypp-cache -> /var/cache/zypp19:21
malcheck the folder where that points to19:22
kalubedrwxr-xr-x  3 caleb caleb 3488 Aug 13 19:07 zypp19:22
malmaybe try removing the content of that19:22
maland see what happends19:23
kalubeSame issue19:25
T42<elros34> Did you remove .zypp-cache directory in sdk or in target?19:31
malyeah, that is relevant19:31
kalubein sdk19:32
T42<elros34> btw make sure you use 3.3.0.x target not latest: 'ssu re' in target will tell you what version you have19:35
kalubeI specified $RELEASE as
kalubeAnd yeah I believe I fetched target based on that19:36
kalubeIt seems to be working again now :D19:36
mal@elros34 it is latest now19:37
mal@elros34 that was fixed this week19:38
T42<elros34> great19:38
kalubeMade it to mic build, now hit with "Error <creator>[08/13 19:46:40] : Command 'modprobe' is not available."19:47
kalubeplatformSDK missing kmod?19:49
kalubeHas anyone figured out what causes the mouse sensitivity to break during mic build?19:54
kalubepiggz: sorry if I'm missing something obvious, can you point me in the right direction to installing biometryd?22:01
kalubeCloning from your github and building with build_packages is missing a lot of dependencies and not all of them are in the repos22:09
kalubeSpecifically dbus-cpp-devel and process-cpp-devel22:19
Mister_Magisterkalube: oi hello22:19
kalubehello! :D22:19
Mister_Magisteri didn't fail to notice you followed me and suddenly you tweet about sfos so i thought i shall say hi (also plz try all my apps kthx)22:20
Mister_Magisteru portn sfos to 1+6?22:20
Mister_Magisterkalube: about mouse sensitivity just get over it22:20
Mister_Magisterhad same issue22:20
Mister_Magisterwould help u but i gotta sleep22:21
kalubeI have a 3.2 release but it's about time for 3.3, I uploaded a 'beta' to github but it had some issues and I want to get biometryd and maybe include a few niceties out of the box22:21
Mister_Magisteras most people there do22:21
kalubeAs for mouse sensitivity22:21
kalubeMan you ever built postmarketOS?22:22
Mister_Magisternah and i hope i don't22:22
kalubeNot only does it not reset my mouse/kb config, it also doesn't rebuild the same packages over and over >:(22:22
kalube3 commands to set up build env, and no permanent changes to .bashrc, it is GLORIOUS22:23
kalubeI'll stop preaching, liking having actually good apps on sfos22:23
Mister_Magisteranyway have fun (and don't forget to try my apps lmaoooo) gnite22:23
malkalube: what are you talking about, no need to build biometryd afaik22:24
Mister_Magisteryeah what do you need biometryd for22:24
Mister_Magisterif you want fp its not needed22:24
malkalube: just follow the instructions here
Mister_Magisteractually don't they're retarded22:24
kalubeoh awesome, thanks :D22:24
Mister_Magistermal: piggz: instructions "yeah fake_crypt is optional" also instructions: rpm/dhd/helpers/ --build=hybris/mw/sailfish-fpd-community builds fakecrypt and fails to do so22:25
malprobably good to have the --do-not-install in that also22:25
Mister_Magisterkalube: if you don't need fake_crypt bulild these 222:26
Mister_Magisterrpm/dhd/helpers/ --build=hybris/mw/sailfish-fpd-community --spec=rpm/droid-biometry-fp.spec --do-not-install22:26
Mister_Magisterrpm/dhd/helpers/ --build=hybris/mw/sailfish-fpd-community --spec=rpm/sailfish-fpd-community.spec --do-not-install22:26
* Mister_Magister flies away22:26
malMister_Magister: problem is that the second build removes the rpms of the first build22:26
Mister_Magisterno it doesn't22:26
malit fdid for me22:27
Mister_Magisterit didn't for me22:27
Mister_Magisterkalube: copy the droid-biometry-fp rpms before running second command22:27
Mister_Magistermal: fixed22:27
malthe last command which builds all will make all rpms remaing22:27
malbut anyway that is a bit mess22:28
Mister_Magisterit is yes22:28
malmaybe I can update my PR to fix the instructions a bit22:28
Mister_Magistergo on :D22:28
malI just did some packaging fixing there earlier today22:29
kalubeWhy shouldn't I build fake_crypt ?22:29
Mister_Magisterkalube: do you need it? (read the instructions please)22:29
malyou can build it, you should install it only if needed22:29
kalubeHow do I know if my device uses keymaster 4?22:30
Mister_Magistermal: i have personal question to you, do you use any of my apps?22:30
Mister_Magisterkalube: assume it doesn't22:30
malkalube: ps aux | grep keymaster22:30
malthe process name usually tells which version it is22:30
Mister_Magisteri bet he got 3.022:30
kalubemal: fine to do that in sfos? no results22:30
Mister_Magistermaybe it isn't running even22:31
malhave you disabled it in some .rc file?22:31
malkalube: which android version?22:31
kalubeandroid 922:33
Mister_Magisterkalube: what android did this phone came with originallly22:34
Mister_Magisterit's 3.022:34
Mister_Magistertrust me22:34
Mister_Magisterworry if it doesn't work22:34
kalubeSpeaking of, I saw some mentions of android 10, it would be sweet to rebase on that because you need a whole different TWRP and extra steps to downgrade before installing sfos22:35
kalubeWhat doesn't work right now is ubu-chroot :/22:35
Mister_Magisterkalube: noone installed my 5z port cause it's android 9 so noone bothers to downgrade22:35
Mister_Magisterkalube: don't use ubu-chroot with android922:35
kalube. /srv/mer/sdks didn't exist in sfossdk after a fresh set up22:35
Mister_Magisterwait /srv/mer/sdks should exist22:36
Mister_Magisterkalube: ubu-chroot got old ubuntu and is too old to build android922:36
Mister_Magisteri'm using docker image to build android9 mal builds directly on his os22:36
kalubeit's how I've done my sfos port up until now22:36
Mister_Magistermaybe i have outdated info the22:37
Mister_Magisterwho uses ubu-chroot anyawy22:37
kalubeI really don't wanna let SFOS consume my host more than necessary lol, I already have to balance pmos chroots and latest vs old android compilers22:37
Mister_Magisteroh well im going to sleep22:38
malI have mostly built hybris-17.1, one build issue left22:41
kalubemal: sweet :D looking forward to id22:42
Mister_Magistermal: what issue22:42
malsome linking issue related to the tls hooks22:43
Mister_Magisterah i see22:43
* Mister_Magister has no idea what the hell is mal talking about but acting smart22:43
malwe patch bionic and egl with some tls related things are now egl lib fails to link because it doesn't find the bionic changes22:44
Mister_Magistermal: is it complicated to jump from 16 to 17?22:45
malit can be, no idea what is needed in libhybris22:45
Mister_Magisteron 17 rild might be actually working22:46
kalubeI copied droid-biometry-fp-1.1.0+master...rpm to the device and installed it, rebooted but nothing?23:00
T42<birdzhang> you also need install sailfish-fpd-community.rpm, and enable the service23:28
kalubeDo I need something enabled for fp to appear in settings?23:45
T42<birdzhang> install `sailfish-devicelock-fpd`23:53
kalubethank you!23:55

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