Sunday, 2020-08-16

kalubeDoes OBS pick which spec file to use based on the package name?00:30
kalubehmmm I seem to have broken something here
kalubeI think droid-config-enchilada is the actual source of the issue? I'm not sure what provides pkgconfig(android-headers) though02:06
r0kk3rzhybris does02:26
kalubeIt wants droid-hal-devel02:33
r0kk3rzyeah so libhybris is complaining about your hal package02:33
r0kk3rzso something is not right there02:33
riniguskalube: check out Tama obs and ci, it has 6 devices behind it. At obs, also note advanced settings as they were required05:08
kaluberinigus thank you I'll take a look. What's in advanced settings that might be important? Sorry I'm a little new to OBS... I did have everything build before but it broke after I reorganised my spec files05:09
riniguskalube: there are not many over there. But mainly preference for packages when multiple provide the same. Although, note that Sony devices in a family are quite close, don't know about your case05:32
kalubein my case the only differences that affect sailfish are the model names, and potentially fingerprint HAL but05:33
riniguskalube: then it should work nicely. You may want to use the same ci scripts as I have. Those download ks from obs for each device during build05:59
riniguspiggz: do you have Android system and vendor also packaged as rpm and installed into your root?06:09
rinigusAs for files, the one going to system_b is for restoring device. You don't need it for boot and can use system partitions to extend lvm06:10
piggzrinigus: no, thats what i was wondering about06:11
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piggzrinigus: as your image is a lot larger06:12
riniguspiggz: yeah, don't know if you can do it that way for license reasons. Sony aosp allows it, others not sure.06:13
rinigusI wonder how to get around it... How do you usually boot? Does it use system partitions as root?06:14
piggzrinigus: im happy with the system_b install, its overwriting/vendor im not sure about!06:14
riniguspiggz: we have also OEM on Sony, vendor can be reflashed06:16
piggzno, just the old fashioned way, /data/.stowaways/sailfish get mounted as /06:16
piggzi think it should probably work so long as i dont flash vendor06:17
piggzwouldnt mind mal's input too tho06:17
rinigusLet's see what wisdom mal can share this time06:17
piggzultimately, i could probably incude system and vendor as the oem is wanting to ship sailfish anyway06:18
piggzhow to you package those on your build?06:18
riniguspiggz: Sony hadk has separate section regarding it. See one for Xperia 10 or short version on Tama main repo06:19
piggzk, will browse later06:19
riniguspiggz: after compile on pc, I uploaded rpms to obs into separate repo under testing:tama06:20
rinigusBut it would depend on whether all in system and vendor are open source. Sony has all binary bits separately under OEM. But if they want to ship sfos, they can also host small server providing repo with those rpms. That way you could combine obs and that extra repo to build images06:23
riniguspiggz ^06:23
riniguspiggz: all this fp support becomes real mess... Issues seem to come daily now :)09:37
r0kk3rzsounds fun10:24
piggzrinigus: that last one he sorted it himsef didnt he?10:26
piggzflashing persist10:26
T42<adampigg> oh there is some more too10:29
T42<adampigg> :D10:29
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kalube@piggz do you have any idea what might be on persist that FP uses? In my port as part of the installation process I disable persist mounting and copy the persist partition in the folder in rootfs instead. That's because sailfish breaks selinux contexts on files which prevents android from being able to access them properly in a dual boot13:03
kaluberinigus: I see you specified rpm_device too was there a reason for that?13:07
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kalubehmm replacing droid-hal-enchilada rpm and forcing droid-hal-device to rebuild seems to have fixed it13:15
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piggzkalube: i used rpm_device on pro1 because the early dev units had an android devive name of t5, and the release model was QX1000,  by specifying rpm_device as QX1000 and device as t5 we could keep the same packages for both14:25
piggzkalube: no idea, each device has stores fingerprint data differently14:26
kalubedroid-hal-version-enchilada is failing with some odd error running zic? I've seen the same error on builds that have succeeded before too...
kalubeI don't think that's the cause...14:57
T42<elros34> real error is at the beginning: remove your custom changes from droid-hal-device inc14:59
kalube@elros34 do you mean the breaking dependency cycle errors? the build has only broken since adding fajita packages, do you think one of these caused the issue?15:06
T42<elros34> I think it's because of: "file /boot from install of filesystem-3.1+git3-1.4.1.jolla.noarch conflicts with file from package droid-hal-enchilada". filesystem package in common repo has already fix for /boot permission issue15:09
kalubeAh ok, so my latest dhd commit isn't needed, thanks15:09
riniguspiggz: somehow, flashing persist does not sound right. but it seems to me that with fp issues, porters would have to work around the quirks15:10
T42<elros34> ahh fajita is your second device. I didn't get it. So maybe it's something  else15:10
piggzrinigus: yes, i think if a port requires quirks, we need to porters to contribute the code for those quirks .... all we have to go on is the names of the official quirk tho15:11
kalubeIt may well be, that fix for /boot was needed to build locally15:11
piggzi mean, we could do some ourself, but we couldnt test15:11
kalubepiggz: I'm more than happy to test stuff!15:12
riniguskalube: on sony, we havce code names and device ids. I took that part from the official ports and its notation used there. so, in your example, we have codename akari and model h8216 (other device with the same codename would be dual sim with the other model)15:12
riniguskalube: we are happy to accept PRs with working fp fixes :)15:13
riniguspiggz: I agree, I think it is sensible way15:14
kaluberinigus: I see, it seems like there are a few ways to do it then... I think this build failure is probably the last hurdle...15:15
kalubeI'd love to make PRs for FP but it might be a little too much for me to get my head around...15:16
riniguskalube: in practice, you probably have to see how it is done on some android port. at least that is a start15:18
kalubeOnce I get CI and OTAs working I'll start properly looking into it, gotta get this port DONE :D15:20
riniguskalube: good priorities!15:22
kalubeWill android HAL be affected by SELinux context in hybris? As selinux is disabled it won't be right?15:25
kaluberinigus: "have choice for pkgconfig(android-headers): droid-hal-enchilada-devel droid-hal-fajita-devel", in droid-config-X, checking tama shows you just require droid-hal, how does it pick which to use for android-headers?15:34
riniguskalube: preference is as in
kalubeAh I see, and because the devices are so similar it doesn't matter to prioritise one?15:36
kalubeOh right it's devel so it really doesn't matter15:37
riniguskalube: same is for testing. devices are very similar and you can compile other packages with any of them, I presume15:39
kalubeShould be ok then :D15:42
kalubeAll building now, finally!15:42
kaluber0kk3rz: sorry to bother, can you make me the maintainer of so I can edit repo settings?15:52
kaluberinigus: thanks for all your help, finally made it :D
riniguskalube , you're welcome16:24
T42<elros34> @kabouik I was able to enable cursor in qxcompositor but as you said mouse coords are correct only in portrait. I don't know where this should be fixed, maybe in lipstick21:41
T42<kabouik> And was the cursor position updated at all times or just when calling an event @elros34?21:43
T42<elros34> cursor is visible as soon as you move mouse and hide when you touch screen21:43
T42<kabouik> I believe it would be acceptable to hardcode a rotation of coordinates if doable, since I don't think any user would use an external mouse in portrait. But it's ugly, and not sure how to do it anyway21:43
T42<kabouik> Nice!21:44
T42<elros34> maybe rotation option in evdevtouch could be easily added22:08
T42<kabouik> I tried to add the option but it didn't work, but yeah it probably just is not implemented22:09
T42<elros34> yes, such a option is not parsed in code22:17

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