Monday, 2020-08-17

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T42<KartikGada> @singhnsk09:50
T42<edp_17> @elros34 , @kabouik : good work with the cursors! 👍Unfortunately I haven't had time to try, but am happy to install if you have an .rpm. 😉10:24
T42<kabouik> Ha, I didn't do anything! I haven't even found the time to build qxwayland and test it.10:24
T42<kabouik> This is great news, if it can then be rotated to landscape, and knowing that hdmi-out has already been achieved in the past by Elros10:25
T42<kabouik> Regarding rotation, I think the rotation angle would not be the same on all phones though. Not a big issue on touch-only devices, but else I think Gemini might be 90° and Pro¹ 270°10:26
T42<kabouik> From what I understood, there is no rpm yet @edp_17, we have to build qxwayland (and if you try it with lxc and not chroot, then you have to start X manually the same way you did with qxdisplay when you were having issues)10:32
T42<elros34> hdmi code is from thp work not mine10:34
T42<elros34> @edp_17 here: but this is obviously only for portrait mode: you need to add '--orientation=portrait' argument when you start it10:59
T42<gischpelino> @kabouik [Regarding rotation, I think the rotation angle …], gemini is landscape-inverted in sfos. What ever it is 90° or 270°11:04
T42<gischpelino> sorry, did reply.11:05
T42<ippokratis> @birdzhang11:15
T42<ippokratis> tried to follow this11:15
T42<ippokratis> hanged uid and gid with the docker ones11:15
T42<ippokratis> im getting errors when running it11:15
T42<ippokratis> xdg_runtime_dir not set in the environment11:15
T42<ippokratis> docker can not open display11:15
T42<ippokratis> did you manage to start any gui inside a container with this way?11:15
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T42<kabouik> @gischpelino [gemini is landscape-inverted in sfos. What eve …], Yes, the clamshell form factor means the orientation is opposite of Pro¹, meaning that if the cursor rotation can be hardcoded, it would be good to take that into account to support multiple devices11:24
T42<kabouik> Kodi has this issue, it's correctly oriented for Gemini but not for Pro¹11:24
T42<kabouik> @elros34 [hdmi code is from thp work not mine], Yup sorry I stand corrected, but you contributed11:24
T42<birdzhang> @ippokratis never got GUI11:36
T42<gischpelino> @kabouik The old kodi version does a headstand on the geminipda. I like the new version11:40
T42<gischpelino>  ;-)11:40
T42<ippokratis> @birdzhang [@ippokratis never got GUI], Shit ok thanks11:41
T42<kabouik> I don't like it so much on Pro¹!11:41
T42<gischpelino> sfos needs a feature to rotate output to the display by 180°, like ffmpeg.11:44
T42<elros34> or better set correct HYBRIS_HAL_TRANSFORM_ROT to rotate it by 18011:51
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piggzrinigus: all good with the lvm work \o/14:49
riniguspiggz: boots and works as needed? :)15:17
piggzrinigus: yup, seems to15:18
piggznow im just trying to get phone in a ustable state15:19
piggzrestored from nextcoud backup15:19
piggzjust need to sign into accounts etc15:19
riniguspiggz: nice! So, how did you resolve android system? Embedded into root? Packaged at obs?15:20
piggzrinigus: just left it out .... use existing system_a and vendor_a partitions...15:21
piggzvendor_b gets mapped to /opt for _reasons_15:22
piggzand system_b gets the factory image15:22
riniguspiggz: yes, that is also an option. just that way you cannot rescue the storage space occupied by system_{a,b} and merging it with lvm.15:24
riniguson the other hand, you have smaller root15:24
piggzyeah, i think its fine this way15:25
riniguspiggz: as twrp does not work with LVM, you may want to use my extensions for jolla rescue as well15:25
piggzwhat does that do?15:25
rinigusyou can backup your partitions (on lvm logical volumes) to sd card and restore from it.15:27
rinigusthat is all via telnet connection in recovery15:28
riniguspiggz ^15:28
rinigusyou would need and put somewhere at obs
rinigusor not backup and enjoy lvm until you would need such recovery :)15:30
T42<ankaos> kılıçbalığı os :D16:42
T42<kabouik> @rinigus [see …], That is pretty cool, thanks. My device does not use LVM yet but I surely will try to make a backup if I switch to encrypted install later.17:28
rinigusKabouik , you would need it to be incorporated into recovery. So, not there for official devices17:32
T42<ankaos> how to install wget?18:15
T42<edp_17> @ankaos: From openrepos18:22
T42<ankaos> Have openrepos?18:23
T42<ankaos> Manuel building 😂18:23
T42<edp_17> Install storeman then search for wget.18:23
T42<ankaos> How make rpm?18:23
T42<kabouik> @rinigus [Kabouik , you would need it to be incorporated …], I use the Pro¹18:24
T42<edp_17> Or download src of wget and build it on the device, like I did with locate.18:25
T42<ankaos> @edp_17 [Or download src of wget and build it on the de …], I build wget18:28
piggzrinigus: wondering, should we create a github project for common porters repos ... like your initrd, and fpd to make a start ?19:36
riniguspiggz: maybe. I have asked about upstreaming the changes on this channel, but there was no reply to it. ideally, initrd should go upstream. or at least get a reply - "no, thank you very much"20:34
rinigusfor keyboard we have a project already, so that's bit separate...20:34
riniguslet's see what else we can pile into such project before moving all there20:35
riniguspiggz ^20:35
piggztrying to build my img-boot on obs now, failing because its not installing droid-hal-*-kernel-modules20:36
piggzhmm, something horrid happened to the spec :D20:38
T42<edp_17> Thanks @elros34, I have installed that rpm. @kabouik: I have started the container and desktop manually (portrait mode) but there is no cursor.20:39
T42<elros34> use: qxcompositor -o portrait and then move your mouse20:42
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: got any idea how to fix it?20:44
T42<elros34> Any idea why I can't build qtbase on obs? I get: "401 remote error: remote error  Unauthorized"21:47
T42<adampigg> @elros34 [Any idea why I can't build qtbase on obs? I ge …], thats normal obs speak for the build not starting21:53
T42<elros34> ah so it wont tell me why it fail21:55

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