Saturday, 2020-09-05

T42<linusdan> i will look, thanks elros :)05:08
rinigusmorning! as I have not seen any work in public, do we have plans to bump pulseaudio version to something newer than we have, as to 13.99?08:35
rinigusPA api has changed from the version we use and it will probably require some effort to make pulseaudio-modules-nemo compatible08:36
malrinigus: 13.99 is development release, 13.0 is the stable version, we still have 12.2 so not that much behind yet11:28
rinigusmal: good to know. But right now SFOS update is not planned nor in works, I guess11:54
malrinigus: there is 13.0 support in the additional packages already, for example but not sure when pulseaudio will be update, there is a task about it, one thing is that we would need to bring back bluez4 support to pulseaudio because it was dropped in 13.012:05
malrinigus: looks like there are still some issues why 14.0 hasn't been released, difficult to say when it will happen,
rinigusmal: yes, I have seen -droid PA13 support, think it was there by pmOS developers13:04
rinigusbut when trying to get pulseaudio-modules-nemo in line with PA13, it quickly became way more complicated than I expected :)13:05
malrinigus: hmm, what kind of errors do you see13:08
rinigusmal: that's in the end of
malrinigus: I can't see build logs from that OBS13:09
mal"anonymous_user(Anonymous user is not allowed here - please login):"13:09
rinigusmal: sorry, didn't know. just a sec13:10
rinigusfixed by that time already: 3 last commits in
rinigusbut my 'fixes' have to be taken skeptically, I haven't checked that it does work13:13
rinigusso, should be considered as expected issues in transition13:13
rinigusat this moment I stopped, as in module-stream-restore.c from PA13 are quite some changes and I don't know what to transfer over exactly. so, it is now postponed for future and I was wondering if anyone at Jolla was working on PA13 transition13:15
malrinigus: ah, you are making those for 13.9913:21
rinigusmal: yes, as a compile exercise under fedora13:21
mal13.0 still had those things13:21
rinigusmal: I guess fedora slowly prepares for PA1413:23
malrinigus: save_sink was changed to preferred_sink and save_source is now preferred_source, but those are different types, old ones were bool now it's char *, use this as base
malrinigus: especially check changes in src/modules/module-stream-restore.c13:26
malshould be reasonably simple to adapt13:27
rinigusmal: yes, I was looking into that file and its changes.13:27
rinigusbut as there are some changes in PA_MODULE_USAGE in that module, I postponed it and thought to return to it later after fixing other build issues13:29
rinigus... with other packages13:29
malok, to me the changes in that module-stream-restore.c changes can be copied directly from upstream13:30
malit looks like that13:30
rinigusmal: it does look though, agree. thanks!13:35
kalubemal: any updates on hybris 17.1 ?21:42
malnot yet21:44
maltoo many projects21:44
kalubeAh ok, is your progress available anywhere?21:55
malno, I was trying to do the build with minimized manifest etc and maybe that causes some issues22:09
malmaybe I should try a more simple build22:11
kalubeIf you can push your changes somewhere maybe me  and Deathmist could take a look?22:28
malnot today, it's quite late22:29
malI'm quite sure it's some mistake in minimizing the build22:30
kalubeOk cool, looking forward to getting some android 10 based devices going :D22:44

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