Sunday, 2020-09-06

T42<W %lastname%> Hello everyone, does anyone know how to set up the onboard virtual keyboard so that in landscape mode it does not crawl over the edges of the screen? Or where are her config files located?14:08
T42<kabouik> W the configuration should be in dconf, I could extract mine with dconf-cli using `dconf dump /org/onboard/ > onboard.conf`, but others who installed Debian Sid later than me have reported the .conf file was empty. This suggests that the onboard configuration has moved somewhere else, so I suggest using dconf-editor GUI to search in t17:00
T42he tree.17:00
T42<kabouik> I don't think I have had your issue with the edges of the screen17:01
T42<edp_17> I can confirm that edges of onboard go over the screen if desktop started in landscape while in portraitonboard is fine.17:37
T42<kabouik> That really doesn't happen for me I think17:38
T42<kabouik> See the video I posted when typing on Onboard17:38
T42<W %lastname%> Can I ask you more? Why doesn't the lxc container start here? I also know that systemd-nspawn exists.19:10
T42<W %lastname%>
T42<W %lastname%> Is systemd running in lxc, or how could you get everything fully started?19:13
T42<W %lastname%> I just don't know a lot, but there is really no one to ask about it19:16
T42<kabouik> I don't think I can help much if r3vn/Illyria couldn't, I don't understand much about those kernel requirements, I was lucky to use the same device and kernel he used to develop the app21:11
T42<kabouik> I believe systemd runs in lxc21:11
T42<kabouik> That's a difference with chroot (which is good too, you can try it if you can't get lxc to work in the end)21:11
T42<kabouik> Also, are you Levone1 from TMO? Just asking to make sure we don't go over the same things several times when troubleshooting21:12
T42<elros34> I know nothing about lxc but how about fixing first error from lxc-checkconfig: user namespaces: missing in defconfig?21:15
T42<kabouik> Also it's not clear to me W, you seem to have successfully started the container and xfce4 in your last post in the Github issue; although I see many things are missing21:17
T42<kabouik> User namespace missing is probably something missing in the kernel21:21
T42<kabouik> ← Maybe some information here (beware, I'm not saying it's the solution and I wouldn't do that without prior examination)21:21
T42<W %lastname%> Does systemd work in lxc containers?21:22
T42<W %lastname%> There is just systemd-nspawn, it launches for sure21:24
T42<kabouik> I think systemd works, what's your issue?21:36
T42<kabouik> Also you said above that your lxc container doesn't start; is that part fixed?21:37
T42<W %lastname%> I just want to start systemd for it to work22:05
T42<kabouik> There are multiple hits when searching "systemd lxc" suggesting that systemd works in LXC22:21

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