Monday, 2020-09-07

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malPSA: when building for Sailfish OS 3.3.0 please use upgrade-3.3.0 branch of in case anyone creates new ports or updated submodules15:02
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piggzmal: dhc master is now for 3.4?16:03
piggzis that becuase of patterns-sailfish-core-device ?16:05
malpiggz: ah, the critical PR was not yet merged but will be soon
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rinigusmal: thanks for systemd move warning! just managed to hit it while compiling user-managerd (some odd version pulled by sfos obs) and it was complaining about inability to package systemd service files18:34
riniguswould have been sitting and looking at it amused otherwise :)18:34
malyeah, all packages have now the new location, some unfortunately have some hardcoded parts18:35
piggzpro tip if you ssh into multiple devices...... edit ~/.ssh/config and add:21:24
piggzStrictHostKeyChecking no21:25

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