Tuesday, 2020-09-08

malpiggz: yes, that is useful thing, I have been using it for a while already10:31
PeperJohnnyHey pals. I was lucky enough got a pinetab and wanted to try out sailfish on it. As I see there's been work done on it already. But I can't find an image I can put onto a SD card15:22
malpiggz: ^15:30
piggzPeperJohnny: i havnt touched the pad for a while, feel free to try the image on the ci server15:43
PeperJohnnypiggz: you mean this one? https://build.merproject.org/project/repositories/nemo:devel:hw:pine:dontbeevil15:44
malI would assume these https://gitlab.com/sailfishos-porters-ci/dont_be_evil-ci/-/jobs15:45
piggzPeperJohnny: infact ... you know just run the flash-it.sh script ?15:46
piggzand it will downloads latest, and set up sd card for you15:46
PeperJohnnyok i'll try it. Thanks!15:46
PeperJohnnyflashed it is. Let's see if it boots. So far only Mobian bootet from sd :/16:00
PeperJohnnyit's stuck on black screen. I guess I'll play with it on the weekend and put the uart cable to use. Thanks once again16:05
T42<W %lastname%> (Photo, 1280x591) https://irc.thaodan.de/.imgstore/ZA0K7f6Qrl.png Hello. Does anyone know how to fix onboard in landscape mode in an lxc container? Settings in dconf don't help18:00
T42<neochapay> @W %lastname% [<reply to media>], Едрить колотить :)18:01
T42<W %lastname%> ?18:02
T42<W %lastname%> В портретном режиме всё хорошо, но в ландшафтном клавиатура за края экрана сама по себе вылезает. Everything is fine in portrait mode, but in landscape mode, the keyboard crawls out of the edges of the screen by itself.18:05
T42<neochapay> @W %lastname% [?], Just wonderment18:07
T42<W %lastname%> (Photo, 590x1280) https://irc.thaodan.de/.imgstore/WPfMOlXxC7.png In systemctl, only these services throw an error18:11
T42<W %lastname%> (Photo, 590x1280) https://irc.thaodan.de/.imgstore/R0yOp6EyWx.png18:11
T42<W %lastname%> (Photo, 590x1280) https://irc.thaodan.de/.imgstore/Jz0MP3lyKT.png18:11
Nokiusoh sledges is gone here :( bummer19:14
T42<kabouik> W please show screenshots of your Onboard settings, I'll compare with mine22:01
T42<kabouik> (Photo, 1280x640) https://irc.thaodan.de/.imgstore/0I7ANtMwco.png Have you tried this?22:02
T42<kabouik> (Photo, 1280x640) https://irc.thaodan.de/.imgstore/y7YzYzvYKX.png22:03

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