Wednesday, 2020-09-09

T42<GPavon> @edp_17 [What base? Here is the instruction for the CM1 …], Hi, can you help me please, I'm new here, I don't know how to install Sailfish OS in Hammerhead. I have checked the links, but the page about the installation instructions for Windows is not available and I cannot find instructions for installation by TWRP01:14
r0kk3rzflash lineage os zip, flash sfos zip without wiping01:40
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T42<GPavon> I have Lineage OS 13 and Sailfish OS
T42<GPavon> I also tried CM-12.1 and it doesn't go past the Google logo02:21
T42<GPavon> I tried flashing the zip files with TWRP 3.4.0.-0 latest version, and then I tried ADB sideload and it doesn't go past the google logo02:24
T42<birdzhang> have you read this topic?
PeperJohnnypiggz: Someone in the pinetab telegram group said that the panel has been switched from the dev version. This happened around 6 weeks ago or so. Is there some info I can get from the device to make it work?05:34
PeperJohnnyI'll be reading up on the logs if I'm not here05:34
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T42<GPavon> @birdzhang [have you read this topic? http://talk.maemo.or …], Thank you very much for your support, I installed version and I am testing, however can you tell me if it is possible to upgrade to Sailfish and what is the procedure, please18:22
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