Monday, 2020-09-14

T42<GPavon> @edp_17 [@GPavon:  Afaik the video recording doesn't wo …], Hi, I did the installation according to the instructions for the OTA, I used normal TWRP04:01
T42<edp_17> @GPavon: How do you mean 'normal TWRP'? There are a few versions and I suggest to use version 2.8.7. (However, if you managed to upgrade to, you used a correct TWRP version.) Are you sure the volume keys were working on the android?06:53
T42<edp_17> You can also test the volume rockers in csd (Settings/About product/ tap on the build number until the app csd starts).07:00
T42<GPavon> @edp_17 [You can also test the volume rockers in csd (S …], Hello, thanks for your support, I have done the tests and everything is going well with the hardware, however I tried to install Okboard, but I broke something and had to install again, I am on
T42<GPavon> And I can't update to, the first time I had no problem and got to "UPGRADE IS INCOMPLETE"17:45
T42<elros34> @GPavon type "rm -rf /home/.pk-zypp-dist-upgrade-cache/*; rm -f /home/nemo/.cache/sailfish-osupdateservice/os-info" then try to upgrade once again18:21
T42<GPavon> @elros34 [@GPavon type "rm -rf /home/.pk-zypp-dist-upgra …], It didn't work20:29
T42<GPavon> I don't think using mobile data to update is the problem20:30

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