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deathmistmal: you were working on AOSP ganges Pie bringup, right? well, the droid stuff (frameworks/native anyway) now needs to be updated and tested on 9.0.0-r60 so droidmedia can build again for Pie bases (hybris-16.0) in general:
abransonI think they did something similar in the early releases of android 7. no release discipline, that google :D08:45
deathmistit seems duplicating getLayerDebugInfo() in external/droidmedia/services/services_9_0_0.h below the original one and removing const from it works as well, can someone building AOSP (Sony) stuff on 9.0.0_r46 test if that breaks the build for them?09:32
deathmistif that doesn't break anything it should be the optimal fix as nothing has to be rebased then Android HAL wise in anyone's tree :p09:43
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maldeathmist: that seemed to build without issues for ganges11:12
deathmistmal: neat, could you review :)11:48
PeperJohnnyhello! the hadk is for android phones? Or is it adaptable to linux devices as well? I'm asking because I have a pinetab and would like to bring sailfish to it16:12
PeperJohnnythe current image has not the latest driver for the display and stays blank unfortunately16:12
piggzPeperJohnny: have you tried the kernel from the repo16:15
PeperJohnnythe pine repo?16:15
PeperJohnnyDo I get this one if I use the flash-it script?16:17
piggzdo you have a serial cable?16:17
PeperJohnnyBecause then I tried it, as my build was from 9.9 and it didn't work16:17
PeperJohnnynope. I could get one tomorrow earliest16:18
piggzi mean the uart lead that goes in the headphone jack of the tab16:18
PeperJohnnyyeah. A colleague has one at work iirc. I could get that tomorrow16:19
PeperJohnnyIt's from an UPS but I guess it'll work?16:19
PeperJohnnyOr do I need the pine one?16:19
piggzyou could copy the kernel package to the sd card, boot, go in via the uart, and install the kernel16:19
PeperJohnnyOk I'll try that tomorrow16:20
PeperJohnnyI don't know if it's in the kernel tho. On the pine repos I saw that they had a special kernel with 5.7 with the drivers16:20
PeperJohnnyarch ARM uses the 5.7 kernel too, even though 5.8 is the current one in the repos16:21
piggzi dont think we build the dts for the tab either16:21
piggzso thats probably another issue16:21
PeperJohnnythat's the one I'm talking about16:22
piggzyou can build that manually and put it in the boot partition of the sdcard16:22
piggzjust need the cross compiler setup16:22
PeperJohnnyOr I could compile it on the tab itself :D16:23
PeperJohnnywhich is probably a world of hurt in terms of time needed16:23
PeperJohnnyFrom Installation on I guess?16:24
PeperJohnnyOk thanks a lot mate!16:25
ghowa@deathmist: I think I got a build error because of the change in getLayerDebugInfo:19:10
ghowaexternal/droidmedia/services/services_9_0_0.h:164:14: error: 'MiniSurfaceFlinger::getLayerDebugInfo' hides overloaded virtual function [-Werror,-Woverloaded-virtual]19:10
deathmistmy patch should fix it, did for me locally anyway :p19:11
ghowaIs that the only change? Because I got two other errors as well:19:14
ghowasystem/update_engine/ fatal error: 'update_engine/dbus-constants.h' file not found19:14
ghowaframeworks/av/services/camera/libcameraservice/CameraService.cpp:2050:48: error: unused parameter 'kind' [-Werror,-Wunused-parameter]19:14
deathmistyou can ask kalube about that `update_engine/dbus-constants.h` one, but iirc he just copied it from some LOS repo. that CameraService.cpp error however is telling me that you're building audioflingerglue which was deprecated in favor of pulseaudio-modules-droid-hidl for all devices19:17
ghowaPulseaudio is the sailfish side, right?19:23
deathmistyes, you don't build that with Android HAL19:25
ghowaSo I just ignore this error?19:26
deathmistwhich one and what command did you run?19:26
ghowaThe one in CameraService19:27
ghowaCommand: make -j$(nproc --all) hybris-hal droidmedia19:28
deathmistyes ignore that one, you should not be building audioflingerglue anyway these days19:28
deathmistoh, hmm19:29
mallooks like I never remembered to push the fix for that error: unused parameter 'kind' [-Werror,-Wunused-parameter]19:29
deathmistah, when I was doing local build testing I still had "-Wno-unused-parameter" in my frameworks/av/services/camera/libcameraservice/ which I've been using as a hack for a long time and thought it got cleared when I resynced and didn't build afglue today :p19:31
maldeathmist: there is a simpler and nicer way19:31
deathmistfor fixing the cameraservice error/warning? sure, like I said it's merely a hack and it's been "working fine"™19:32
ghowamal, deathmist: thanks for the help, much appreciated!19:42
maldeathmist: which device are building? should you be using afglue? there is better way to do it19:44
deathmistI don't need afglue anymore:
malah, ok19:44
malthat dummy af is the proper way to do it now19:45
maldeathmist: did you have issues with mobile data on that device?19:46
deathmistindeed, though adding & enabling dummy_netd fixed it:
deathmistthis is strictly on 16.0, I didn't see this on 15.119:47
malok, good that you found that19:47
maldeathmist: why do you add that symlink? it's already in the package
malhmm, looks like I need to do some fixing to that dummy_netd for future sfos releases19:49
deathmistI don't remember exactly, I'll have to check as it could be useless actually then19:51
deathmistbtw does look ok now?19:52
maldeathmist: I did wonder if that should have been ifdef'd based on version but maybe not needed as that does work now19:54
T42<ItsMeShouko> I am getting this error related to droidmedia when trying to build android hal, it was not coming before...
deathmist@ItsMeShouko look at the PR I literally just sent lol19:56
T42<ItsMeShouko> oof, nice19:57
maldeathmist: do you have any issues on that device which you haven't solved yet?19:59
deathmistthere's some weird camera behavior (i.e. corrupted video) and flashlight activates in a strange way (it's a bit delayed and flashes rapidly a few tunes when disabling every time)20:00
deathmistfor Bluetooth audio I think I need the BT_SCO dbus-send thing which seems to be an MSM8998 specific quirk which all devices need, but that I haven't tested just yet20:00
deathmistdbus-send --print-reply --address='unix:path=/run/user/100000/pulse/dbus-socket' --dest=org.PulseAudio1 /org/sailfishos/audiosystempassthrough org.SailfishOS.AudioSystemPassthrough.set_parameters string:"BT_SCO=on"20:01
deathmist^ that's the one I'm talking about20:01
malah, I think there was some other device with similar hack needed20:02
maldeathmist: how does the recorded video look like?20:02
deathmistll send a preview in a moment20:03
deathmistalso about that BT_SCO thing, it's for call audio routing specifically; media playback for example works fine already20:04
T42<ItsMeShouko> is there any news of hybris-17?20:12
deathmistI just tested the BT_SCO thing and it works, as in the call audio is properly routed to/from the Bluetooth headset instead of the phone pretending it isn't connected at all during calls :) now just need to make some unit to run that on boot20:49
deathmistmal: I'll send a video preview tomorrow, it's late now and I can get a better comparison in daylight anyway20:50
deathmistbasically the first 2 seconds seem to be "corrupted" every time and the video has "compression artifacts" all over the place when moving even slightly, on LOS 16.0 base ROM this doesn't happen20:51
deathmist seems people did the work already for MSM8998 devices :D20:53
maldeathmist: yes, that was the device I was talking about20:55
T42<ItsMeShouko> I tried enabling home encryption in my build but when sfos boots it says could not encrypt user data and then shows black screen and stays there... Is there anything that I can try?22:35
T42<NotKit> @ItsMeShouko is your build LVM-based?22:37

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