Thursday, 2020-09-17

T42<孟终筐 %lastname%> (Photo, 740x619) 电报业务,推特,脸书,请咨询客服03:32
T42<ItsMeShouko> @NotKit [@ItsMeShouko is your build LVM-based?], no06:15
T42<ItsMeShouko> I just enabled encryption package in patterns06:15
deathmistthat's your problem then, I tried it before too and had the same issue06:15
T42<ItsMeShouko> is there any guide for that?06:15
deathmistand never set up my build to use LVM lol06:15
deathmistdon't think there's any guide, I'd potentially be interested in setting LVM up as well; you could perhaps look at some sony device repo which has it working and try to figure out how they did it :p06:21
rinigusDeathmist, @ItsMeShouko: I used sony xperia 10 build guide to port sony tama with lvm.06:23
rinigusnote that twrp does not support lvm. so, you cannot make snapshots with twrp. not sure how would you flash it either06:24
T42<ItsMeShouko> you mean twrp will not be able to flash the build either?06:24
rinigusI don't know. on sony we use fastboot for flashing06:25
deathmistI suppose using LVM would also make userdata unreadable by Android, or does it even use a partition directly like that? I have a dual-boot setup with the LOS 16.0 base ROM by swapping boot images which I'm not giving up especially when it's not possible to run Android apps on community ports06:27
rinigusI think there is no sfos port with lvm that is using twrp for flashing. so you would be entering the unknown if you would try to do that.06:27
rinigusDeathmist: yes, don't think you can get to userdata in android then.06:29
rinigusunless you start hacking android bits as well. maybe it is possible to make it recognize lvm and boot from that. with lvm use, all your partitions (including /system) come from that.06:31
rinigusbut then it boils down to whether it is worth to invest that time into it06:32
T42<ItsMeShouko> sounds like a lot of hacking06:33
T42<ItsMeShouko> can't give up on android dual boot either, will drop the idea :006:33
T42<ItsMeShouko> (Photo, 1080x1920)
T42<ItsMeShouko> @ItsMeShouko [<reply to media>], Presence option is not available my port, what am I missing here?07:22
rinigusaccount that has some chat support?07:31
T42<ItsMeShouko> it is related to xmpp07:34
T42<ItsMeShouko> on my port when I login xmpp account, presence option should be accessible but it is just not there07:35
kalube@itsmeshouku Deathmist what if you put the sfos rootfs in an image instead of just extracted to userdata? would only be a line or so changed in the ramdisk to work with it. Then you can encrypt the ext4 image and not mess with userdata09:27
maldeathmist: lvm build is actually quite simple thing to do11:39
malbut indeed there are no instructions for that11:39
rinigusmal: do you know if you can flash lvm build with twrp11:41
malrinigus: hmm, not sure, does it support replacing a whole partition?11:42
malprobably using dd somehow it might work11:42
rinigusmal: don't know whether it does allow to replace a whole partition.11:45
Thaodanbtw: latest android 10 baseband/firmware makes Sailfish OS on the Xperia XZ3 no longer work12:04
Thaodanflashed an Xperia XZ3 yesterday and noticed that.12:04
Thaodan   /sys/devices/virtual/input/input3/event3/enable was not found12:06
T42<smallville7123> Anyone got USB debug to work for S8 yet?12:46
deathmist@smallville7123 do you happen to know how far the S8 port is?12:50
deathmistor rather how far it has become so far*12:50
T42<smallville7123> As far as I know, libhybris fails to boot or something and USB debugging is not implemented yet12:50
deathmisthm, could get some clues from looking at /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init.log after attempting to boot and checking it from TWRP, RNDIS shouldn't be complicated to setup assuming the kernel is configured properly12:52
T42<smallville7123> Anyone here have an S8 besides me?12:56
T42<smallville7123> If not I would be willing to aid in trying to get the S8 port working :)12:59
T42<smallville7123> As long as it doesn't hard brick my device12:59
rinigusThaodan: interesting. I managed to get XZ2c for development and that one allowed me to flash sfos after having latest android 10 baseband/firmware.13:00
riniguslooks like there are again small differences between devices in tama family13:00
T42<smallville7123> As I'm running S8 dreamlte G950F13:00
T42<neochapay> @smallville7123 [As I'm running S8 dreamlte G950F], You have working port on s8 ?  ^_^13:06
T42<smallville7123> No unfortunately13:06
kalubeDoes anyone know anything about "build/make/core/ error: hybris/mw/libhybris/libhybris/compat/camera: MODULE.TARGET.SHARED_LIBRARIES.libcamera_compat_layer already defined by external/libhybris/libhybris/compat/camera." during make hybris-hal ?13:38
malyou should only have one copy of libhybris in source tree13:51
malkalube: doesn't matter which of those two locations it is in but only is allowed13:53
mal*only one is allowed13:53
ghowaI included the patches from yesterday and the corresponding errors disappeared. Unfortunately there is still one last error left, and it doesn't look good:20:08
ghowa./../../../../../kernel/fairphone/sdm632/crypto/des_generic.c:631:15: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault20:08
ghowa unsigned long des_ekey(u32 *pe, const u8 *k)20:08
ghowaI guess I can't update gcc in habuild_sdk and hope the error disappears?20:09
malghowa: are you trying to port fp3?20:26
malwell I have already fully functional port for that, it's just not public yet20:26
ghowaoh, nice ;)20:27
malit's waiting for next sailfish release because of some changes that are coming with it20:28
ghowaokay, then I'll wait patiently and won't bother you guys with my noob questions :)20:29
maljust saying that it was not easy, it took quite a while to get it graphics working and I still only have a terrible hack to get those working20:31
malI need to figure out why it fail with the hack20:31
mal*without the hack20:33
malghowa: I don't remember having that build error from kernel, need to check though20:33
ghowamaybe fedora isn't the ideal environment for the sdk? earlier I had that selinux problem as well...20:35
malI'm quite sure there are people using fedora as host20:39
T42Kitty %lastname% was added by: Kitty %lastname%20:44
ghowaokay, I doubt I can help in any way, but let me know if there's something to do20:45

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