Saturday, 2020-09-19

T42<linusdan> Guys, how do I export the CPU_ARCH neon flag to another type when compiling sailfish? I managed to compile for my Motorola Xoom tablet, however it is in bootloop due to the package build with mfpu = neon and only works with vfpv3-d1602:32
r0kk3rzxoom tablet, wow thats ancient08:38
r0kk3rztbh im not sure sfos will work on non neon devices08:43
r0kk3rzmany things are compiled with neon based optimisations08:44
rinigusmal: just to let you know: I have had no response from mozilla regarding MLS API request submitted by a form nor to the reminder sent by email.18:09
malrinigus: ok :(18:12

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