Sunday, 2020-09-20

T42<linusdan> r0kk3rz: wow, so I practically have to adapt the whole system?01:57
T42<linusdan> hummm ... so, let's go01:57
T42<linusdan> where do i start? 😂 (it's serious)01:57
r0kk3rzwell luckily a lot of things are open source, so the start is to go through everything in sfos-core and check for neon compilation flags05:38
r0kk3rzthe problem is that there are quite a lot of things that arent open source, and will be compiled with armv7hl05:42
PeperJohnnypiggz: I got my cable for the tab :D07:32
PeperJohnnynow playing with it. the image flash script builds has the 5.6 kernel07:32
PeperJohnnylet's see if I can inject a newer one07:32
T42Jennifer Adams %lastname% was added by: Jennifer Adams %lastname%09:28
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deathmist could someone review this small hybris-16.0 manifest cleanup? I've been using these for about a year without issues personally11:35
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