Saturday, 2020-09-26

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T42<MoAbdo0> Hello brothers02:09
T42<MoAbdo0> How y doing02:09
T42<W %lastname%> Hello everyone, does anyone have a rpm package aida64 for sailfish os?03:15
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T42<Sajith_k> Can we install normal apk in sailfish os06:46
T42<edp_17> @Sajith_k : with Aliendalvik, yes you can. However Aliendalvik is only available for official devices (supported by Jolla) and you need to purchase a licence.06:57
T42<Sajith_k> Ok07:01
T42<Sajith_k> Anyone using this rom07:01
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xmnIs Anbox running on sailfish yet? Since it seems to be coming along nicely for those that like or need android08:13
r0kk3rznot really08:34
r0kk3rzthere was an effort, but i think thats stalled for a while now08:34
T42<adampigg> its packaged for UT, i wonder how difficult it would be08:47
r0kk3rzi think the main difficulty is connecting it to the host os like alien dalvik is08:48
xmnI'm sure it will come eventually.09:08
xmnMaybe people can run anbox in a debain/arch container :P09:08
r0kk3rzcontainers all the way down09:35
r0kk3rzwe have working flatpak, so if they can make it flatpakable...09:44
piggzmal: have you worked on libncicore?13:14
piggzUT dev for volla had to revert a commit to get NFC working on UT
malpiggz: not sure which version I use, I need to check13:42
T42<fredldotme> Alfred here, the UT guy. I'm here if anybody needs me. :)13:44
piggzmal: yeah, him ^^ :D13:45
malso does nfc fail completely if that happens?13:46
mal@fredldotme ^13:47
T42<fredldotme> It gets stuck in the error state when negotiating the discovery modes without the revert.13:48
T42<fredldotme> mal with the revert it certainly finds NFC tags, creating them on the DBus, but they disappear again before they can be read.13:51
malI have no simple tags but reading a travel card works fine for me13:53
T42<fredldotme> On the same libncicore version?13:54
malI use 1.1.1213:55
malwhich one do you use?13:55
T42<fredldotme> 1.1.1313:56
malI can update to that13:56
maljust a moment13:56
T42<W %lastname%> On sailfish os in lxc container what is the best linux distribution kit to install for arm processor, armhf or arm64?14:00
mal@fredldotme still works fine with that 1.1.13, my device is also android 9 based aarch64 build14:03
T42<fredldotme> mal odd as hell. I don't see much of a difference between your stack and ours. Also, since there's not a lot of other dependencies in the mix I wonder what might be wrong here..14:05
malyeah, I use the latest nfc related packages14:13
monichpiggz: nfc is primarily my area, I saw the issue on github14:15
T42<edp_17> W T : I use debian sid (armhf) in lxc container.15:35
deathmistmal: could you upload your W.I.P hybris-17.1 manifest sources somewhere? :)16:17
maldeathmist: I'll rebase my patches first and hopefully get everything in some reasonable form tomorrow20:49

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