Sunday, 2020-09-27

deathmistmal: nice, I tried to throw up something myself earlier but then the build started needing too many dependencies for Android testing stuff so I stopped :p09:43
T42<W %lastname%> how to run i3 in lxc container?19:15
T42<meierrom> @kabouik: guess this one is for you. ^ ;)19:53
T42<kabouik> @W %lastname% [On sailfish os in lxc container what is the be …], I use arm64 on Pro¹, but not sure if anything is best. Arm64 cannot be used on all devices I think.19:55
T42<kabouik> @meierrom [@kabouik: guess this one is for you. ^ ;)], Thanks! :p19:55
T42<kabouik> Did you install it already W?19:55
T42<kabouik> To start i3, I think you just need to add `exec i3` in your `~/.xinitrc` file. But there are other basic things you might want to set up.20:00
T42<kabouik> For instance, edit `~/.Xresources` and add:20:02
T42<kabouik> ```Xft.dpi: 180 (or adjust to your liking)20:02
T42<kabouik> xterm*font: *-fixed-*-*-*-20-*```20:02
T42<kabouik> To correctly adjust cursor and font scaling.20:02
T42<kabouik> And add `xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources` in your `~/.xinitrc` file so that this second file is loaded at startup too.20:03
T42<kabouik> Then all the magic is in your i3 config file, I find the default one to be rather mediocre, but it's what it should be, default. Depending on whether you are using a phone with a hardware keyboard, many multiple things should be set up differently.20:04
T42<kabouik> I can provide my config file for Pro¹ if you need, it will work with Onboard too, but is best for Pro¹ and there are many things that depend on other software (i.e., my config is made for use with Rofi, Polybar, Tilix, and those are in several places of my i3 config file).20:05
T42<Simon %lastname%> I just tried updating on the pinephone (from the multiboot image) and get an error on droid-config-pinephone: Subprocess failed: RPM: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/bin/droid/ cpio: rename failed - Operation not permitted20:19
T42<Simon %lastname%> also there was a warning from ofono-1.23+git21+pine   user radio does not exist  -  using root    and then   group radio does not exist - using root20:20
T42<Simon %lastname%> the file had the immutable flag set but after removing it with chattr -i I still cannot install droid-config-pinephone ... also its now stuck at the boot logo20:45

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