Friday, 2020-10-16

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PeperJohnnypiggz: does the browser work on pinephone? I'm getting a "Failed to create GLContext for SkiaGL!" when i start mine up08:55
PeperJohnnyalso I updated the tab to
malPeperJohnny: no, browser is not working on native ports09:02
PeperJohnnyah thank you09:04
PeperJohnnysome libhybris trickery I reckon09:04
T42<Bart %lastname%> (Photo, 706x640) 推广,拉人,炸群,引流,增粉,推特/脸书/电报,加好友咨询09:24
T42<edp_17> i have found the solution for the 'Private numbers' issue.😁 It works now.09:26
T42<adampigg> peperjohnny yeah, for now, until its fixed I install webcat on the pinephone port10:48
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T42<vamshi_vemula> Is there any port for asus zenfone max pro M1 x00td11:00
deathmistmal: any idea how the torchlight is handled internally? it behaves really weird on my OnePlus 5 port when it's turned on/off from UI: when enabling it has a longer than expected delay and when disabling it's as if it's trying to take a camera photo and flashes the torchlight rapidly before turning off. the following seems to work flawlessly from a terminal however:
deathmistwhile that works perfectly for toggling the torchlight it seems to also break the internal method used by UI/Camera app as well which is strange13:52
maldeathmist: it goes through gstreamer13:58
maldeathmist: do you mean flashlight or video torch?13:58
deathmistmal: flashlight I suppose, though camera has some other issues related to flash14:01
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T42<sayanthtezro> How to port for violet?19:36
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T42<YuezhengLingluan> can anyone help me with this error please?23:39
mallooks like repo dropped support for python2 so either get older version or install python3 is possible23:42
T42<YuezhengLingluan> I still gets the same error after switching to the old repo23:46
malwhat causes that permission denied error23:48
malcan you check what version it says for repo23:48
T42<YuezhengLingluan> I found this seems to be the same issue that I ave23:51
T42<YuezhengLingluan> but I cannot understand how to perform this workaround "The workaround is to remove the snap git-repo package, and install repo directly from the google source site."23:52
T42<YuezhengLingluan> i tried to remove the snap by sudo apt remove snap but it tell me snap not installed23:52
malmanual installation is at the end of this but that installs the latest one23:54
T42<YuezhengLingluan> yes that is what i do23:55
malread here
T42<YuezhengLingluan> but instead of curl > ~/.bin/repo i use curl > ~/.bin/repo to get the old repo23:55
maland that still fails?23:55
T42<YuezhengLingluan> yes23:56
T42<YuezhengLingluan> the only difference is with the old repo there is not "repo: warning: Python 2 is no longer supported; Please upgrade to Python 3.6+." at the top23:56
maltry using repo on host not in the HABUILD_SDK23:56
T42<YuezhengLingluan> okay23:56

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