Saturday, 2020-10-17

T42<YuezhengLingluan> thank you, running from the host work @mal00:05
T42<YuezhengLingluan> i guess i need to do repo sync on the host too00:10
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T42<Vishal Jay %lastname%> Can I use sailfish os on my redmi note 7 pro01:25
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T42<Oredpillador> Hello guys.02:56
T42<Oredpillador> can anyone knows if the fingerprint on G4 Plus is working on sailfish?02:57
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T42<tja_a> Any Sailfish OS For Moto G 1st Gen Falcon?07:09
r0kk3rzthere used to be at least07:10
piggz@tja_a: i made the falcon port, but it hasnt been maintained in some time08:48
piggzi think i also deleted my build to make space too .. about a weeg ago! :D08:49
T42<tja_a> @piggz [i think i also deleted my build to make space …], Oh no 😭08:49
piggzlucklily its all on github anyway, so could be revived if needed08:50
piggzbut i dont think ive time to do that, not sure i have the phone any more08:50
T42<tja_a> @piggz [but i dont think ive time to do that, not sure …], Build it please if u have a time 😣08:52
piggzyou are not going to have the best experience on a 7 year old phone08:53
T42<tja_a> @piggz [you are not going to have the best experience …], At least I can use Sailfish OS, thank you😁08:55
T42<RealDanct12> piggz: that's like saying you cannot enjoy sailfishos on the jolla 109:32
piggz@RealDanct12 well, im sure the j1 experience isnt up there with an xa2 ;) in anycase, I take your point it would work, however building it is an effort for a port i havnt used in several years09:38
PeperJohnnypiggz: I made a write up of what I had to do.
PeperJohnnyHopefully we can talk about upstreaming that stuff to the dontbeevil stuff soon12:13
PeperJohnnyBut I'm done for now :D12:14
piggzPeperJohnny: great12:17
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T42<YuezhengLingluan> can anyone help me with this:
T42<YuezhengLingluan> i am following this guide and i can see in .repo's default that "tools/metalava" is not being synced19:27
malyou probably need to add that to manifest19:28
malwe probably removed it but some devices might need it19:29
T42<YuezhengLingluan> oh okay19:30
T42<YuezhengLingluan> thx19:30
malminimizing the manifest is always a bit guessing because there are differences what devices need19:31
T42<YuezhengLingluan> and now i get this....i have no idea what to comment out in the default.xml19:41
malcheck and maybe
T42<YuezhengLingluan> okay thanks19:44
T42<YuezhengLingluan> and i am getting this now....i tried to set ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCIES=true but nothing happened20:07
T42<YuezhengLingluan> nevermind20:11
T42<YuezhengLingluan> just found that i need to apply a patch20:11
malwhat patch?20:13
malyou mean run the apply patches script?20:13
T42<YuezhengLingluan> yes20:14
T42<YuezhengLingluan> This: buildinhybris-patches/ --mb20:14
ThaodanHey I'm having the problem that I can't checkout some of the repositories in my manifest despite that the reference specifified in the manifest exists. The errrors always look like this: couldn't find remote ref refs/heads/android-9.0.0_r4721:00
Thaodanany ideas? The manifest I'm using is
T42<eugenio_g7> perhaps those repositories are shallow clones? Try going to the directory where the repository has been checked out and do git fetch —depth=10000021:05
Thaodanits after git-init21:07
Thaodanso a fresh sync21:08
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T42<eugenio_g7> hmm, no idea then 😐21:15

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