Sunday, 2020-11-15

T42<ianand007> Can it be ported for redmi 5a07:55
T42<Akatsu39> Qualcomm Snapdragon 42511:54
T42<Akatsu39> so should be11:54
T42<ianand007> How ?12:29
Thaodanread HADK12:34
T42<ianand007> @Akatsu39 [Qualcomm Snapdragon 42513:01
T42<ianand007> so should be], Do you know how ?13:01
T42<Akatsu39> @Thaodan [read HADK], this13:21
ThaodanThe information is already you just need to grab it.13:21
T42<RealDanct12> HADK is a great source, but if you want to port it you'll need to have "soul and determination" :)17:34
T42<RealDanct12> Porting is a trial and error process17:35
T42<ianand007> I am ready for anything i just want to install it on my phone17:54
xmnThanks abranson realDanct12 for your work on the ppsf port!19:07
xmnits so close19:07
xmnquestion would it work if I was to DD from one sdcard to another larger one?21:34

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