Monday, 2020-11-16

T42<adampigg> @simonschmeisser can i just say thx for all the work youre doing on the PP camera09:38
xmnCan I add to that and say thank you for all the work you both are doing!!09:38
T42<adampigg> crust will be the next big thing i think09:39
xmnadampigg, I saw some blips on bluetooth and audio is that only tablet at the moment?09:45
piggzwhat blips?09:47
piggzaudio volume isnt working anywhere09:47
piggzBT _should_ work09:47
xmndoing a reinstall on the pinephone, but last time I didn't have bluetooth and audio was only partially working09:49
piggzthe BT card itself if a bit rubbish .. sometimes it just fails to appear and to fix that you have to remove the batttery09:49
xmnnever worked so far on any of the sf install09:50
xmnbut good to know it's fragile09:50
piggzit should work, if it doesnt let me know, and check dmesg for rtl firmware loading09:50
xmnjust did the and then upgraded to
xmnjust finished no :)09:52
xmngonna reboot09:53
xmndoing the pkcon refresh then reboot09:54
T42<simonschmeisser> @adampigg I hope I get something working out of this self-challenge09:54
xmnself-challenge almost always get you more work or get you notice by the right ppl09:55
T42<simonschmeisser> @adampigg I added crust to my image in a hacky way but it does not yet suspend somehow09:59
xmnhmm, still no bluetooth :(10:00
xmntried a speaker and a keyboard.10:00
xmnthe KB work under manjaro10:01
xmnand maemo too10:01
xmnmaemo-leste that is10:01
T42<adampigg> xmn: dmesg | grep rtl10:01
T42<adampigg> if nothing ... remove battery10:01
xmnah I see a fail in the cmd you requested10:03
xmn for the rtl8723cs_xx_config-pinphone.bin error -2 then config not found10:05
xmnwill try pulling the battery10:05
xmnis there a specific amount of time or just pull and replace reboot?10:05
T42<adampigg> also, look in /lib/firmware/rtl_bt/10:08
T42<simonschmeisser> is gtk available on sfos?10:08
T42<adampigg> see if file exists10:08
xmnokay, just took the battery out will let it sit for a minute then reboot10:08
T42<adampigg> i think if you see that message, then the device is there, and probably the file is missing10:09
xmnI'm sure it's just something like that10:10
xmnjust can't debug by myself :D10:10
xmnokay, nothing after batteryout & reboot. looking for file now10:14
xmnLooks like I have 3 bin file in the rtl_bt dir10:17
xmnrtl_8723bs_config.bin, rtl_8723cs_xx_config.bin and rtl_8723cs_xx_fw.bin10:18
xmnthis tell you anything?10:18
T42<simonschmeisser> would be nice to cross check with megapixels but compiling gtk apps for sfos seems to be too much trouble10:24
T42<adampigg> xmn: create a symlink for  rtl8723cs_xx_config-pinphone.bin pointing to  rtl8723cs_xx_config.bin10:28
xmnI never understood why blackberry, nokia, webOS, ubuntu all didn't work together and share at least one dev platform like qt or something. :(10:28
xmnwill give it a shot adam10:30
xmnhmm, says file exist. So I type ln -s rtl8723cs_xx_config-pinphone.bin rtl8723cs_xx_config.bin.  inside the rtl_bt dir10:37
Nico[m]Didn't blackberry, nokia and ubuntu all use qt?10:38
Nico[m](on mobile)10:38
xmnyup, but I don't think they officially work together. And then started to push their own paths10:39
xmnadam I don't need to be root for this right?10:40
xmnbtw, I appreciate you time and don't expect you to spend all day on this with me. I'm gonna take a nap :) and come back in a bit. Feel free to point to anything or leave any further suggestions.10:42
xmndid I have it reversed?!10:44
T42<simonschmeisser> xmn: yes, first source then name of the new file11:01
T42Andy %lastname% was added by: Andy %lastname%11:25
T42<Andy %lastname%> Hi. Come from Pine a few devices ported with SFOS..not all successful (yet) 😶11:27
T42<Andy %lastname%> Happy to help where I can11:29
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xmnHey adampigg it worked!!! Thank you so much this make it so much more useful now. And thanks simonschmeisser for confirming I had it backwards, also had to be root as well. you guys are awesome!17:45
T42rossholmes was added by: rossholmes19:18
T42<rossholmes> Hi All, I've been using Sailfish on Redmi5+ and I loved so much. I've got a Redmi 8T right now, and thinking about diving myself into painful porting. I see at HADK manual that the device requires at least LOS 15 or 16 support. According to my phone's dev status its already official supported on 17.1 LOS. Should I still give a try19:36
T42and port?19:36
T42nicetux was added by: nicetux21:07
T42<nicetux> Hi @all. I am a First One Sailfish user, have Sailfish on my Xperia XA2 and now, i read it is possible to start Sailfish on the Pinebook Pro. I will try this and hope to give support back to the community.21:09
xmnpineboo pro? Or pinephone and pinetib?22:20

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