Saturday, 2020-11-21

xmnWhat does "stop Release" mean?01:27
malxmn: it mean that if you are updating from a very old release then you should not directly update to latest version but instead go through updates to all stop releases between the releases01:37
xmnah, thanks for sharing that01:39
xmnOwncloud/nextcloud does/did that01:39
xmncan be annoying time suck :)01:40
T42<Andy %lastname%> @xmn more info ( not up to date mind you) here on stop releases08:12
T42<Andy %lastname%>
T42<Andy %lastname%> And here
xmnthx Andy08:24
xmnI'm very familiar with the history though still using my n900 as a daily :) but some great nuggets of info overall!08:26
T42<Andy %lastname%> Cripes... Will this affect SFOS? Google clamping down again08:33
T42<Andy %lastname%>
xmnwow, good thing I don't use and g-products really08:34
xmnI thought they were getting rid of user agent use anyway08:35
T42<Andy %lastname%> More info for that understand implications here:
xmneventually ppl will get tired of google shenanigans08:41
xmnthis would end firefox on mobile linux08:42
szopincould anyone tell me what generates the file 'verity_key' under installroot?13:06
szopinnvm, apparently just make verity_key13:10
szopinattah: did you manage to fix Problem: libhybris-libEGL- conflicts with mesa-llvmpipe-libEGL provided by mesa-llvmpipe-libEGL-19.3.3+git2-1.5.2.jolla.armv7hl13:22
szopinjust hit the same13:22
szopinok manually updating dhd did help it seems13:30
szopinmanaged to fix the bluez issue and nfcd plugin, but this one gives only one solution in irc logs and it broke the system of the guy asking (forceful removal of ofono-configs-mer)14:16
szopinProblem: droid-config-cosmocom-1-1.armv7hl obsoletes ofono-configs-mer provided by ofono-configs-mer-1.23+git19-1.29.1.jolla.armv7hl14:16
szopinit's when trying to build --version14:17
szopinlooks like "sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper -n in droid-config-$DEVICE" helped14:30
attahszopin: No i had no idea what i was doing, and apparently my questions were not well-received here, so i gave up14:30
szopinattah: :(  was following your steps pretty much same issues, after EGL - bluez...14:32
szopinattah: if you remember your last issue let me know might have it already fixed14:32
attahszopin: Thanks very much for the offer, i'll probably take you up on it... just not today14:36
szopin99I have a new log if anyone could have a look, it's a 3.4 freshly built hanging with planet logo upon booting15:54
szopin99on a kernel with CONFIG_NET_NS in it15:57
szopin99probably this Nov 21 17:43:22 CosmoCommunicator lipstick[1510]: couldn't find an OpenGL ES implementation15:59
szopin99as lipstick UI fails to star soon after16:00
T42<elros34> Did you start from scratch or you are reusing defconfig, droid-config/hal?  You have enabled selinux which we usually disable and no system partition mounted16:07
szopinI started from what NotKit provided, but rootfs was built from scratch16:08
T42<elros34> can you show that repos?16:08
szopinmanually fixed most warnings in defconfig (skipped NFS)16:08
szopinit's mostly local... except16:09
szopinkernel from here
szopinI guess best to disable selinux with CONFIG=AUDIT?16:12
T42<elros34> no, add selinux=0 in BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE in device repo. But maybeit is enabled on purpose for this port. FIrst check droid-hal-$DEVICE.log whether system.mount is generated because you are missing that in log16:15
T42<Andy %lastname%> ooh look
szopinelros34: no mention of system.mount in the droid-hal-cosmocom.log16:20
T42<elros34> then you need to figure out why.  fstab.mt6771 from device repo should be copy during make hhybris-hal somewhere to out/. Check whether it it there16:23
szopinthe only fstab* in /out are from initramfs16:27
szopincould it be caused by fixup-mountpoints script? uploaded the log of buuilding hybris-hal here but no mention of fstab
T42<elros34> so you don't have out/target/product/cosmocom/fstab.mt6771?17:00
T42<elros34> out/target/product/cosmocom/root/fstab.mt677117:01
szopinhybris/hybris-boot/ warning: ********************* /boot appears to live on /dev/block/platform/bootdevice/by-name/boothybris/hybris-boot/ warning: ********************* /data appears to live on /dev/block/platform/bootdevice/by-name/userdatacould this be related?17:01
T42<elros34> so try 'make modules' and  search for fstab* entry. If you find it then run 'make fstab*' otherwise copy it manually17:02
T42<elros34> boot and userdata partitions are correct otherwise you wouldn't able to boot to systemd17:03
szopinno fstab in 'make modules', so just copy fstab.mt6771 to the /out/target..../root?17:04
T42<elros34> yes and run build droid-hal again. then you should have mount units generated (confirm in droid-hal-$DEVICE.log)17:05
szopinhybris-hal right?17:07
T42<elros34> no, --droid-hal17:08
szopinor  --droid-hal?17:08
szopinfstab.mt6771 is now mentioned in the droid-hal-cosmocom.log yay17:11
szopingot repo problem: nothing provides patterns-sailfish-device-porter-tools needed by pattern:sailfish-porter-tools now17:37
szopindo all the --mw/gg/version need to be rebuilt after droid-hal?17:38
T42<elros34> you don't need to rebuild everything, droid-hal is enough and you can install  droid-hal*.rpms manually on device instead creating whole new image17:41
szopincan't boot into the device17:41
szopinit's hanging with the last rootfs17:41
szopinhopefully rebuilding mw will fix that repo problem17:42
T42<elros34> but you should be able to telnet 2323 to device17:42
szopinhmm, through USB?17:43
T42<elros34> there is really no point to rebuild whole mw. droid-config should be enough17:43
malszopin: show your droid-config spec file17:55
malor did you solve that issue already17:56
szopinstill building gg atm17:56
maldid you update submodule recently?18:00
malhow new is the port? are you using patterns or meta-packages, check the content of patterns folder in droid-config repo18:01
szopinhad to manually copy over files from submodule directories as used the SailfishOnCosmo ones and they had old submodules18:01
malupdate the submodule just in case18:02
szopinjolla-configuration-cosmocom.yaml has:# Early stages of porting benefit from these:- pattern:sailfish-porter-tools18:03
malpatterns-sailfish-device-porter-tools comes from the submodule18:04
szopinmanually copied over the latest from github for rpm/dhd and hybris/droid-configs/droid-configs-devicehybris/droid-hal-version-$DEVICE/droid-hal-version, still same when trying to build --mic18:16
maldid you rebuild config package18:17 --configs?18:17
malI meant config submodule in hybris/droid-configs/droid-config-device or something like that18:17
szopinnot sure how to do that18:21
malread faq18:21
malin channel topic18:21
szopinI've recreated the hybris/droid-configs from start (not using the SailfishOnCosmo) without the git push step, after build --configs now build --mic has Warning[11/21 18:51:29] : repo problem: nothing provides lipstick-tools needed by patterns-sailfish-dev-tools-,18:52
malremove that patterns-sailfish-dev-tools from your patterns18:59
szopinThanks! Worked... now mic is building again19:04
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usvispambots, nice19:59
szopin40latest log
szopin40sadly also failed state, not sure if the system mounted (this with the rootfs after adding fstab)20:00
T42<elros34> read log, now /system and few more are mounted but still you have enabled selinux.20:26
malalso check that the .rc files are properly added as mentioned in faq20:28
malyes, selinux seems issue also20:29
szopinelros34:where should BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE be defined, only seeing it in as it is being stripped20:30
szopinNotKit's build did have uventd.mt6763.rc file which had some lines chmodding a lot of directories, my build seems to be missing that20:31
szopinno idea what should generate it tho20:31
T42<elros34> cmdline should be somewhere in device repo device/$VENDOR/$DEVICE/ most likely in BoardConfig20:34
szopinBOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE := bootopt=64S3,32N2,64N2 androidboot.selinux=permissiveso just change to androidboot.selinux=0?20:36
T42<elros34> no, append selinux=020:40
T42<elros34> also you will need that ueventd*rc file if it's really missing20:41
szopinok, thx, at least this should need only kernel update through hybris-boot not the whole rootfs20:41
szopincan I just copy it over, or does it need to be generated and plugged in somehow?20:42
szopinnot sure if *.rc is being processed at boot20:42
T42<elros34> it's processed at droid-hal build, see droid-hal-$DEVICE:log20:43
szopinok, added like fstab and see it in the log, so new rootfs here we come after all :D20:48
malszopin: also make sure the kernel configuration is correct for selinux disabling20:50
szopinok, seems to be =y already20:56
malso maybe the wrong CONFIG_AUDIT and missing selinux=0 from BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE are the problem21:12
szopinthanks again mal, gotta run to sleep and will be at work whole day tomorrow but will be back at it on Monday, cya!21:14

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