Friday, 2020-11-20

T42<Andy %lastname%> @xmn Have you tried Bluetooth? If on 3.4 the volume rocker was non functional but then alsamixer helped make it reasonable07:10
xmnandy thanks for chiming in07:14
xmnI can try bluetooth again.07:14
xmnI was playing with alsamixer, but don't know what I'm doing so now the audio players don't play sounds, but the screen sounds work (ie pull down menu clicks)07:15
T42<Andy %lastname%> Hmmm try to use alsamixer, in a terminal then tab between columns and up and down to reduce volume until ears stop bleeding!07:37
xmnyeah somehow I've muted the audio. Also I need to find the name of the speaker07:39
T42<Andy %lastname%> I have just broken my build (again)so will have to reinstall.I notice not every install has working audio even with same build....think my pinetab a is sulking.07:39
xmnheh, yeah not looking forward to installing from scratch again. But might. Will play more with it. But had it set up almost ideally just needed volume control and phone audio to make useable as a semi daily. Though the batteries would then be the next issue :)07:42
T42<Birubiruungu> Fwd from Birubiruungu: is there a sailfishos port for xiaomi ulysse?09:28
T42<rossholmes> You can have a look here:
vknechtreally no idea about this ?20:56
vknechtabout 3.3 and 3.4, do we know for sure if 3.3 is a stop-release or not ? would like to know if I can skip 3.3 since last release I made was 3.2... This page might need an update :
vknechtoh, very surprising to me that this information is on Wikipedia and not in Jolla's doc21:01
vknechtyou're right, let's see what "Official point of view" is :-P21:06
vknechttho I never saw some strong official pov on unofficial port, or even unofficial-port-for-officially-supported-device21:08
pketovknecht: 3.3 is not a stop release23:31
vknechtah, great news23:32

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