Thursday, 2020-11-19

kalubeI removed the relevant lines under frameworks/native/services/surfaceflinger/Android.bp and it seems to be building now01:00
kalubeIt looks like has the lineage-16.0-caf-8998 branch checked out instead of 8996 ?01:05
kalubeI got "frameworks/native/services/surfaceflinger/ExSurfaceFlinger/ExBufferLayer.cpp:39:10: fatal error: 'gralloc_priv.h' file not found" after doing that, added "<project path="hardware/qcom/display-caf/msm8996" ... " which seems to have solved it01:08
xmnDoes anyone know of a good app to control output volume?01:23
kalubeI'm stuck on "Warning[11/19 05:11:46] : repo problem: nothing provides lipstick-tools needed by patterns-sailfish-dev-tools-, Error <repo>[11/19 05:11:46] : found 1 resolver problem, abort!" during mic build05:14
kalubeon sailfish 3.405:14
T42<Andy %lastname%> Alsamixer?07:45
T42<elros34> @kalube maybe typo or it will change name in sfos 4 because in 3.4.0 it's lipstick-qt5-tools09:37
lbtGood news: is finally available on community OBS. I had some issues with the old perl version there so sorry for the delay12:04
lbtSome people already spotted it and added to their builds - had to remove them to fix a minor problem so *now* you can build against it12:04
T42<Andy %lastname%> Quick check to see who has a) got a OnePlus 3/3T with SFOS on it and b) have you managed to sort the bluetooth and or camera and c) have you prgressed past 3.3.0?12:08
T42<Andy %lastname%> Reason for the last question is I had it working nice (but no bluetooth or camera ) and even managed to get the build on it working really nice but everything started to die gradually as it needed a proper build12:10
T42<kalube> @elros34 [@kalube maybe typo or it will change name in s …], ah thanks, I think droid-configs-device pattern templates need updating then12:14
T42<elros34> I would say patterns-sailfish-dev-tools needs to be updated. It comes from jolla repo so not sure if sources are available. Removing patterns-sailfish-dev-tools from yoyr droid-config pattern should do the job currently12:40
T42<elros34> @lbt: thanks for keeping it alive12:56
T42<Andy %lastname%> @wdehoog are you still building images for the OPO (bacon) ?13:06
riniguslbt: Thank you very much!13:15
riniguslbt: but it is not pointing to :latest yet, right?13:17
piggzlbt: thx v much13:28
vknechtabout 3.3 and 3.4, do we know for sure if 3.3 is a stop-release or not ? would like to know if I can skip 3.3 since last release I made was 3.2... This page might need an update :
T42<edp_17> lbt: I join to others in thanking you for the OBS update.14:21
T42<edp_17> xmn: Thanks for the infos. I'll try the jumpdrive and replace the Posh, that device came with, to something I like better.14:46
piggzmal: apart from sensorfw, are there any other packages that shouldnt be updated to master for 3.4?14:52
malprobably gst-droid and droidmedia, adding gmp-droid is suggested, not sure if updating submodules is needed15:00
malI think submodules work but not sure if there are some useful changes in new versions15:01
piggzmal: do you know what version gst-droid and droidmedia should be at?15:04
malbased on git log latest should be fine for both15:08
malwhich versions do you have now?15:08
abransonif you're going to use gmp-droid, then probably best to use no later than 1.415:08
T42<adampigg> droidmedia is 3a19fa50977e1235d26d278cc5661371117a899815:09
T42<adampigg> gstdroid is 31355489511e31b324a16086dcbc0885f8faf8e915:10
malgst-droid is quite old, droidmedia seems ok15:13
xmnedp_17 you around?15:52
T42<edp_17> Hi.15:52
xmnfirst battery test15:52
xmnresults :)15:52
xmnPinePhone SFOS = 5.31hrs (from 85% - dead), n900 Maemo = 89% (from 97%)15:52
xmnPP was airplane mode, no apps where open. Though didn't check bkgrd processors15:53
T42<edp_17> It is pretty much similar to my experience with SFOS. Thanks!15:54
xmnyup, np.15:54
xmnwill try it with manjaro next15:55
T42<edp_17> I am about to install something else than the PMOS (Phosh) I received the phone with. I downloaded jumpdrive and installed to an sd card. I also downloaded a few OSs (UT, Mobian and LuneOs) but don't know how to flash them onto the device. They are mainly .img files (except LuneOs which is a .wic) but I am not sure whether the "dd if=x15:56
T42xxxxx.img of=/dev/device_internal_memory" would work.15:56
xmnI installed an interesting app called SystemDataScope which is a visualization gui for collectd15:57
xmnmost ppl seem to use etcher15:57
xmnI'm not experienced enough to use dd well. Tried it to move my old install of SF over to a large card and it didn't boot. Most likely cus I needed to flash the boot img again separately15:59
xmnOh I did fail to mention that my SFOS install is on the sdcard so not sure how much that effects the results16:00
T42<Andy %lastname%> @adampigg [droidmedia is 3a19fa50977e1235d26d278cc5661371 …], You are the other chap working on the Pinetab right?16:10
T42<Andy %lastname%> Aha16:11
T42<adampigg> abranson, mal: so, latest droidmedia and gst-droid, and gmp-droid 1.4 ?16:11
T42<adampigg> @Andy %lastname% [You are the other chap working on the Pinetab …], whos askin' ? :D16:11
T42<Andy %lastname%> Me!    pine tab buster16:11
T42<Andy %lastname%> Breaker16:12
T42<adampigg> yes16:12
T42<Andy %lastname%> Thought  so16:12
T42<Andy %lastname%> You got it (sfos) on the emmc yet then?16:12
T42<adampigg> erm, not yet ... on my dev tab, the emmc is knackered (bad early batch apparently) and not had time to try on my ea yet, but, emmc should be fine, however there is a kernel issue with the ea tab16:15
T42<Andy %lastname%> Yes16:16
T42<Andy %lastname%> Bust it a few times now but learning16:17
T42<Andy %lastname%> Upgrading  it to 3.4 was funny...improves lots but breaks lots :-)16:17
T42<Andy %lastname%> Curious to know why the big image for SD card wont boot off an emmc16:18
T42<Andy %lastname%> Its all there...the 2ND alpha...on an SD card it an emMC it crackles but no screen16:19
piggzill get to the ea tab when ive done the pro1 upgrae to 2.316:19
xmnbreak a lot for tabs or phones too?16:20
T42<Andy %lastname%> Tablet busts the emails and keyboard and browser (in built)16:20
xmnoh wow16:21
T42<Andy %lastname%> But speeds it up and makes it smoother and plays blietooth really smooth16:21
xmnkeyboard if tough one to break16:21
piggzim a bit sad, the new keyboards have a backlight, dont think mine does!16:21
T42<Andy %lastname%> Aha16:22
T42<Andy %lastname%> Well....fix mine and I will swap ya16:22
xmnI send you a tiny usb flash light16:22
piggzim sure ill survive :D16:22
T42<Andy %lastname%> I never saw the point myself16:22
T42<Andy %lastname%> @piggz [ill get to the ea tab when ive done the pro1 u …], That the fancy f thing?16:23
piggzyes, fxtec16:23
T42<Andy %lastname%> Jealous....that looks nice16:24
xmnyeah the pro1/x are nice16:25
xmnplay with one once felt good16:25
T42<Andy %lastname%> I was going to pounce but ran out of beans...then it was either pinephone or big beasty oneplus 6...that was cheaper and works nice with SFOS too16:25
xmnjust wish it was smaller16:25
T42<Andy %lastname%> So got op6t16:26
T42<Andy %lastname%> @xmn [just wish it was smaller], The fx16:26
T42<Andy %lastname%> hmm16:26
xmnprobably would have bought one16:26
xmnnot iphone 12 mini size16:26
xmnmore like the reg 8 or something16:27
xmnI got the Pinephone now cuz they are planning oh shutting down 2/3g service which the n900 uses :(16:27
kalube<T42 "<Andy %lastname%> So got op6t"> hey hey big hype16:31
T42<Andy %lastname%> Some kind soul built an excellent build for it 😉16:32
T42<Andy %lastname%> it was cheaper than a new pinephone16:33
T42<Andy %lastname%> so why not16:33
T42<Andy %lastname%> and super duper fast16:33
T42<Andy %lastname%> yup16:33
T42<Andy %lastname%> EBAY16:33
xmnoh, lol16:33
T42<Andy %lastname%> waited and waited then....bang16:33
T42<Andy %lastname%> I will try to update it (and fail!)16:33
xmngood luck16:34
T42<Andy %lastname%>
xmnwent fine on the pp16:34
xmnhows your battery life on it?16:34
T42<Andy %lastname%> @kalube> <T42 "<Andy %lastname%> So got op6t" [hey hey big hype], thanks to you!16:35
T42<Andy %lastname%> @kalube16:39
T42<kalube> :D I think someone is having a shot at building a new image, I'll do my best to update to 3.4 if I get a chance, it should be possible to update via OBS16:40
piggzmal: previously i had nfcd-binder-pluging limited to version 1.1.1, can that be updated now?17:57
T42<Andy %lastname%> @kalube [:D I think someone is having a shot at buildin …], obs - you mean like OTA or via terminal17:58
malpiggz: at least 1.1.3 is safe, based on git log latest should be ok also18:00
malI'll check my fp3 build18:00
malpiggz: I have 1.1.6 on fp3 and works fine, 1.1.7 looks ok also18:02
kalube<T42 "<Andy %lastname%> @kalube [:D I "> Yeah you'll be able to OTA18:04
T42<Andy %lastname%> cool. good to know. dont want to break another (not yet broken ever) device18:05
T42<Andy %lastname%> @kalube18:06
T42<Andy %lastname%> cool. good to know. dont want to break another (not yet broken ever) device18:06
xmnArrggh, the audio is starting to feel like a non-start for sailfish for me. No control over speaker volume, plug in headphone no sound, unplug headphone now no sound from speaker.23:56
xmnI guess I need to wait longer for some updates. Of course perhaps this is 3.4 bugs I didn't think through :)23:57
xmngonna make a new multiboot and see if there are different results23:57

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