Wednesday, 2020-11-25

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szopinis there any workaround to 'nothing provides wget'? tried --mw=git.savannah....wget.git but it doesn't seem to work06:05
T42<ankaos> Error <creator>[11/25 06:14:21] : Command 'modprobe' is not available.06:15
szopininstall kmod06:21
szopinI wonder if this wget will work
szopinseems the only one on git.sailfish...06:22
szopinnope !! Could not get version for wget: fatal: --unshallow on a complete repository does not make sense06:27
T42<ankaos> szopin: Okey thanks08:04
T42<edp_17> @elros34 [@edp_17 finally after downgrading bunch of ada …], Thank you for the your update! I planned to work on that tablet, then I got distracted with other stuff (upgrading all ports to 3.4 then app development for the spen, then experimenting with my pinephone, then ...etc.). So far I haven' got the chance to start devastating08:35
T42the my all winner tablet. 😊 I literally don't use that tablet for anything. If SFOS will not run as good as it runs on my handsets, I think I'll only spend time on it when I don't have any other device to play with. Plus for my tabled I only fond kernel source but couldn't find the device tree, without that it's pretty much doomed in terms of SFOS08:35
T42 build.08:35
T42<edp_17> What I would like to do next is get the hdmi working for hammerhead and treltexx. (Once I finished playing with the pinephone. 😜)08:36
szopincan wget even be included on jolla repos or is it a gpl issue?09:41
T42<elros34> @szopi just remove wget from patterns10:10
T42<elros34> @edp_17 ok, I just finished upgrading it. These devices don't have device tree. You will only find sdk (android source + kernel 3.3) for whole familly and sys_config.fex which is like device tree and you need to extract it from your firmware10:17
szopinelros34: thanks, somehow assumed it would be needed10:25
piggzmal: is the hadk correct when it says you can "make droidmedia" ?10:31
piggzi get unknown target droidmedia, did you mean libdroidmedia10:31
szopindroidmedia built fine for me with hybris-hal10:32
T42<elros34> did you update hybris-boot?10:32
piggzah, maybe not10:32
piggzwondering if this should be an error or warning ... looks like the next line assumes it can continue
szopinpiggz: you're on the yggdrasil right? do you get the fstab.6763 and init.66763.rc automatically included in rootdir or do you manually copy them over?10:50
piggzgood question ... i certianly didnt manually copy them that i remember!10:50
szopinand they show up in the root folder? I found where they are mentioned ( in the device iirc) but they still get skipped10:51
piggztheyre not in out/target/product/yggdrasil/root/10:52
szopinoh, so same here, even though in hybris/rootdir has them both listed, weird10:52
szopinthis is the file that has them, I wonder if NotKit manually copied them over or got this file to be processed somehow
szopinok time to test latest rootfs brb11:18
szopinsadly still stuck at logo latest log:
szopinhmm weird selinux seems to be back11:34
szopinweird, I have selinux=0 added in device/BoardConfig... but doesn't show up in the log11:57
malpiggz: does that cause failure?11:58
T42<elros34> @szopin: did build droid-hal after changing kernel?12:00
szopinoh... probably only hyrbis-boot12:01
T42<elros34> hybris-boot or hybris-hal (android part) is NOT droid-hal12:02
szopinyeah... rebuilding now... is there any way to inject it from a chroot maybe?12:04
malwondering if I should finish the flowchart I once did to show what to rebuild when modifying parts of the repos12:04
szopinor will have to rebuild mic and another 450mb to the phone...12:04
szopinflowchart would be very helpful12:04
T42<elros34> for kernel you can jsut flash hybris-boot from out/ dir for any other packages scp them to device and install, there is no point to make whole new image12:05
T42<elros34> for every little change12:05
szopinI can't access my sfos when hangs, no network12:06
szopinall I can do is chroot into the image from the gemian/KDE12:06
szopinso can access all files easily12:06
szopinbut not sure if pkcon install-local or something like that will work12:07
T42<elros34> rpm -U *.rpm will for. In HADK you have instruction how to access sfos via telnet12:07
T42<elros34> will work*12:07
szopinok,let me try that, I tried telnet at home with usb cable and no luck12:08
piggzmal: yes, it does here, it stops ... i changed to warning and it continues12:08
T42<elros34> szopin make sure usb0 (or whatever interface name ifconfig report on your host) have ip set12:09
szopincurrently at work so have only cosmo and jolla c on me12:09
szopinbut will definitely try at home12:09
malpiggz: I'm quite sure that used to work12:10
piggzmal: i guess it finds no files for me:12:13
piggzhybris/hybris-boot/ warning: ********************* /data appears to live on /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/userdata12:13
piggzfind: `vendor/qcom/proprietary/common/msm8998/overlay': No such file or directory12:13
piggzfind: `vendor/qcom/proprietary/common/msm8998/overlay': No such file or directory12:13
piggzhybris/hybris-boot/ warning: Multiple or missing power_profile.xml files12:13
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malpiggz: but that says warning, are you sure that is the real error12:24
szopinone more thing, the kernel cmdline is in which package? droid-hal-cosmocom, or droid-hal...-kernel or img-boot?12:24
szopinI'll just try to install all I guess12:25
piggzmal: i changed it to a warning12:40
szopinrpm -U *.rpm did throw a ton of output so it works, thank you so much, but the commandline still doesn't have the selinux=0 audit=0 from
szopinNov 25 12:36:03 localhost kernel: -(0)[0:swapper]Kernel command line: console=tty0 console=ttyS0,921600n1 vmalloc=496M slub_max_order=0 slub_debug=OFZPU androidboot.hardware=mt6771 firmware_class.path=/vendor/firmware loop.max_part=7 has_battery_removed=0 maxcpus=8 androidboot.verifiedbootstate=green androidboot.bootpartition=TWRP12:43
szopinandroidboot.verifiedbootstate=green androidboot.bootpartition=TWRP skip_initramfs rootwait ro init=/init root=/dev/dm-0 dm="system none ro,0 1 android-verity PARTUUID=4d2d1290-36a3-4f5d-afb4-319f8ab6dcd8 " androidboot.veritymode=enforcing bootopt=64S3,32N2,64N2 androidboot.selinux=permissive androidboot.atm=disabled androidboot.meta_log_disable=012:43
szopinandroidboot.dtbo_idx=0 printk.disable_uart=1 bootprof.pl_t=2078 bootprof.lk_t=19118 bootprof.logo_t=17293 boot_reason=4 androidboot.serialno=PVW4IZLFLRPJROLB androidboot.bootreason=reboot gpt=1 usb2jtag_mode=0 mrdump_ddrsv=yes mrdump_cb=0x11e000,0x200012:43
malpiggz: which android base?12:46
piggzmal: PLATFORM_VERSION is 912:55
malpiggz: do you see any of those power_profile.xml files in sources13:02
malor maybe you are missing some vendor stuff you need for build13:03
piggzthere is some files, but look to be for other projects13:03
piggzaraik, i have a full android source tree for the pro113:03
piggzthe vendor jsut gave the whole thing as one repo!13:04
malpiggz: that DEVICE_PACKAGE_OVERLAYS should be defined in device repo or vendor repo13:07 := device/idealte/QX1000/overlay $(IDEALTE_COMMON_OVERLAY_DIR)13:08
piggzcommon/ := device/idealte/common/overlay13:09
piggzthere isnt a great deal in common/overlay13:10
szopinis the kernel cmdline maybe compiled by --configs? all the droid-hal-cosmocom rpms got installed with seemingly no effect13:15
piggzszopin: is that device using lvm?13:16
szopinnot sure13:16
szopinhow do i check?13:17
piggzif so, the cmdline is in droid-hal-img-boot....13:17
piggzon device, mount | grep root will show root is on /dev/mapper/....13:17
szopinhmm         package droid-hal-cosmocom-img-boot-0.0.6-202011251202.armv7hl is already installed... I guess it must be ignoring the ./device directory during build somehow13:18
szopinit fails to mount currently due to selinux(?) and can't seem to be able to pass the selinux=0 to it, no way to check moount from chroot13:20
szopinmaybe installing img-boot from chroot just doesn't work13:22
szopinwill do the whole mic again I  guess13:22
T42<elros34> why don't you do what I said so flash hybris-boot from out/ directory? IIRC if you don't have proper configs then installing kernel will not flash it to your boot partition13:35
szopinpiggs: is yggdrasil using lvm? they supposedly are very similar (both mtk)13:57
szopinoops piggz*13:58
piggzszopin: yes .... it didnt originally but i switched it to that method13:59
szopinok, so it should've worked with the rpm -U... I'm using the same base as yggdrasil pretty much14:00
szopingonna try with whole mic rebuild if that still doesn't inject that selinux=0 then I'm out of ideas14:00
piggzdeathmist1: this is u working on mainlining the pro1 soc?
szopinsuccess, now it's hanging without selinux
szopinhmm I do have USB to mini USB-C ending, would I be able to telnet from jolla C to the hanging cosmo?15:33
szopinworth a try15:34
szopini can ping but getting connection refused on both 2323 and 2315:43
T42<adampigg> There ia no telnet on lvm based install15:44
szopinuh oh15:44
T42<adampigg> Afaik15:44
szopinnot sure how to check mounts then15:46
T42<adampigg> Fastboot boot the recovery version15:47
szopinso the chroot method will be the only one to update things... and it doesn't work with img-boot :(15:50
szopinso looks like it's flashing whole mic all the time15:51
T42<elros34> To check mount points grep -i "droid mount" in journal but you fixed fstab logn time ago and in your previous logs they were correct. servicemanager fail in some log you posted so getting logcat would be useful.15:53
szopinhow? can it be done from chroot?15:54
T42<elros34> no15:54
T42<elros34> there must be a way to ssh or telnet for lvm based port15:57
T42<adampigg> Yes use the recovery boot16:08
szopinrecovery is just restarting...16:09
szopinor at least was, let me check the latest, it should have telnet?16:09
szopinhybris-recovery just reboots after like 15-20 seconds16:25
piggzszopin: to boot recovery, it has to be after hybris-rocvery has been processed by droid-hal-img-boot ... so, use droid-hal-img-recovery for your device16:30
piggzmal: looking at the docs, the file ./frameworks/base/core/res/res/xml/power_profile.xml is in the correct location ... any reason hybris-boot doesnt check for that version?16:33
szopinpiggz: thx, will try with the img from that one16:34
piggzmal: i guess thats the "default" file that should be overridden by device?16:35
szopinno difference16:46
szopinthere is also some fastboot mode, but doubt can do much with it and only jolla c16:49
szopinbut it seems for flashing... I can just dd the .img's just fine16:51
szopinpiggz: do you maybe have yggdrasil sources before moving it to lvm?16:52
piggzszopin: i dont ... though, there isnt much diff ... hybris-hal is just the same, you just process it with the img-boot module16:54
szopinis there any doc on how to do that?16:54
piggznot really, but you can look at the repos/commits for pro1 and yggdrasil16:55
malwhat are you doing?16:55
szopinI guess needs instead17:02
szopinmal: thinking about building non-lvm to get telnet access17:03
malnon-lvm as first build is much easier17:03
szopinso start from scratch?17:04
szopinalready did that once so no problem, just not sure which steps are different17:04
maljust change back to non-lvm17:04
malno need to start from 017:04
szopinnot sure how, never even knew was building lvm, was just following steps in the hadk guide17:05
piggzare you sure you are building lvm then?17:05
szopinit's based on yggdrasil17:05
szopintelnet to ports 23 and 2323 was refusing connection17:06
szopincan't check mounts with no telnet17:06
malif you followed hadk then it's not lvm17:06
szopinok, good, so I guess telnet should work from a laptop17:07
szopinand it was just jolla c issue17:07
T42<Andy %lastname%> Had a bash at building an Enchilada OP6 build today using lots of resources kindly donated by @kalube and co. Lots of output but failed to build in the end.
T42<Andy %lastname%> Seems mostly to be right at the end that it is failing although a significant number of errors along the way.17:35
T42<Andy %lastname%> Best retry and find out what causing these errors:17:35
T42<Andy %lastname%>
T42<Andy %lastname%> cat: frameworks/av/media/libmediaplayerservice/ No such file or directory17:36
T42<Andy %lastname%> [282/407] including hybris/hybris-boot/ ...17:36
T42<Andy %lastname%> find: `device/*/generic': No such file or directory17:36
T42<Andy %lastname%> find: `device/unknown': No such file or directory17:36
T42<Andy %lastname%> find: `device/android': No such file or directory17:36
T42<Andy %lastname%> find: `device/*/*/generic': No such file or directory17:36
T42<Andy %lastname%> perl: warning: Setting locale failed.17:36
T42<Andy %lastname%> perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:17:36
T42<Andy %lastname%>   LANGUAGE = (unset),17:36
T42<Andy %lastname%>   LC_ALL = (unset),17:36
T42<Andy %lastname%>   LC_MESSAGES = "en_US.UTF-8",17:36
T42<Andy %lastname%>   LANG = "C.UTF-8"17:36
T42<Andy %lastname%> I assume I can rebuild easily enough or should I start from the beginning again?17:36
T42<ankaos> Sailfish OS (Rokua) how update
T42<ankaos> ?17:41
malAndy are you sure you ran the needed commands before make hybris-hal17:41
malwhich android base17:42
T42<ankaos> use but not see17:43
malAndy you might be missing some device and/or vendor repos17:44
T42<Andy %lastname%> @mal [Andy are you sure you ran the needed commands …], I am sure - clearly not properly though. As I followed first this guide17:44
maldevice/oneplus/sdm845-common/ error: _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/oneplus/enchilada/]]: "vendor/oneplus/sdm845-common/" does not exist.17:44
T42<Andy %lastname%>
T42<Andy %lastname%> then this one17:44
T42<Andy %lastname%>
maland you are sure you cloned the local_manifests correctly and those are synced?17:46
T42<ankaos> which version sfos update?17:47
szopinhmm looking at ifconfig from jolla C connect attempt it was jolla refusing itself connection as it registered itself as at rndis0... probably desktop is a must after all17:50
T42<Andy %lastname%> @mal [and you are sure you cloned the local_manifest …], where in the paste bin do I find that?17:54
T42<Andy %lastname%> HABUILD_SDK [enchilada] andy@andy-ThinkPad-L430:~$ repo sync -c -j`nproc` --fetch-submodules --no-clone-bundle --no-tags17:54
T42<Andy %lastname%> repo: warning: Python 2 is no longer supported; Please upgrade to Python 3.6+.17:54
T42<Andy %lastname%> repo: warning: Python 2 is no longer supported; Please upgrade to Python 3.6+.17:54
T42<Andy %lastname%> remote: Total 0 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 017:54
malin "Setup source tree" part of the build instructions you linked18:01
malis has "git clone .repo/local_manifests"18:02
malcheck that the target folder has correct content18:02
T42<ankaos> mal: how update sfossdk18:02
T42<ankaos> ?18:02
T42<ankaos> because ı dont fix "Warning[11/25 17:55:19] : repo problem: nothing provides lipstick-tools needed by patterns-sailfish-dev-tools-1.0.36-1.16.1.jolla.noarch"18:03
malI told the fix for that here yesterday at least twice18:06
szopinankaos: apply this to your patterns file just comment out wget18:07
szopin(or update submodules and regenerate patterns and then comment out wget, should be the same result)18:09
T42<Andy %lastname%> @mal [in "Setup source tree" part of the build instr …], Thanks. Will look and find where it has gone wrong18:24
T42<Andy %lastname%> @mal [is has "git clone …], Thanks18:25
T42<ankaos> Warning[11/25 18:23:53] : repo problem: nothing provides pulseaudio >= 12.2+git8 needed by pulseaudio-modules-droid-hidl-1.3.0+master.20200525095923.a35a5ba-1.armv7hl18:26
T42<ankaos> szopin: thank you18:26
T42<ankaos> @ankaos [Warning[11/25 18:23:53] : repo problem: nothin …], a new error18:26
T42<Andy %lastname%> @mal [in "Setup source tree" part of the build instr …], I remember hving an error also using croot18:30
T42<Andy %lastname%> I thought it used to be chroot18:30
T42<Andy %lastname%> Maybe something  else18:31
szopinankaos: you mentioned something about updating release? are you maybe trying to build
szopin(there is no btw afaik)18:45
szopintry to update sb2 to if you're trying to build that version, didn't  have any pulseaudio issues18:47
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T42<ankaos> szopin: I've tried. but it's not working.19:43
szopinthat link you posted about updating local build target, try it just make sure to use
szopinor maybe you can delete tooling/target and recreate with sdk-assistant19:45
wdehooghi. after ran --mic which stops with:  repo problem: nothing provides lipstick-tools needed by patterns-sailfish-dev-tools-
T42<ankaos> whehoog: lol19:48
T42<ankaos> szopin: testing. but not update19:48
szopinankaos: what does it say after sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R ssu release
szopinwdehoog: apply this to your patterns file just comment out wget19:51
szopin[19:09]  szopin: (or update submodules and regenerate patterns and then comment out wget, should be the same result)19:51
T42<ankaos> PlatformSDK enes@enes:~/hadk$ sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R ssu release
T42<ankaos> Changing release from to
T42<ankaos> Your device is now in release mode!19:51
T42<ankaos> DBus unavailable, falling back to libssu19:51
szopinand after zypper ref and dup?19:52
T42<elros34> it's not about target if pulseaudio is to old during mic image creation but about old release you are building for19:55
szopinare you building 3.3?19:55
wdehoog@szopin thanks.20:00
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piggzkalube: ping21:27
kalubeah cheers21:35
piggzkalube: never mind, i figured out whats wrong :)21:36
kalubepiggz: oh were you not referring to the dev-tools  issue?21:37
piggzno .. an issue u have with zic a while back, ive got the same but i think i found it21:37
malpiggz: what was it?21:38
piggzmal: in this case, probably :21:38
piggzfile /boot from install of filesystem-3.1+git4-1.4.1.jolla.noarch conflicts with file from package droid-hal-mido-img-recovery-0.0.6-202006071841.armv7hl21:39
piggzi had it about 3 years ago with a bluetooth service file21:39
piggzso, i think d-h-v fails this way whenever there is a file conflict21:39
malpiggz: ah, but why does it happen again, I remember that issue before21:39
piggzmal: mido port had a hack to fix the filesystem /boot issue from some time ago ... ive updated submodules, rebuilding d-h-d and hopefully thats it fixed21:40
piggzi think the hack conflicted with filesystem package21:41
malah, maybe21:41
malI remember that previously I build new filesystem in common so the was not needed21:41
malpiggz: where did you have the hack?21:42
T42<elros34> zic error is not critical and is always there no matter you use /boot hack in or not21:43
malso the real issue is the package conflict?21:45
T42<elros34> yes21:45
malpiggz: maybe check the permission of /boot in your target21:45
malwdehoog: I think you should drop the extra sensorfw packages from bacon, also the vibrator packages are not needed if you have native vibrator enabled (which you probably should if not already)22:00
wdehoog@mal I'll take a look at it. btw it starts to work. using libhybris from elros3422:07
malwdehoog: so you only need the hybris sensor package, not the base packages22:11
malwdehoog: when you get it working please also test the new libhybris if you have time and motivation22:11
wdehoogsorry no idea what you mean with sensor package.22:12
mal and
wdehoogI did test with the latest libhybris. wizard starts but crashes after 'Agree...22:12
malwdehoog: would be nice to debug the libhybris issue22:12
malwith proper debug logs from libhybris etc22:13
wdehoogI promise I'll do so after releasing from testing22:13
malsure, no hurry22:13
malwdehoog: which android base does that use?22:13
wdehooguhhh. it is cm 12.122:14
malok, at least 13.0 and up works fine so maybe there is some issue with older bases or maybe just 12.122:15
wdehoogso if I have '%define have_vibrator_native 1' then ngfd-plugin-native-vibrator can also go away?22:23
wdehoog@mal ^22:27
malwdehoog: yes, it's available in jolla repos22:50

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