Thursday, 2020-11-26

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T42<edp_17> @elros34 : I have built and installed your qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin (external_display) to my Nexus 5. The device starts and works normal (so far) but when I plug in the htmi cable, nothing happens. Is there something else I need to add? (Into droid-hal-device.conf maybe?) Thanks.08:02
T42<Andy %lastname%> @wdehoog [I promise I'll do so after releasing from test …], @wdehoog Personally want to say thanks. Got a nice email this morning saying the Bacon has been built already - Brilliant news - thanks for the hard work and sticking with it. Flashing it later today!😁  Happy to help reporting bugs if that helps08:34
T42<Andy %lastname%> Sorry should read not flashing but upgrading OTA!08:34
wdehoogAndy: have fun08:45
wdehoog@mal how can I help you debugging libhybris for cm12.1 ?09:04
piggzmal: looking at the amount of PRs in hybris-boot, maybe someone could look at ?09:15
malwdehoog: does gdb show anything useful?09:25
T42<Andy %lastname%> (Document)
T42<Andy %lastname%> (Document)
T42<Andy %lastname%> (Document)
T42<Andy %lastname%> (Document)
T42<Birubiruungu> @Andy %lastname% [<reply to media>], 👍09:31
T42<Andy %lastname%> Well enough only to need one screen shot! Sorry09:36
T42<Andy %lastname%> Next trick is to spend enough time now to nail @wdehoog boot screen injector - never worked so far so time saved updating not reinstalling to will be spent building an injector!09:47
T42<Andy %lastname%>
wdehoogdear Andy I have no idea what you mean09:49
T42<Andy %lastname%> I am trying to build the boot logo script on the page
wdehoog@mal please bear with me I have NO idea what to do. How to build libhybris with debug info, how to install it or how to use gdb to get info09:50
T42<Andy %lastname%> So i will then have a decent logo to match the phone (currently have an old Ubuntu touch logo)09:50
T42<Andy %lastname%> It just needs time09:50
malwdehoog: OBS automatically generates the debuginfo packages, locally you can do mb2 ... build -d09:54
wdehoog@mal so if I build it on OBS I can just install it on an existing installation (no need to build and install a complete image)?10:05
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malwdehoog: yes, it should be ok10:25
malI have tested libhybris many times with only that rebuilt10:26
wdehoog@mal installation of done, rebooted, sort of works, feels sluggish, journal:
wdehooglogcat: and dmesg:
mala lot of egl issues in logcat11:27
T42<elros34> @edp_17 no, it should just works. Your external display should show that something is connected with blank content and when something change in your primary display then it should start working. Check journal, you should at least have detected hotplug event and logcat. What was the version of hwcomposer on that device?11:53
T42<elros34> ah and also it didn't wor for me on latest libhybris so maybe that is the issue.11:54
T42<elros34> @wdehoog, did you update also qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin rebuild against your updated libhybris? IIRC that was important when testing libhybris failure.12:00
wdehoogelros34: I have build latest libhybris on OBS and installed from there, I think it rebuilds and install qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin as well12:10
T42<edp_17> @elros34: I don't know the version of the old qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin as that was built for a while ago. Since I upgraded and re-built my local repo to 3.4 but not yet installed onto my device. So the version was whichever version was generated for How can I check?12:16
T42<edp_17> I'll see the journal to see the events then come back. Thanks.12:16
wdehoogI deleted .jolla-startupwizard-done and .jolla-startupwizard-usersession-done and the wizard successfully ended12:24
wdehoogrebuild image using latest libhybris. wizard successfully ended12:52
wdehoogvibration does not seem to work (I notice nothing) but devel-su test_vibrator does work12:57
malwdehoog: did you update system/core before you rebuilt android side?13:08
malif you even rebuilt it13:09
T42<elros34> @edp_17 I was asking about hwcomposer version reported in journal not qpa plugin. Also I use older libhybris:
T42<ankaos> fixed : # Requires: droid-config-oxygen-pulseaudio-settings13:25
mal@ankaos why do you need that?13:40
malI mean why is it commented out?13:40
T42<ankaos> mal: fixed Warning[11/25 18:23:53] : repo problem: nothing provides pulseaudio >= 12.2+git8 needed by pulseaudio-modules-droid-hidl-1.3.0+master.20200525095923.a35a5ba-1.armv7hl13:53
malare you sure you use correct target?13:53
malwhat does "sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R ssu re" say?13:54
T42<ankaos> mal: Device release is currently:
T42<edp_17> @elros34 : I have checked journal for version of hwcomposer but haven't found there. These are the related lines in the journal:
T42<edp_17> Oh, sorry: Version: 103000114:02
mal@ankaos how do you build the image, did you specify correct version when building it14:02
T42<ankaos> mal: yes14:02
malthe RELEASE export14:02
mal3.4.0 has that 12.2+git814:02
malcheck sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper if pulseaudio14:03
wdehoog@mal indeed I did not. which step in the build process or command does that?14:06
malcheck sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper ref14:08
malI mean first that14:09
malthen sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper dup14:09
wdehoog@mail I meant system/core. is that git bladibla and the -d ?14:10
malwdehoog: first "make hybris-hal" as usual14:12
malwdehoog: I mean after updating from git first14:12
T42<ankaos> mal:
malwdehoog: maybe update hybris-boot repo also while at it, in case you haven't done that14:16
wdehoog@mal my hybris-boot ends on dec 2016 and is 'Not currently on any branch' should I update to HEAD:master ?14:24
T42<ankaos> hı. open telnet. ı read journalctl output: . device not open screen14:27
mal@ankaos which android base?14:28
T42<ankaos> Lineageos 14 q14:28
malis /system partition mounted?14:30
malthese suggest no "Could not import file '/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/atrace.rc'"14:30
malso probably it failed to create mount services during droid-hal build14:31
T42<ankaos> mal: system mounted.14:32
T42<ankaos> mal: ı have atrace.rc14:33
malare those symlinks ok on device?14:34
malcheck ls -l /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/atrace.rc14:35
T42<ankaos> mal: sh-3.2# ls -l /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/atrace.rc14:35
T42<ankaos> lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root            26 Nov 26  2020 /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/atrace.rc -> /system/etc/init/atrace.rc14:35
mal@ankaos so you /system/etc/init/atrace.rc ?14:35
T42<ankaos> mal: compositor error?14:36
T42<ankaos> mal:
malthose droid-hal-init import errors are important part now14:37
malApr 21 21:22:55 mi_max2 systemd[1]: system.mount: Cannot add dependency job, ignoring: Unit system.mount failed to load: Bad message. See system logs and 'systemctl stat14:38
malyou said you have system mounted but that says system.mount has some issue14:38
T42<ankaos> ı install los-14.114:39
T42<ankaos> reinstall sfos14:43
malno idea why you would reinstall lineage os also14:49
T42<ankaos> :(14:56
malyou might be misunderstanding how things are related on the system14:57
wdehoog@mal csd vibrator test now works. thanks.15:21
szopinI'm in: Welcome to the Mer/SailfishOS Boat loader debug init system.15:31
szopinsadly only getting logcat read failure15:36
T42<elros34> you must be faster, do it as soon as droid-hal-init start and before it fail15:48
T42<elros34> or maybe it didn't fail, I am not sure anymore. Check in journal15:49
szopinwould init.log, dmesg output and journalctl be helpful too, before I try to get the logcat faster15:51
szopincan pull those at least15:51
T42<elros34> init.log is not useful anymore15:51
szopingot it:
szopinand dmesg
T42<Eric W. Thomas %lastname%> You save my life out of debt and I don't think I could ever repay you for all that you have done for me, I will keep telling people about your good work in my life.16:02
T42<Eric W. Thomas %lastname%>
T42<elros34> szopin: first line in logcat is something to fix16:03
szopinhmm does it need recompiling with some extra parameters or...16:07
szopinok I think I found what needs to be done16:20
malszopin: is that which android base? which device?16:31
szopincosmo communicator16:31
szopinfound this and it mentions pie and exactly that namespace problem
szopinnot sure why it's not in the faq (or maybe there is pie specific faq)16:32
malszopin: yes, you will need that16:34
malI forgot to merge that16:34
szopinhaving problem installing through telnet Fatal error: droid-config-cosmocom-sailfish-1-202011251347.noarch requires droid-config-cosmocom = 1-202011251347, but this requirement cannot be provided16:35
szopintried to copy all rpms from droid-configs and rpm -U *.rpm but that also fails16:35
szopinwhat's the suggested solution to install rpms from telnet? zypper?16:35
maldo not use *.rpm16:36
malcheck what you have installed on the device and only install the once already installed16:37
mal"zypper se droid-config"16:37
szopinok I just manually installed -sailfish first ignoring its dependencies and the first one went through16:38
szopintime for another logcat race16:38
szopinit's different now but still complains about selinux
szopinweird half of the initial errors are gone but still some left16:46
szopinI guess I need to add those extra paths16:46
maldo you have vndservicemanager.rc in /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/16:46
malyou need probably some fixed rc16:47
wdehoog@mal is it known the the first link in the channel info text does not work anymore?16:47
malwe should remove it, I will someone to do that16:48
T42<elros34> you should have  it according to your droid-config
T42<elros34> he*16:49
T42<elros34> could it be that this mess something up?16:58
T42<elros34> szopin try this: instead your path in vndservicemanager17:01
malyes, that is what I meant17:02
malthe one in that other repos looks odd17:02
malsuch overlay should not be needed17:03
wdehoogwith latest libhybris I have no icons for the bottom row on the top menu (selfie etc.) the buttons seem to work, take up space  but are invisible17:03
szopin_thx, on it17:04
malwdehoog: anything in logs17:07
szopin_seems to be the same17:07
malszopin_: did you remove the overlay thing?17:08
szopin_comparing vndservicemanager.rc... there is just extra line at the end: override17:09
szopin_removing that overlay.sh17:09
T42<elros34> it can't be the same because now it try to load library "/system/lib64/, after fix it should use /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib64/libselinux_stubs.so17:10
T42<elros34> in logcat17:10
T42<elros34> I see you have vndservicemanagerrr and vndservicemanagerrc-old, not sure which one is used17:12
szopin_service vndservicemanager /vendor/bin/vndservicemanager /dev/vndbinder17:13
szopin_    setenv LD_PRELOAD /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib64/libselinux_stubs.so17:13
szopin_this is from the file I think it was patched already locally17:13
szopin_that's hwservicemanager...17:14
szopin_.rc has setenv LD_PRELOAD /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib64/, the -old has setenv LD_PRELOAD /system/lib64/libselinux_stubs.so17:15
szopin_but as it doesn't have .rc in filename it shouldn't be processed?17:15
szopin_do they get included? then I need to ostore backups somewhere else, let me remove it just in case17:16
szopin_ok, removed, overlay thingie gone, going to try rebuilding configs17:16
T42<elros34> why don't you edit files directly on device?17:18
szopin_never really learned vi17:18
szopin_and there's no ed17:18
szopin_(and it's been ages since I even used those)17:18
T42<elros34> ah, you can add to patterns vim:)17:19
szopin_would nano work?17:19
T42<elros34> it is in jolla repos17:19
szopin_ok, that would speed up tweaking .rc files for sure17:19
szopin_hmm with droid-hal-init working zypper is taking forever to fail on fetching repos17:21
szopin_the updated patterns will need --mic rebuild right?17:23
szopin_for nano to get included... or will it end up as mw?17:23
T42<elros34> patterns are in droid-config so you only rebuild droid-config and then build image. For now just download nano from jolla repos in target or from openrepos and install it17:25
szopin_nothing provides info needed by nano-2.4.2-0.armv7hl17:28
szopin_managed to install the droid-config...rpms in the meanwhile, next mic will definitely include it from the start17:29
szopin_time to race logcat again17:29
szopin_i guess it's no longer a race with hal-init working17:31
szopin_latest, start looks clean now
szopin_on a side note opensuse is great, no problems connecting to it 30h+ of idle time, no UI freezes, just occassional networking hiccups, but fedora had those too and hexchat seems to handle them better than Konversation17:42
szopin_also latest journal log
szopin_failed state at lipstick.service17:47
szopin_library "" not found17:48
malshow logcat17:53
malthe journal log is missing the early messages, you should grab output of "journalctl -b --no-pager" right after reboot to so nothing gets removed because many services are failing all the time18:04
szopin_ok, one sec18:05
maldoes this work "EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer"18:15
malit seems many android side services still fail18:16
szopin__not sure if it went through as got another disconnect: test_hwcomposer: test_common.cpp:370: HWComposer* create_hwcomposer_window(): Assertion `err == 0' failed.18:17
malyes, that is because the android side services fail to start18:21
szopin__hmm, there is the 3.2.1 working build, I could try to salvage some files from it as it wasn't based on the yggdrasil tree but some secret mtk bsp18:23
szopin__and NotKit cannot share it, just not sure which files would be helpful (only the rootfs of course as no access to source)18:24
malcan you compare the /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/ld.config.28.txt with the one you have in /system/etc/ld.config.28.txt18:24
szopin__it's not in the rootfs18:33
malis there any ld.config file somewhere in /system or /vendor18:34
szopin__at least not in rootfs, maybe it gets copied over from /vendor or such?18:35
szopin__let me check the telnet18:35
szopin__if it gets modified at boot can try to reflash 3.2.1 and rerun same from there18:39
szopin__I do have a frankenstein build (NotKit's gitlab --mic with release=3.4 and some changes I don't remember with a kernel that even boots it, but couldn't reproduce later on) that even has working modules and can ping from it, just UI apps have no network18:44
szopin__but abandoned such tinkering trying to get a proper build18:44
szopin__his rpms are on obs if anything useful from config perspective can be gleaned from them
szopin__and the resulting workin 3.2.1 rootfs can be found here
szopin__but again, it's based on mtk bsp not volla source tree18:52
szopin__so there might be changes needed than sedding 6763 to 677118:54
malthere is that /system/etc/ld.config.28.txt so what am I missing?19:08
malah, yeah, we mount the new file over it19:09
szopin__init.rc from 3.2.1 has # MTK-specific: set nonencrypted on mount_all instead to fix nvram daemon19:12
szopin__my 3.4 of course doesn't have that, doubt NotKit typed that all in... is there some patches for MTK I'm missing?19:12
szopin__maybe from volla phone?19:12
T42<ankaos> hı. how install versin?19:14
T42<ankaos> ı dont found link19:14
T42<elros34> szopin: just to be sure, you flashed android base same as you used when building sailfish?19:15
szopin__hmm, hard question, the android base is on boot partition 1 and was updated since Feb when NotKit built his 3.2.119:15
szopin__but the base I'm using is just latest what NotKit uploaded when I asked planet when they will release source to allow porting sfos as NotKit left planet19:16
szopin__elros34: just to give a better overview: there are 3 boot partitions for systems and 2 recovery ones, first is always android, 2nd is gemian from which I'm dd'ing sfos boot imgs, third is sfos (sfos rootfs needs to be put in ./stowaways/sailfishos to boot into it), first recovery partition is some planet custom installer that can flash images from sdcard/resize the partitions for linux/android, second19:21
szopin__recovery is supposedly borked (planet asked to not touch it)19:21
szopin__I'm guessing the first boot partition with android also is responsible for /vendor /firmware etc updates19:22
szopin__so would be the 'you flashed android base'19:22
szopin__and last android update was in July (5 months since the working 3.2 build)19:23
szopin__but that 3.2 image from Feb is still working so don't think any android updates broke it19:25
szopin__(then again if any source files like .rc or similar changed maybe it's not buildable now)19:25
szopin__I do know 3.2.1 has ueventd.6763.rc that is nowhere to be found in the source tree for volla and it is included in rootfs19:25
szopin__can try to add it19:26
szopin__ok showed up in droid-hal-cosmocom.log19:35
szopin__oh, vim was already in patterns19:38
malszopin_: ueventd.*.rc is sometimes with different name in device repo19:43
malmore important is to check there is .rc files in out/19:43
szopin_nothing like that gets included, there is init.6771.rc19:43
szopin_which I also manually copied to rootfs (though 3.2 port doesn't have that)19:43
szopin_(oh the init 6771.rc might have been initially called 6763.rc but from ./device gets somehow skipped I think as it doesn't copy files that are specifically mentioned there (like fstab.6763.rc which had to also manually copy))19:46
szopin_NotKit said he'll have a look at it over weekend, fingers crossed as it seems we're getting nowhere19:51
T42<ankaos> ı am install target and tooling20:03
szopin_adding ueventd.6763.rc seems to have changed nothing, just in case journal and logcat
szopin_ankaos: if you have latest target and tooling the pulseaudio issue should be gone?20:05
szopin_IF you also export RELEASE= before --mic?20:05
szopin_or are you trying to build 3.3?20:05
T42<ankaos> szopin: pulseaudio problem-> ı look. RELEASE= mic O.o20:07
T42<ankaos> ahhh20:07
T42<ankaos> :(20:07
T42<ankaos> mic relase
T42<ankaos> but now mic release
szopin_yeah, you're trying to build an older release, try to do 'export RELEASE=' before running --mic20:08
szopin_or edit .ks if it has RELEASE defined20:08
T42<ankaos> ı am install target and tooling20:08
T42<ankaos> now rebuild sfos20:09
szopin_yup, just make sure RELEASE=3.4...20:09
T42<ankaos> maybe fix pulseaudio probelm20:09
T42<ankaos> what is this? -» The following 6 NEW packages are going to be installed:20:10
T42<ankaos>   bluez5 bluez5-libs bluez5-obexd droid-config-oxygen-bluez5 kf5bluezqt-bluez5 kf5bluezqt-bluez5-declarative20:10
T42<ankaos> The following 6 packages are going to be REMOVED:20:10
T42<ankaos>   bluez bluez-configs-mer bluez-libs kf5bluezqt-bluez4 kf5bluezqt-bluez4-declarative obexd20:10
szopin_if it breaks your build try to remove bluez4 from your sb220:10
szopin_as you're building bluez5 it seems20:11
T42<ankaos> ı am waiting build20:11
szopin_should be fine, the only bluez things I have in history is:  sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper -n rm bluez5-configs-mer20:18
szopin_sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -msdk-install zypper in bluez520:18
szopin_so you can try those if it fails20:18
T42<ankaos> okey. ı am waiting build20:20
szopin_sounds good, if it takes a while then you're behind the last hurdle20:21
xmnHey let me ask you guys. I might be getting great battery life under megi multiboot image of sailfish Where as the 3.4 vers runs warm to the touch and battery last only out 5+- hours in airplane mode and no apps running.20:31
szopinany processes running under top/htop?20:31
szopinsome people have reported web browser not failing right, if it's hanging at 100% core usage sounds like it could be it20:32
xmnic, testing the battery under th multboot at the moment so can't check right now.20:33
xmnbut good idea to check that20:33
xmnI was guessing that the upgrade to3.4 I did remove or wrote over some of the pineohone tweaks that might have helped20:33
xmnso I was thinking if I could load megi kernal into 3.4 version I have.20:34
szopin_godammit those reconnects, but anyway, if it's warm it sounds like some runaway process going 99-100% cpu usage20:37
szopin_browser would fit the bill and it is now used not only by browser but also email client20:37
szopin_install lighthouse from openrepos or have htop running next time20:37
szopin_specific pinephone tweaks... maybe, if it no longer goes into sleep/idle, but that shouldn't go down to 5h (then again there is pureOS with similar uptime)20:40
szopin_gemini on cosmo with no deep sleep still will easily clock in 12h or so20:42
xmnoh wow20:42
xmnyeah using light house and systemdatascope20:43
szopin_yeah, it is always alive as a normal debian distro, but with no processes running in the bg it doesn't drain nowhere near that fast20:43
xmnwill for sure look into the browser once back on the other install20:43
szopin_just check any process, browser was reported by some people on 3.4 as not closing correctly, but it might be anything really20:47
szopin_if it's using one core fully it would explain warmth and the drain20:47
xmnmakes sense20:48
xmnthis current multi boot is cool to the touch in resting state20:48
szopin_multi-boot means you can choose what to boot, you're not booting multiple oses at the same time right?20:49
szopin_so booting into pmos or ubports has nothing to do with sfos afaik20:49
szopin_the temp of different oses is just their base state20:49
xmnbut does contain some custom megi tweaks I think. Just not sure how much.20:50
xmnbut each OS has it own btfs space20:51
xmnit very handy for testing20:51
szopin_no idea what megi is, cosmo is multiboot, android and sfos (and ubports presumably) will easily clock in 48h in passive flight mode state, gemian maybe 1820:51
szopin_not sure what btfs space is20:52
szopin_are they maybe using btrfs snaps?20:53
xmnfrom what I understand the bfts space allow you to revert back to the orig image with out flashing the card again.20:54
szopin_yeah it's just btrfs snapshotting20:55
szopin_would call it brave on a phone but jolla did it on j120:56
szopin_(and it wasn't pretty)20:56
xmnI'm ignorant to many of these things :)20:56
szopin_I gave up on btrfs on my 30GB of SSD space, safer on ext4 or maybe just afraid of change20:57
szopin_or maybe just had j1 and seen how it can fsck up things20:57
szopin_(opensuse forums also discouraged people from using btrfs on <128GB then again full desktop distro so maybe I'm biased)20:58
szopin_but just in case, my understanding is btrfs snaps is just having a backup copy of your previous settings, nothing to do with 'cool to the touch' whatever you're booting atm will be responsible for the temp, so if sfos is warm some process is going crazy, what you have installed beside it has no impact20:59
xmnyup, never thought bfts was in anyway impacting the temp.21:01
szopin_I meant: this current multi boot is cool to the touch in resting state21:01
xmnYeah I'm not running btfs on anything. I'm not experienced enough to get out of that trouble :021:01
szopin_whatever is in your multiboot is just resting on the disk21:01
szopin_with enough disk space btrfs should be a blessing (jolla adopted it very early like what 8 years ago?)21:02
szopin_but the curse of it only then became clear21:02
szopin_I don't think btrfs is used in any of the latest ports... 8 years later21:03
xmnmaybe in another 5 years :)21:03
szopin_probably same with wayland21:03
szopin_even on fedora and opensuse wayland is still not properly working out of the box with hdmi or similar21:03
szopin_with generic nvidia cards on laptops21:03
szopin_8 years after jolla adopted it... then again for mobile phones it kinda works great except the hdmi output21:04
szopin_it's absurd to expect year of the linux desktop when we're in 2020, 13 years after I had ubuntu 7.04 running on a laptop, biggest issue then was suspend, it was killing laptops left and right, 13 years later linux (fedora/opensuse/ubuntu... tested them all and all have same issues) can't provide proper hdmi output21:07
szopin_yeah 5 extra years seems right21:08
szopin_xmn: btw how do you rate OS's on pinephone?21:14
xmnyeah sometime I feel like if some project worked better together to at least get one thing fully polished then move on and help the next thing21:30
xmnszopin_ I have a bias to debian based since it what I learned via n900 and my server.21:30
xmnBut overall I'm liking the progress of manjaro very much21:31
xmnmaemo shows promise. sailfish is so nice if I could jurt get rid of a few issue it could be a daily. Mobian is nice for apps, but is moving seemly very slow, so maybe in the future. So looking at long term testing of sailfish, mobian, manjaro and maemo-leste.21:33
xmnBut who could image that webos has a lot of stuff already dialed in :)21:33
xmnNot really feeling kde or ubport right now either21:34
xmnpretty happy and thankful for the progress so far.21:34
T42<ankaos> Info[11/26 21:34:07] : marking pattern jolla-configuration-oxygen 1-202011262107 to be installed21:40
T42<ankaos> Warning[11/26 21:34:07] : repo problem: nothing provides pulseaudio >= 12.2+git8 needed by pulseaudio-modules-droid-hidl-1.3.0+master.20200525095923.a35a5ba-1.armv7hl21:40
T42<ankaos> edit21:44
T42<ankaos> PlatformSDK enes@enes:~/hadk$ sudo rm -rf /var/tmp/mic/cache/21:49
T42<ankaos> adaptation-community-common-oxygen- etc/                                         solv/21:49
T42<ankaos> adaptation-community-oxygen-        hotfixes-                           var/21:49
T42<ankaos> apps-                               jolla-
T42<ankaos> customer-jolla-                     raw/21:49
T42<ankaos> this is normal?21:49
malseems reasonable, why do you ask?21:49
malah, did you rebuild package using
maland did you really set correct RELEASE before running mic?21:50
T42<ankaos> no21:50
malhadk pdf says "export RELEASE=" which you of course need to change to be correct version21:51
malbefore running mic in chapter 8.421:51
T42<ankaos> ı dont use chapter 8.421:51
malwhat do you use then?21:52
T42<ankaos> only ı use rpm/dhd/helpers/build_packages.sh21:52
malif rad chapter 8.4 it says "rpm/dhd/helpers/ --mic"21:52
T42<adampigg> mal, the new pinephone wlan driver exposes 2 interface, wlan0 and wlan1 ... wlan0 should be default, wlan1 is for p2p i think ... how do i tell connman / wpa_supplication to use wlan022:13
T42<adampigg> Nov 26 22:06:22 PinePhone wpa_supplicant[3260]: wlan1: CTRL-EVENT-STARTED-CHANNEL-SWITCH freq=2437 ht_enabled=1 ch_offset=-1 ch_width=40 MHz cf1=2427 cf2=022:13
T42<adampigg> Nov 26 22:06:24 PinePhone wpa_supplicant[3260]: wlan1: CTRL-EVENT-ASSOC-REJECT status_code=122:13
T42<adampigg> Nov 26 22:06:24 PinePhone wpa_supplicant[3260]: wlan1: CTRL-EVENT-SSID-TEMP-DISABLED id=0 ssid="pgznet" auth_failures=1 duration=10 reason=CONN_FAILED22:13
T42<elros34> maybe check whether your wlan modules support parameters then you could load it like: modprobe wlan ifname=wlan0 if2name=p2p022:18
T42<adampigg> Ok22:20
T42<ankaos> "Build pulseaudio-modules-droid-hidl? [Y/n/all]n" working build22:31
T42<ankaos> mal and szopin: working build22:34
T42<ankaos> Umeaboy: hı22:44
UmeaboyWill there be an LOS-17.1 patches branch anytime soon for newer devices made by Samsung? I've been looking to build the AOSP as Lineage fails to build due to lack of memory regardless how I use the JACK server?22:47
UmeaboyI am running an unofficial build of Lineage already.22:47
T42<Amy Christy Sweeney %lastname%> I can't explain how l feel each time I receive my profits from this company. What can I say? Thanks to Mr Tomas, I've made so much in 2 weeks @Profits_world10023:20
UmeaboyMoney isn't everything when you loose yourself inside because of it.23:27
T42<edp_17> @elros34 : Interesting as I have found the following messages when the external tv was connected (journalctl): "Blanking external display", "Unblanking internal display" and loads of "Waiting and closing retire fence fd"23:56
T42<edp_17> @elros34 : I have two different cables and tried both. Some logs are here: cable1: and cable2:
T42<edp_17> It looks like your modified qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin is reporting into journal but the screen doesn't appear on external display.23:58
T42<elros34> what libhybris version do you use?23:58

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