Saturday, 2020-12-12

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T42<Spidey_SPIDEY_Spidey> How to install android apps ?02:23
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T42<Manuvaidya81> @Spidey_SPIDEY_Spidey [How to install android apps ?], You cannot install android apps on Sailfish OS.  This OS is based on Linux/Unix: that means it's not possible, just like how you cannot install android apps on iOS devices!!!07:49
T42<Spidey_SPIDEY_Spidey> @Manuvaidya81 [You cannot install android apps on Sailfish OS …], WhatsApp and yt etc ..08:05
T42<peperjohnny> Well except when you have a device with official support and the android layer08:09
T42<edp_17> Hi all, does somebody know what is the highest android (los) base version that we can use for porting?08:24
T42<edp_17> (The highest I used so far was los14.1.)08:24
xmnor very likely eventually using anbox as well08:24
T42<ankaos> hı. how fix?08:56
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T42<R5pro> I have dt and kt how to port for my device any guide12:53
T42<R5pro> @ankaos [hı. how …], There might me some dot or comma missing12:56
T42<R5pro> Or extra12:56
T42<R5pro> Check that line as it say12:56
T42<Heng %lastname%> How do I stop the GUI from loading so I can get to a console?20:31
T42<Heng %lastname%> i tried systemctl mask lipstick from a chroo20:32
T42<Heng %lastname%> but it still loaded the GUI20:32
T42<eugenio_g7> ```systemctl mask user@100000```20:39
T42<Heng %lastname%> @eugenio_g7 [systemctl mask user@100000], Whats the 100000 for?20:45
T42<Manuvaidya81> @Spidey_SPIDEY_Spidey [WhatsApp and yt etc ..], Ofcourse there are apps in fdroid like WhatsApp and YouTube. You have to check it yourself.20:46
T42<eugenio_g7> @Heng %lastname% [Whats the 100000 for?], it's the uid of the default user (defaultuser I guess nowadays)21:52
T42<Heng %lastname%> what is default pasword for nemo?22:16
T42<ankaos> you read password.22:19
T42<ankaos> settings-> developer mode22:19

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