Sunday, 2020-12-20

deathmist_@simonschmeisser downgrade sensorfw to version 0.11.9 as that apparently is the latest one working on SFOS 3.4.0, for WLAN you may need to make it a module in defconfig and modprobe/insmod at boot00:18
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T42<kskarthik> I knew that some sailfish os UI components are not yet open sourced. Is there any update on that ?07:47
T42<simonschmeisser> deathmist_: sensorfw-qt5 is at 0.11.19 but hybris-libsensorfw-qt5-hal is only at 0.11.0, not sure if those need to be in sync?09:08
T42<simonschmeisser> there was a commit to modularize the wifi:  but I actually haven't figured out if the image uses this version of the kernel?09:09
T42<simonschmeisser> also lsmod complains about /proc/modules missing which is actually indeed missing, never seen that before09:09
UmeaboyI'm not saying that I'll make it to boot hybris, but I've come a long way towards building the LOS-16.1 base for it to Samsung Galaxy S10+. :)10:20
UmeaboyLOS-16.0. Sorry. My bad.10:21
deathmist_@simonschmeisser yes the sensorfw versions should match (both being at 0.11.9 for SFOS 3.4.0). you should really be building images locally especially if the one you've installed is old12:26
deathmist_to check if it's the same though you could perhaps zcat /proc/config.fz | egrep 'QCA_CLD_WLAN|MODULES' and see if that output matches the values in
T42<simonschmeisser> deathmist_: I actually got two folders in /lib/modules/ one for the kernel I linked above and one with a different git hash. the kernel with the different git hash is actually booted unfortunately, so that might be the reason why so much doesn't work13:37
T42<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 [you can upgrade with ssu, no jolla store acces …], yeah, i keep it up to date14:48
T42<A_T_R> how to fix?15:09
T42<A_T_R> command15:09
T42<A_T_R> ```rpm/dhd/helpers/ --mic```15:09
T42<A_T_R> Error <kickstart>[12/20 14:57:31] : no valid repos found in ks file15:09
T42<A_T_R> paste bin -
T42<KernelPanix> @A_T_R [how to fix?15:51
T42<KernelPanix> command15:51
T42<KernelPanix> rpm/dhd/helpers/build_pa …], same15:51
T42<elros34> IIRC devices with upper case codename needs special entries in spec files liek rpm_device15:58
malan example of that
malif the device codename in android is upper case then use device for that and rpm_device can be the same but in lower case16:35
T42<linusdan> what do I do when the SDK says that the mic command does not exist when trying to compile rootfs?16:55
T42<linusdan> P.S: I'm on $ANDROID_ROOT16:56
T42<A_T_R> rpm/dhd/helpers/ --mic17:59
T42<A_T_R> Error: no patterns RPM found17:59
T42<ankaos> Droidconfig fşle not have18:03
T42<ankaos> open hadk pdf.18:05
T42<ankaos> `7.1 Creating Repositories for a New Device`18:05
T42<ankaos> you make this chapter18:05
T42<ankaos> than you use —mic18:05
T42<ankaos> @A_T_R [], this is fix :)18:06
T42<linusdan> enes: I followed all the steps in chapter 718:12
T42<ankaos> good :)18:13
T42<linusdan> I checked if all the files were generated 7x and the structure is all right18:13
T42<linusdan> * right18:13
T42<ankaos> `hammerhead` is your device?18:13
T42<linusdan> espressowifi18:14
T42<ankaos> writes hammerhead in my narrative. you need to watch him.18:14
T42<linusdan> ok, writed :)18:16
T42<ankaos> my device is oxygen18:17
T42<ankaos> ı read;18:17
T42<ankaos> sed -e "s/@DEVICE@/oxygen/" \18:17
T42<ankaos>     -e "s/@VENDOR@/xiaomi/" \18:17
T42<ankaos>     -e "s/@DEVICE_PRETTY@/mi_max2/" \18:17
T42<ankaos>     -e "s/@VENDOR_PRETTY@/Xiaomi/" \18:17
T42<ankaos>     dhd/droid-hal-@DEVICE@.spec.template > droid-hal-oxygen.spec18:17
T42<linusdan> enes:
T42<ankaos> ı see. and not eror18:32
T42<Heng %lastname%> Is it possible to install the jolla apps without jolla store access?20:03
T42<Heng %lastname%> @elros34 Possible to compile to x86?20:04
T42<elros34> no, there is easy acces to jolla store but you will find most of the apps in openrepos. About qtbase, sure you can build it in platform sdk20:10
T42<elros34> unless you meant regular jolla apps like phoen, sms media app20:11
T42<Heng %lastname%> @elros34 I meant calculator, notes, mediaplayer, etc20:11
T42<Heng %lastname%> i will try to build qtbase20:11
T42<elros34> then yes they can be installed on device or by adding them to patterns20:12
T42<Heng %lastname%> when i use the web browser there is blank screen when go to any webpage20:36
T42<eugenio_g7> Stock browser doesn't on mesa20:37
T42<Heng %lastname%> oh ok20:37
T42<Heng %lastname%> webcat works20:38
T42<eugenio_g7> Doesn't work* :)20:38
T42<Heng %lastname%> @elros34 [then yes they can be installed on device or by …], @elros34 how to install on device? where are RPMs?20:39
T42<Heng %lastname%> about browser, pages in webcat are wayy to big20:41
T42<elros34> zypper in jolla-notes for example or in jolla-store apps they should be available even if your device deosn't have acces to store20:43
T42<Heng %lastname%> @elros34 [zypper in jolla-notes for example or in jolla- …], in jolla store it says no accounts set yet so no options in there20:44
T42<Heng %lastname%> i will install them via command line then20:45
T42<simonschmeisser> deathmist_: I'm still wondering where the kernel that currently boots on my bullhead comes from, I'm expecting a different git hash from what is installed by droid-hal-bullhead-img-boot20:46
T42<simonschmeisser> also you recommended to rebuild the HAL locally, is there some shortcut or do I need to follow the "whole hadk"?20:47
T42<elros34> Check whether droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec has enable_kernel_update. If it's missing then kernel is not even flashed after you install droid-hal-* package20:57
T42<simonschmeisser>     looks like a No20:59
T42<simonschmeisser> so I need to flash it manually?20:59
T42<simonschmeisser> hybris-boot.img to boot via fastboot?21:00
T42<elros34> if bullhead use fastboot then yest that should be it21:00
T42<simonschmeisser> yes it does, will  give it a try21:02
T42<simonschmeisser> thanks Elros!21:07
T42<simonschmeisser> now got wifi!21:08
T42<linusdan> @elros34 I had to remove the inclusion of the gstreamer1.0-droid and gmp-droid packages as it was giving an error. is this normal in version
T42<linusdan> I'm having trouble generating rootfs too: /21:24
T42<ankaos> sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R chmod 755 /boot21:38
T42<ankaos> maybe fixed thiss problem21:38
T42<elros34> no, that is for bug in 3.3 release21:39
T42<ankaos> elros: zypper dup maybe fix :)21:39
T42<elros34> yeah why not:)21:40
T42<ankaos> or edit. .hadk.env21:40
T42<ankaos> elros: ı am finish my device21:41
T42<elros34> great21:41
T42<elros34> @linusdan what version zypper se -s syslinux-extlinux returns21:41
T42<ankaos> sersor and I have a headset left.21:41
T42<simonschmeisser> I noticed that I have no device specific repo enabled, but after adding I cannot find any of the packages (same for hw_common)21:43
T42<elros34> @linusdan  ah syslinux-extlinux is in adaptation0 but that repo fails for you21:44
T42<ankaos> elros: thisi is sensor21:44
T42<ankaos> mal: How can I get the output of this?
T42<elros34> @linusdan I guess you removed mic at some point because it's installed by default in this tarball:
T42<elros34> @linusdan what ssu lr returns21:47
T42<elros34> @ankaos check what evdev_trace output and evdev_trace -t when you plugin in/out headset21:49
T42<ankaos> @elros34 [@ankaos check what evdev_trace output and evde …], thanks :)21:51
T42<linusdan> @elros34 zypper se -s syslinux-extlinux returns 'No matching items found.'21:53
T42<ankaos> `zypper se -s syslinux-extlinux` this is?21:54
T42<linusdan> @elros34 ssu lr returns this:
T42<linusdan> enes: yes :)21:59
T42<linusdan> with sudo returns same thing21:59
T42<elros34> @linusdan set adaptation0 repo to
T42<linusdan> how to do this?22:00
T42<elros34> try ssu rr adaptation0 && ssu ar adaptation0
T42<linusdan> did not work, I updated the link does not change22:05
T42<elros34> ssu ur, if that doesn't work then just add this repo with different name22:06
T42<simonschmeisser> @elros34 any idea why zypper does not find the packages from  ?22:07
T42<elros34> do you have that repo enabled? ssu lr22:07
T42<simonschmeisser> its gone ?!22:08
T42<ankaos> elsor: headphones fix :)22:08
T42<linusdan> @elros34 it didn't work with ssu ur. I added it under a different name and said the repository is invalid.22:13
T42<ankaos> the sensor was not due to me.22:13
T42<simonschmeisser> @elros34 added it again but still the same
T42<elros34> @linusdan then I don't know. Either ignore dependencies and install mic anyway or  reinstall platform sdk22:17
T42<elros34> @simonschmeisser Does ssu ur && ssu lr looks sane? If yes the zypper ref  and you should be able to find packages22:18
T42<Heng %lastname%> is there some config to make the qt based web browsers less zoomed in?22:20
T42<simonschmeisser> ssu lr does not list the repos I added with zypper ar, was using zypper ar wrong?22:20
T42<linusdan> I will reinstall. I think there will be less problems :)22:21
T42<linusdan> Thank you for your help!22:21
T42<elros34> @simonschmeisser  yeah use ssu ar instead. Also you should have that repo enabled because it's provided by droid-config rpm22:22
T42<simonschmeisser> @elros34 now I have them in ssu lr (under user section) but still searching for packages from those repos fails22:27
T42<simonschmeisser> could it be that it thinks I got a different arch?22:28
T42<elros34> you don't have different arch, there is only armv7hl. zypper ref then zypper se -s package_name22:28
T42<simonschmeisser> No matching items found.22:30
T42<elros34> you need to be more verbose, show full output of ssu ur && ssu lr && zypper se -s22:31
T42<simonschmeisser> @elros34 sure, sorry
T42<elros34> you seams to have some mess in repos. ssu rr -G; ssu rr hw_common and try zypper ref again. that packages are in common repo, not in your device repo22:44
T42<simonschmeisser> @elros34 which common repo exactly?22:51
T42<simonschmeisser> @elros34
T42<elros34> you still add wrong repo, remove hw_common  and dont add anything22:54
T42<elros34> maybe zypper ref -f wil help22:58
T42<simonschmeisser> no change22:59
T42<simonschmeisser> I don't quite understand why I'm not supposed to add this hw:/common repo even if this is the one containing the packages I'm trying to install?23:00
T42<elros34> because you add it wrong way, compare urls you posted23:01
T42<simonschmeisser> @elros34
T42<simonschmeisser> thanks for your help, no luck so far unfortunately, going to sleep23:22

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