Wednesday, 2021-01-20

ilovekirunahi everyone11:26
ilovekirunasorry if I missed it, but I am wonering if or which devices also support android apps, beside sailfishX devices11:27
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T42<edp_17> None of them.12:07
T42<edp_17> You need to buy a licence for official devices to be able to run android apps.12:07
ilovekirunacouldnt we realize that with anbox?13:08
T42<edp_17> We could, but Anbox currently doesn't work on sfos.13:10
ilovekirunaI c :-(13:10
ilovekirunathanks for the information13:21
rinigusmal: what is the state of 64bit support and aosp10? in the context of moving port into this combo? cc piggz16:09
malI had android 9 based 64-bit build working quite nicely, I haven't yet tried the android 10 build I made for fp316:11
piggzwhats the process for making  a 64bit build? change PORT_ARCH ?16:12
malpretty much just that16:12
rinigusOK, sounds simple enough. I guess we should start and then ask for help.16:14
malfor 3.4.0 build there are some known bugs in aarch64 but those are mainly runtime issues16:15
malpiggz: that reminds me that I should make a PR of the aarch64 fixes for community fingerprint support16:16
piggzmal: you should16:16
rinigusmal: sorry, what is the runtime in this context?16:17
piggzare the repos for 64bit public?16:18
malrinigus: ohm and tracker issues at least if I remember correctly16:18
malpiggz: there is the aarch64 target here
rinigusmal: sounds like we should start testing conversation to 64 bit.16:23
rinigusmal: what about aosp10 - are some docs planned regarding ports using it? Something like we had for aosp9 (build instructions for xperia 10)16:25
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rinigus(conversation as suggested by presage -> conversion)16:49
rinigustried to enable aarch64 at OBS. looks like :latest is not available for aarch64 -
riniguswhen testing with, I am getting "unresolvable" for all packages. see
malrinigus: aarch64 is not working on obs20:21
rinigusmal: are there plans to fix it?20:22
malnot sure, need to ask20:22
rinigusmal: thanks!20:22
malrinigus: there will probably be some docs later, mostly the process is quite similar to android 920:47
malrinigus: some parts have not been merged yet like libhybris and droidmedia20:49
rinigusmal: great to hear that it is similar to aosp9. hopefully missing bits will be merged sooner than later.20:51
malI probably should merge droidmedia tomorrow because it has been approved already, libhybris works but the PR is missing some cleanup20:53
rinigusmal: nice! we can almost touch it :). please ask about obs aarch64 - it would be needed to make a shift simpler and add support for this arch by apps20:55
riniguseven with non-steady API20:55
malrinigus: what do you mean by shift in this case, I doubt it's possible to update a port from arm to aarch64 without reflashing20:56
rinigusmal: poorly worded by me then. no, I am not planning to update the port without reflashing on device. Ideally, if all works out, I would like to replace it with a 64 bit one and based on AOSP10. That should improve camera on sony tama (due to AOSP10) and allow to use latest flatpak runtimes (aarch64)20:59
rinigusbut we, as users, would have to reflash21:00
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