Thursday, 2021-01-21

rinigusmal: just a reminder - please ask about OBS and aarch64 plans08:52
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T42<奥智惠 %lastname%> Fwd from okex: 【Reclutamiento de héroes de OKEx】09:11
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electro575hi all19:05
vknechthi electro575, it's been a while ?19:06
electro575what ? sorry19:07
electro575i try sailfishOS v3.3 with samsung galaxy note II :)19:07
electro575happy to come back, after compiling /e/ os too19:07
electro575i'm trying few solutions19:08
electro575happy new year :)19:08
electro575it's possible to have dual boot on devices ?19:09
electro575it's possible to have android app compatibility on samsung device ? as xperia devices ?19:11
vknechtafaik it all depends on device's bootloader and what's available for your SoC ; some modified LK allow this19:11
electro575yes, you're right19:14
vknechtfor android app compat, best option outside android or official-sailfishx+xperia I know is postmarketOS+anbox (which probably isn't ideal either)19:15
electro575okey, i will try without and check19:16
electro575no update to date ubuntu version before compiling ?19:18
electro575is it always the latest ?19:19
electro575have you arrived to do this command ?21:00
electro575sdk-assistant create SailfishOS-3.0.0
electro575i obtain this : ERROR: md5sum check failed for file '/var/tmp/Sailfish_OS-latest-Sailfish_SDK_Tooling-i486.tar.7z'!21:00
electro575what is already the name of the main repo app sailfish ?22:03
T42<edp_17> @electro575 [sdk-assistant create SailfishOS-3.0.0 http://r …], I am not sure the ...latest... tooling and target really point to the latest. Try to use the direct link to

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