Sunday, 2021-01-31

T42Alice %lastname% was added by: Alice %lastname%14:09
T42<Alice %lastname%> Hello14:09
attahAnyone up for trying an ugly patch to fastboot to work around the random failurres with USB3? (:16:00
T42<adampigg> attah: sounds interesting16:25
attahshould(TM) build with Clang16:26
attahGCC probably needs libbase.diff, and retrying commands is in retry.diff16:26
vknechtmighty17: wtf you doing here, go back to mainline ; then you can do a native sfos port XD19:59
vknechtjust joking, do what you want, no cop will come after you for using old kernel and unofficial los :-P20:00
vknechtor, well, times being what they are... if legal risks reviving old devices are real, then it's time to either change law, or seek political/technical asylum ;-)20:10
vknecht*change law & legislators20:21

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