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T42<🏵$ERENDiPiTY🏵 %lastname%> Is there any Sailfish Port for xiaomi MiA1 (Tissot) ?11:34
T42<ankaos> @🏵$ERENDiPiTY🏵 %lastname% [Is there any Sailfish Port for xiaomi MiA1 (Ti …], I ported mi a112:38
electro575@elros34 : hi, i have appli audit=0. Now i have no GUI16:44
electro575DSME problem always, my journalctl ->
electro575my dmesg too ->
electro575droid-hal-init -> /usr/bin/droid/ No such file or directory16:46
electro575libc: Unable to set property "sys.shutdown.requested" to "1": connection failed; errno=111 (Connection refused)16:46
T42<elros34> have you read /usr/lib/systemd/system/dsme.service? It will reboot device in case of many failures so mask it  and run it manually maybe via gdb or strace to see why it fails.16:52
electro575okey thanks17:13
electro575@elros34 : access("/etc/", R_OK)      = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)17:23
electro575all strace dsme ->
T42<elros34> it will not work that way, check dsme.service how it is started. I have never debug dsme17:29
electro575@elros34 : this service
T42<elros34> yeah you don't need to show me it I have same on device:P17:39
electro575yes, i don't know what can i do, my device is 32 bit17:40
electro575but, this is necessary to have this file ?
electro575my device don't want to boot on GUI17:41
T42<elros34> i's not an error, ignore it. check logcat your serviceemanager faisl, you should already know that. Maybe try: strace -f dsme --  -p /usr/lib/dsme/startup.so17:42
electro575droid-hal-init is failed17:42
electro575the log of ->
T42<elros34> does it segfault if you start it without strace? or it just happen when it's started via systemd service?17:49
T42<elros34> in dmesg you have (dsme) (1123): undefined instruction: pc=c056980c but only once17:50
electro575journalctl -> systemd[1]: dsme.service: Main process exited, code=killed, status=11/SEGV17:50
T42<elros34> yeah I know but what happen if you run it manually without strace17:51
electro575i have never tried to launch dsme binary alone without all system17:51
electro575just this ->
electro575dsme looking for watchdog17:52
T42<elros34> c'mon I just give you the command how to start it 5 minutes ago17:53
electro575how can i check if watchdog is enable ? with zcat /proc/zconfig ?17:53
T42<elros34> dsme --  -p /usr/lib/dsme/startup.so17:53
electro575no segfault17:54
electro575DSME 0.81.2 starting up17:54
electro575dsme wdd: Could not open any watchdog filesdsme wdd: no WD's opened; WD kicking disabled17:54
electro575that's all17:54
T42<elros34> so you need to figure out why it fails via systemd17:55
electro575via dsme.service file ?17:56
electro575okey, understand17:57
T42<elros34> I would first try to remove Private*/ Protect* and all these sandbox options and StartLimitAction=reboot so it will not reboot your device17:57
electro575@elros34 : the next step is debug droid-hal-init ?18:02
electro575droid-hal-init: Failed to initialize property area18:02
electro575dsme : active (running)18:03
electro575i have too this : encsfa[1565]: Device /dev/sailfish/home doesn't exist or access denied.18:04
T42<elros34> Figure out which option cause issue18:04
T42<elros34> probably PrivateNetwork18:04
T42<elros34> and check logcat18:04
electro575@elros34 : ok, good for GUI18:24
T42<elros34> so which option in dsme.service caused failure?18:24
electro575but reboot after init18:24
electro575not again found, it just a line ?18:25
electro575my modification it's about a lib64 simply18:25
electro575reboot and reboot now, ... i'm looking for18:29
electro575i have just uncomment Protect...18:30
electro575two line18:30
electro575@elros34: i'm eating, just break few minutes18:32
electro575@elros34 : it's two lines Protect which do bootloop at 5 sec startup18:43
electro575with comment ProvateNetwork18:44
T42<elros34> so just PrivateNetwork=no is not enough? Create in sparse/etc/systemd/system/dsme.service.d/override.conf file nad put there: [Service] and then in new line all options you want to override. That way you will not have to edit dsme.service every time you install sailfish18:56
electro575yes, i'm looking for the right conf18:59
electro575@elros34 : i don't arrived to find the right configuration,19:05
electro575i have bootloop or dsme failed19:06
T42<sayanthtezro> Can Someone port this os to violet?19:07
electro575sorry, don't know19:14
electro575@elros34 : i can comment this two line19:15
electro575@elros34 : if i launch this cmd : dsme --  -p /usr/lib/dsme/startup.so19:27
electro575the security code is asking and GUI work more19:28
T42<elros34> sorry I don't get. You claimed dsme.service worked now you are running it manually.19:31
electro575yes :/19:35
electro575but droid-hal-init failed19:35
electro575i have this19:36
electro575/home/sailfish is not create too19:37
T42<elros34> did you fixed failing servicemanager?19:39
electro575yes, it's fix19:39
electro575i get some log again to debug, but dsme it's a question !19:43
electro575@elros34, if you see another problem to fix in this logs, say it to me19:50
electro575dmesg ->
electro575journalctl ->
electro575logcat ->
electro575i will looking for another choose to debug19:50
electro575have a nice evening, bye thanks19:58

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