Wednesday, 2021-04-07

rinigusThaodan: I have a hope that I will get rid of echo via reducing mic sensitivity. with the reverted commit that increased sensitivity, on apollo, echo is significantly reduced and makes it passable. hopefully by further adjusting mixer_paths, can get into better shape.19:00
ThaodanI read that bug, sounds like there was something updated that is not properly supported.19:05
rinigusThaodan: yes, libacbd libs in oem binary blob. but it seems that the errors I get in logcat are not as critical for it and already now there is a OK working solution. I just hope to tune it to bit better19:31
rinigus ... libacdb (typo above)19:32
rinigusAs nobody replied earlier, let me ask again: do you have occasional issues with resuming video playback on seine?19:36
T42<iDubno> Is there sailfish os for Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro/ K20 Pro?20:39
T42<dontatmepls> @iDubno I made some trees that kind of seem to work if you wanna continue working on it they are on my git23:39
T42<dontatmepls> You’re in for a wild, wild ride though :)23:39
T42<iDubno> @dontatmepls [@iDubno I made some trees that kind of seem to …], Yeah I think I saw that23:42

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