Thursday, 2021-04-08

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T42<kskarthik> Hello everyone! Is installing platform sdk mandatory for porting sailfish os to new device?06:47
ThaodanKinda or you can't build anything06:52
T42<kskarthik> Ok, thanks for the answer!07:29
T42<kskarthik> i have a spare device motorola sanders which i will try to port !!07:29
T42<kskarthik> @sledgram are you there !?07:31
T42<kskarthik> sledges: ping !!07:31
piggzwith fingerprint unlock ... first press wakes up, second unlocks .... anyway to have it all in one?09:39
spiiroinpiggz: not really, atm. iirc there is a task about such thing, but... some background info can be found from tjc:
spiiroini.e. what we have now is: when device lock is not using fp for auth/unlock -> mce steps in and uses it for waking up (and mce must not unlock device)09:46
rinigusdo we have a resident expert on /vendor/etc/mixer_paths.xml? I need to adjust mic gains to avoid echo during a call and would like to know which knobs to turn10:18
riniguscommit that I am reverting:
rinigusmore specific questions regarding knobs at
piggzrinigus: on a similar topic, do you know how to increase volume of speaker output ... its v quiet on pro110:20
piggzspiiroin: thx10:20
Thaodanrinigus: jusa might now that10:21
riniguspiggz: regarding speakers maybe this will help:
rinigusbut we could both wait in that "jusa come and help us out" line10:22
T42<kskarthik> Please help with this err12:44
T42<kskarthik> ```PlatformSDK karthik@ALIPL5159:~$ ubu-chroot -r $PLATFORM_SDK_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu12:44
T42<kskarthik> mount_bind /var/run/dbus: None of these exists on your host - please report this bug12:44
T42<kskarthik> Env setup for sanders```12:44
T42<zinstack625> @kskarthik what kind of distro are you running that dbus doesn't exist on the host?12:46
T42<kskarthik> ubuntu 20.0412:46
T42<zinstack625> Is it ubuntu server?12:47
T42<kskarthik> @zinstack625 [Is it ubuntu server?], desktop12:47
T42<kskarthik> but dbus is there in my system12:48
T42<kskarthik> dpkg -l | grep dbus shows it12:48
T42<zinstack625> Okay, then your SDK installation might be broken. Sfossdk should invoke the needed mounts. Try reinstalling sdk12:49
T42<kskarthik> ok12:50
T42<kskarthik> thanks for the help12:50
T42<kskarthik> @zinstack625 [Okay, then your SDK installation might be brok …], also, which hybris version should we pick up for android 10 devices?12:54
T42<zinstack625> 17.112:54
T42<kskarthik> @zinstack625 [17.1], Thanks!12:55
T42<kskarthik> anyone has chroot compatible `repo` tool? latest repo does not work due to min python ver requirement13:33
rinigus@kskarthik: just use repo on your regular Linux. no need to do it in chroot13:37
T42<kskarthik> ok, thanks!13:37
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T42<gibcheesepuffs> @zinstack625 [17.1], Is 17.1 booting to ui on any device yet?14:36
T42<Stellar_Eagle> @kskarthik [Please help with this err14:42
T42<Stellar_Eagle> PlatformSDK karthi …], It seems to do with called latest. Doesn't show this error on Platform SDK Chroot in Ubuntu 20.10.  Avbl at
T42<kskarthik> @zinstack625 [17.1], I chose base android ROM pixel experience. Is that compatible with hybris 17.1 branch ?15:45
ThaodanThere is no hybris-17.1 branch for libhybris just master15:54
Thaodanwhich is compatible with aosp-1015:55
T42<kskarthik> Thaodan: oh !16:00
T42<kskarthik> but i could see the hybris-17.1 in the repo?16:02
ThaodanI was talking about libhybris16:28
Thaodanabout what were you talking?16:28
T42<zinstack625> Ah, libhybris is fine at master I think16:35
rinigusThaodan: if I want to update system/vendor AOSP10 builds with new mixer_paths and pull latest updates from Sony (such as new camera parameters), what would be the best way to proceed?17:33
rinigusget new branch of android from mer-hybris and update tagged manifest? as well as fork all 3 repos with mixer_paths?17:34
rinigusand use them in my android build...17:34
Thaodanin which repos are the changes?17:49
rinigusThaodan: device-sony-apollo,akari,akatsuki,tama18:14
rinigusprobably others as well18:14
Thaodanif the commits in the q_mr1 branch it should come18:16
rinigusThaodan: thank you very much!18:20
rinigusany idea on how to revert mixer xml? I can do it manually in my tree, but that is probably not the best way :) . although, I can always document it18:20
rinigus(and yes, it does seem to pull the changes nicely)18:22
T42* Youssef_Hesham_V18:22
ThaodanWell should they not revert it?18:22
rinigusmaybe they should. surely for apollo, but I haven't tested on others. let's see. I will do tmp substitution and document it in the build instructions. and then we will act according to the response and tests18:25
ThaodanI wonder why only for apollo and not for other tama based devices?18:25
rinigusI assume that they don't see these issues on xz3 - as far as I understood, that where it started from18:26
rinigusbut I would suggest to reset mixer to earlier setting for all tama devices and later adjust if needed18:27
rinigusat least for our port18:27
Thaodanstrange I wonder what is different, it is the same soc.18:27
T42<LxZero> To whom you are talking?18:28
rinigusno clue. maybe mic is quieter in speaker mode, as it is so. or maybe some other changes done later changed it.18:28
riniguslet's see how it evolves. at least we know how to solve it without any black magic on blobs18:29
T42<LxZero> What this bot doing?18:30
rinigusThaodan: I can see you don't update android_tag in your update. is that fixed now18:30
ThaodanIt is the ref for tagged manifest18:30
Thaodanif you use the non tagged you get all the latest changes in q_mr1 anyway18:30
rinigusI do use tagged from hybris. but I wonder if it is planned to bump refs/tags/android-10.0.0_r41? or is it non-relevant now?18:32
rinigus... with every repo using a tag18:32
Thaodandevice repos use q_mr1 tag not the android tag18:35
rinigusThaodan: syncing leads to "device-sony-griffin update-ref: fatal: 6734a393f25b131f1d52cd3cbbf58f71b29f154d^0: not a valid SHA1"18:36
rinigusre tags - thanks for explaining18:36
ThaodanHm I will look into that later18:37
rinigusThaodan: 'd' was missing: d6f09a43539e799f8b19eba632fccd9125702e7518:38
rinigus... hmm, different id, not just d18:38

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