Friday, 2021-04-30

rinigusThaodan: morning! when ready, could we discuss hosting of the ports? should I open thread at forum to keep the posts close to each other and having an option to discuss without some messages in between?05:37
rinigusthings I suggest to discuss: organize tree to support multiple ports; "common" repo; ability to distribute images; api to copy/move/remove files05:39
riniguswonder whether we need "devel" as well - handy to test OTAs.05:40
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bencarkhey, i'm a bit stuck here. i'm trying to build for titan using this local manifest:
bencarkbut when i run breakfast it complains that it can't find "frameworks/native/build/phone-xhdpi-1024-dalvik-heap.mk18:25
bencarkhave i missed a step?18:25
piggzmal: abranson: is it worth ports using gst-droid head?19:52
Thaodanmal Mister_Magister  the bridge logs of course since it bridges to telegram and I have logs from znc if someone wants those19:55
Mister_Magisteri have logs from znc too19:55
piggzThaodan: is 100% up to date19:59
Mister_Magisterpiggz: isn't it using sfosbot logs?20:41
piggzi use the log fetcher every 15 mins or so yes20:43
rinigusmaybe we should redirect to piggz archive. as it is grep over there21:07
rinigusor add to the room description instead21:08
piggznot the worst idea youve had ;)21:21
Thaodanbtw about hosting repos I need to look into how structure these things (quotas etc.) for Tama atm you can reuse the current access you have atm21:24

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