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rinigusThaodan thanks, I'll look it up how it worked. Will first split the packages into common and port specific ones08:43
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rinigusI presume that anything which does not depend on droid hal/libhybris for building can be called common. And if it is from mer repositories, not adjusted for specific port08:45
rinigusPlease correct if I'm wrong08:46
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rinigusupdate re tbuilder & ports: common packages are covered at
rinigushopefully, we can setup hosting soonish and then it can be used for providing common packages for ports.15:22
T42<b100dian> folks, I've moved my usb ssd to another computer and cannot resume from the exact place I was with my attempt to port. For one, I deleted ~/hadk/installroot and it doesnt seem to be created by build_packages —droid-hal. Was it created by this or by some other step?15:30
T42<b100dian> Second question would be: I don't seem to get systemd to mount the units that it generated. How can I debug this? I dont' see a specific systemd failure in dmesg or journalctl15:32
T42<elros34> inspect mount units manually: cat /usr/lib/systemd/system/*.mount. Do they contain path to block device or by-name path?15:39
T42<b100dian> some are, such as metadata:15:43
T42<b100dian> ``` # find /usr/lib/systemd/system/ -type f -iname \*.mount -exec grep tucana -q {} \; -print -exec grep What {} \;15:43
T42<b100dian> /usr/lib/systemd/system/vendor.mount15:43
T42<b100dian> What=/dev/sda2415:43
T42<b100dian> /usr/lib/systemd/system/vendor-dsp.mount15:43
T42<b100dian> What=/dev/sde4715:43
T42<b100dian> /usr/lib/systemd/system/sys-fs-pstore.mount15:43
T42<b100dian> What=pstore15:43
T42<b100dian> /usr/lib/systemd/system/metadata.mount15:43
T42<b100dian> What=/dev/block/by-name/metadata15:43
T42<b100dian> /usr/lib/systemd/system/vendor-bt_firmware.mount15:43
T42<b100dian> What=/dev/sde2615:43
T42<elros34> I guess metadata is not important but if you have "waiting for complete device initialization" in logs you can try to remove symlink from /etc/systemd/system/ and reboot. If that doesn't help then show your full journal/dmesg15:49
T42<b100dian> (the filter on tucana is for this line: "# From ./device/xiaomi/tucana/rootdir/etc/fstab.qcom :"15:49
T42<elros34> IIRC mount units are also created from init*rc files so grep tuncana can hide something15:50
T42<b100dian> that's correct, here's the full list I don'thave a "waiting or complete (..)" in my logs15:52
T42<b100dian> hmm maybe they are just not mounted because `# ls /usr/lib/systemd/system/
T42<b100dian> systemd-remount-fs.service  tmp.mount`15:54
T42<elros34> symlinks are in /etc/systemd/system/
T42<elros34> at least for droid mounts15:55
T42<b100dian> Oh, I see.. I don't have a in /etc/systemd/system/15:58
T42<elros34> you don't? What rpm -q --scripts droid-hal-$DEVICE returns? DO you have /usr/lib/droid/all-units.txt?16:01
T42<b100dian> on the device?16:02
T42<elros34> best would be on device but  droid-local repo should be fine too16:02
T42<b100dian> output on device
T42<b100dian> (includes the all-units.txt contents)16:06
T42<elros34> so it should works, try reinstalling droid-hal-device package to see if symlinks are created16:06
T42<b100dian> hmm any pointers how to do that? on the device I have no connection and in the host Platform SDK prompt I get "No provider of 'droid-hal-tucana' found." (with zypper in)16:15
T42<b100dian> should I just run all the 7.2.1 commands on host16:16
T42<elros34> copy droid-hal-device*rpm from local repo to device and install it or just execute that postinst script16:16
T42<elros34> you didn't change anything so you don't need to run 7.2.1 at all now16:18
T42<b100dian> I've pushed `hadk/droid-local-repo/tucana/droid-hal-tucana/droid-hal-tucana-0.0.6-202105011144.aarch64.rpm` through twrp to /data/.stowaywais/sailfishos/ and `rpm -i /droid-hal-tucana..` and still they dont' appear16:26
T42<elros34> I usually use rpm -U but that should be irrelevant. Does 'systemctl --no-reload preset vendor.mount' creates symlink?16:29
T42<b100dian> that command takes an unusually long time..16:33
T42<b100dian> but yes, it creates the etc link!16:34
T42<elros34> didn't you had anything in logs during that?16:34
T42<b100dian> lots of "binder.. transaction failed" and then this
T42<b100dian> >  Failed to get initial list of names: Connection timed out16:40
T42<b100dian> dbus seems to not be running16:40
T42<b100dian> or it is.. systemctl status dbus.service says it is16:41
T42<elros34> I meant during that symlinks creation but I think most important would be some errors during droid-hal-device.rpm installation.16:42
T42<elros34> maybe rpm -vv -U droid-hal-device.rpm will show something16:43
T42<b100dian> added a —force since normally it shows 'already installed'
T42<b100dian> I think + '[' 2 -eq 1 ] is not good at about line ~123416:48
T42<elros34> ah sorry I miss it, it's because upgrade16:50
T42<b100dian> @elros34 , this may be something I have changed without knowing on my machine since I ported the ssd from another computer and the mounts used to work.. So the droid-hal-$DEVICE package should also make the local-fs.wants appear in etc in the PlatformSDK, isn't it? I believe I should start from here. Remove and re-add the package?16:58
T42<b100dian> (sorry for the noise created from this, I am traveling and added the ssd to the laptop..)16:59
T42<elros34> not in platform but in sdk target if you built droid-hal. Force removal droid-hal-device without uninstalling everything else then installing it might be good idea17:02
T42<b100dian> ok, this is something I need to look into very attentively since I do remember that I had to reinstall the tooling and the target because that was also referenced by ~/.scratchbox2 and that I did not port from another machine..17:09
T42<elros34> so -d then sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R ls -al /etc/systemd/system/
T42<b100dian> hmm `$ sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH  -m sdk-install -R ls /etc/systemd/system17:21
T42<b100dian>  nemo-devicelock.service`17:21
T42<b100dian> How can I uninstall it, if I set after -R `zypper rm droid-hal-tucana` it says No provider of 'droid-hal-tucana' found.17:22
T42<elros34> did you run -d first?17:24
T42<b100dian> yes - and ` zypper se droid-hal-tucana` shows the pacakge (and some more, -devel etc)17:25
T42<elros34> so why zypper rm fails if it's installed? Didn't you mix up arm32/64 targets?17:26
T42<elros34> assuming it is installed, zypper se -s droid-hal will tell you17:27
T42<b100dian> it's aarch64 indeed17:28
T42<b100dian> I don't know why it fails at rm though, am continuing looking17:30
T42<b100dian> this is search output
T42<elros34> so obviously install it first. I was pretty sure that will install it automatically. Are you sure script didn't fail?17:36
T42<elros34> but maybe I mix up something17:36
T42<elros34> also echo $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH prints xiaomi-tucana-aarch64 for you?17:39
T42<b100dian> yes - to the last question17:42
T42<b100dian> I touched the spec file and run build_packages -d again, * Building successful, adding packages to repo17:42
T42<b100dian> I'm not sure if this is really installing, using the previous sb2 invocation with -R zypper in droid-hal-tucana prompts me to upgrade to a newer version (different timestamp)17:44
T42<b100dian> aaand yes, after upgrade `$ sb2 -t xiaomi-tucana-aarch64 -m sdk-install -R ls /etc/systemd/system17:44
T42<b100dian>  nemo-devicelock.service`17:44
T42<b100dian> so maybe only the —mic command installs everything..?17:44
T42<b100dian> the build_packages —configs does install the configs package though17:46
T42<elros34> so to be sure droid-hal-tuncana is installed in target and still symlinks are missing?17:46
T42<b100dian> nope, this zypper in droid-hal-tucana triggered an update that added the symlinks, thanks!17:47
T42<b100dian> here is the output from -d
T42<b100dian> So I had manually updated it. But I still don't know what was wrong _before_ this17:48
T42<elros34> that still doesn't explain why postinstall script wasn't executed when you built image17:48
T42<elros34> you can unpack sfos tarball and check for symlinks if they are missing run mic again and search for errors in output17:51
T42<b100dian> Yes, I'll manually check the tar before installing now. As for explanation - there was at least 1 time in the past when I had `%define makefstab_skip_entries /vendor`in the spec file, and probably that version of the package was wrong but even after removing the line it it was not updated..?17:56
T42<elros34> but you are missing all symlinks not only vendor so for sure not only that is/was wrong18:01
T42<b100dian> Sure, and I was rebuilding with that set to #define (so commented out) for some time.. I don't have the full explanation. But thanks again for navigating me through how this works, hopefully I won't end up in this situation without understanding!18:08
T42<b100dian> I have a build issue in build_packages —mw now... `/srv/mer/toolings/SailfishOS-4.0.1//opt/cross/bin/aarch64-meego-linux-gnu-ld: build/release/main.o:( undefined reference to `_nfc_plugin_dbus_neard'`18:29
T42<elros34> not sure which package fails but you may try to run git clean -xdf in hybris/mw/"that package"18:49
T42<b100dian> nfcd. Thanks again for the advice, spot on!19:23
T42<b100dian> humph.. the final tar does not have the /etc/systemd/system/, even though it exists in sb2 target $VENDOR-$DEVICE..19:56
T42<elros34> what is in target is not realy relevant for mic. Have you checked for errors from mic?20:11
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T42<b100dian> This is the output from the mic command
T42<elros34> @b100dian you probably have partition mounted with nodev or nosuid which cause issue21:25
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