Thursday, 2021-06-17

T42<shouaccount> @elros34 [@shouaccount run make clean and try again], I did but it didn't work so I synced again but this time it gave me error related to go and blueprint, so I deleted them synced again, and went with clean build but I get this error now
T42<elros34> @shouaccount if you synced again then you may lose hybris patches so I do not know what do you mean by clean build. Also please do not cut off make command or any command you execute when you paste logs so it's clear what you are running and in which environment10:51
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T42<leha155> @elros3412:09
T42<leha155> Hellow,12:09
T42<leha155> I found the following in the logcat:12:09
T42<leha155> "ServiceManager: service 'display.qservice' died"12:09
T42<leha155> and also "/ usr / bin / jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session: open () failed for /dev/cgroup_info/cgroup.rc: No such file or directory"12:09
T42<leha155> What do you think about this?12:09
T42<leha155> Logcat
T42<elros34> No idea about croups.rc. I wonder whether: "DRMAtomicReq::Validate: drmModeAtomicCommit failed with error 13" is similar to issue mentioned by mal long time ago but I can't find it in logs right now so maybe I mix something. BTW check whether you have some typo in disabled_services_device.rc12:38
mal-on my device it was related to display size or something12:40
mal-but the issue was only on hybris-16.1 base not in 17.012:41
T42<elros34> ah so probably different issue12:44
mal-I think I also needed to change group of /dev/mdss_rotator to get things working, it was system but I had to change to graphics group13:14
T42<leha155> @elros34 this is my repo, what i need add to disabled_services_device.rc15:17
T42<elros34> no sure, you have 'disabled_services_device.rc: 1: Invalid section keyword found' and repeating QC-time-services failure. I would try with removing 'override'15:20
T42<leha155> @mal- [I think I also needed to change group of /dev/ …], ls: /dev/mdss_rotator: No such file or directory15:26
T42<elros34> try ls /dev/*rotator*15:26
T42<leha155> ls: /dev/*rotator*: No such file or directory15:29
T42<elros34> about that cgroup.rc error, do you even have /dev/cgroup_info directory?15:42
T42<leha155> No, "ls: /dev/cgroup_info/: No such file or directory" Problem with my kernel konfig?15:48
T42<elros34> I do not think so, looks like directory should be created by android init: 'droid-hal-init: processing action (SetupCgroups) from (<Builtin Action>:0)' but I am not sure this is important15:49
T42<elros34> I think @b100dian had similar error15:50
T42<leha155> ok, that about does it matter a lot?15:53
T42<leha155> And vold servise15:54
T42<leha155> must be enabled or disabled?15:54
T42<leha155> I Have GUI!16:15
T42<elros34> great! how did you make it?16:19
T42<leha155> one minit, i need deal with logs16:22
T42<elros34> sure no rush, just for the record so others will find it in logs16:23
T42<leha155> lipstik working after next step;16:32
T42<leha155> mask user@100000.service16:32
T42<leha155> reboot16:32
T42<leha155> umask user@100000.service16:32
T42<leha155> start user@100000.service16:32
T42<leha155> remained to understand why it does not work about normal boot16:32
mal-I might have an idea16:34
mal-not sure yet though16:37
T42<leha155> @mal- [I might have an idea], I'm waiting for your suggestions)16:39
mal-what does this command return on device: find /usr/lib/systemd/ -name '*hwcomposer*'16:41
T42<leha155> and if restart user@100000.service after boot , lipstik started17:18
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