Friday, 2021-06-18

T42<leha155> Hello i have solved the problem with lipstik not working, and "Could not find '". I used custom init.rc configs for this.08:29
T42<leha155> See commits:08:29
T42<leha155> Now i dont have error about , and lipstik normal started.08:29
T42<leha155> Thanks @Verevka86 for commits!08:29
T42<b100dian> Thanks @leha155 for following up with the fix. Since I have the cgroups and @2.1 errors/warnings but also vold enabled, I'd be curios if you can now disable vold. Then I'll look into those inits to understand where exactly the fix is10:39
T42<leha155> @b100dian vold disabled now for me10:41
T42<b100dian> Ok10:43
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piggzmal: was the key point in the decision that your nick was taken on libera? :D15:33
malnot really, main reason was that oftc is old and established reliable irc network15:34
malbut my nick issue was mentioned during the discussion :)15:35
Nico[i]But it has no SASL yet ._.15:35
piggzNico[i]: but /list works!17:57
Nico[i]Well, that doesn't matter to me!17:57
Nico[i]I just want easy reconnection without getting kicked from +R channels!17:57
Ketouse the client certificate method?18:08
Nico[i]You can't do that with the matrix bridge :318:09
Nico[i]And even then you need to add a sleep before autojoining channels, iirc18:09

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